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UR Sophomores

Major Declaration

How to Declare Clusters

As you probably know, students are expected to pursue "substantive and integrated study" in each of the three divisions: division of humanities, division of social sciences, and division of natural sciences, mathematics, and engineering. To fulfill the requirements of the Rochester Curriculum, all students need to complete at least one major in one of the three divisions and one cluster in each of the other two divisions, with an average grade of C or better. (Note that students who complete one of the professionally accredited Engineering concentrations (BME, CHE, ECE, ME) need to complete a cluster in only one of the other two divisions.) A "cluster" in this context refers to significant work in one of the divisions and may take the form of an approved course cluster, a minor, or another major.

The cluster web page provides a comprehensive and detailed explanation of the rules regarding clusters.

The cluster search engine will help you identify approved course clusters that match your interests. Perhaps you've already completed a cluster without realizing it. It is possible in some circumstances to request an exemption to an official cluster or to design your own interdepartmental cluster. For more information, consult an advisor in Lattimore 312 or in Dewey 2-161.

  • In part C, "Rochester Curriculum Registration" (on the right side of the blue form), you will indicate how you plan to complete significant work in each of the three academic divisions.
  • If you plan to complete a cluster, you need to provide the title of the cluster and the cluster number, both of which you can find on the cluster web page.
  • If you plan to complete a second major or a minor, rather than a cluster, indicate this under the appropriate academic division. Remember to complete and submit a separate blue concentration/minor form for every major and minor. You may declare a second major, as well as minors, through the fall of your senior year.

If you have further questions about declaring your major and clusters, please check with:

College Center for Advising Services

312 Lattimore Hall
(585) 275-2354