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Health Promotion Office

Presentations & Hall Programs

PLEASE NOTE: Due to Covid-19, the UHS Health Promotion Office is unable to offer the in-person programs listed below. Check the list of virtual programs offered by the UHS Health Promotion Office for programs and other activities you can do from wherever you are.

The UHS Health Promotion Office offers a variety of ways to collaborate on health and wellness events. We provide educational presentations and customized programs to student organizations, clubs, fraternities / sororities, athletes, residential halls, and more!

If your organization is interested in hosting a health promotion program, or if you are an RA looking to host a hall program, please fill out the request form. We will review your request and contact you to confirm the details or schedule a planning meeting.

Please note that we require at least two weeks’ notice before program is to be presented so that we may plan accordingly. Thank you for your understanding.

Our Presentations & Hall Programs

icon showing a person in a meditative seated poseRelax & Unwind—Feeling stressed? During this program participants will understand why taking the time to relax is important and begin to develop the necessary skills to effectively unwind. The instructor will introduce the topic of mindfulness, and engage participants in several forms of meditation and fun mindfulness activities.

icon showing a person in a meditative seated poseUR Getting Sleepy —This is the perfect program for students who prioritize studying and socializing over sleep. Participants will learn the importance of good sleep habits and understand how things such as alcohol and technology disrupt a normal sleep cycle. The program concludes with a relaxing meditation and lavender aromatherapy.

icon showing a heartHealthy Boundaries – Do you struggle to make time for yourself? Or live with a group of friends that mean well, but don’t respect boundaries? Participants will learn the importance of clear and effective communication and understand how to protect their needs in friendships.

icon showing a heartAsk the Sexperts: Have questions about sexual health, pleasure, sexuality, and hooking up? The Sexperts are here to have honest and inclusive discussions about it all. We recognize that many of our students face difficult decisions about sex, and sometimes it’s hard to know who to turn to for answers and advice. In this program, no questions are off limits! Learn more…

icon showing a running stick figureFitting In Fitness—No time to work out? Daily exercise can be incorporated into even the busiest of schedules! Come ready to move because participants will learn various exercises that can be easily performed in a dorm room. This program also includes a workout log to help students begin to fit in fitness every day.

icon showing an appleE.A.T. Healthy In the Kitchen  – Do you live in a residence hall or apartment with a kitchen, but have no idea how to prepare a healthy meal? Check out our cooking demonstrations! Offered in the Community Kitchen in Douglass Commons or in the kitchen space in your residence hall. You’ll get hands-on experience making simple and delicious meals.(Note: A small fee may apply.)

icon showing a medical cross on a clipboardCold Care Kit Distribution – Are your residents struggling to stay healthy during cold and flu season? Sounds like they could use a Cold Care Kit! This passive hall program includes the necessary supplies to feel better such as hand sanitizer, tissues, a thermometer, gargling salt as well as a handy guide to the cold and flu virus.