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UHS Sensitive Exam Policy

UHS is implementing its Sensitive Exam policy, called It’s Your Choice. Our goal is to provide patients with a comfortable, safe, and secure setting during sensitive examinations, treatments, and procedures. All patients will be offered the opportunity to request a second staff member be present in the exam room for appointments with UHS primary care physicians and nurse practitioners for any examination, treatment, procedure, or consultation, where the patient chooses. UHS health care providers can request a second staff member be present in the room at their discretion. Clinical staff members will serve as the second person in the room.

It’s Your Choice

You should feel safe and comfortable every time you have an appointment with one of the UHS primary care doctors and nurse practitioners.

Sometimes, in order to find out what is causing the symptoms you are having, we may need to do a physical examination that requires you to undress and put on a gown.

If you would feel more comfortable having a second UHS staff member in the exam room during that type of examination (sometimes called a “sensitive exam”), we will make sure to do so. Please let a UHS staff member know your preference when asked.


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