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Individual/Couples Psychotherapy

Individual and couples therapy appointments last 45-50 minutes. Therapy is available for a variety of problems such as anxiety, depression, relationship difficulties, family problems, grief, academic related problems, and general discomfort about what is happening in one’s life.

Therapist Assisted On-Line Therapy (TAO)

TAO is a self-directed and highly engaging mode of online therapy that provides psycho-education and tools to practice new skills. Clients log on to learn mindfulness meditation, relaxation strategies, how to challenge cognitive distortion, positive psychology skills, and much more. The on-line modules address many common client problems from multiple theoretical perspectives and allow clients to work and engage anytime and anyplace. Daily Logs are used to practice and reinforce skills learned throughout the week. The therapist and client utilize a 15-20 minute HIPAA compliant videoconference to discuss progress and address concerns on a regular basis.

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The following links provide information about TAO and a sample of TAO content:

TAO Self-Help

TAO Self-Help is a completely private online library of behavioral health resources that includes interactive educational modules and practice tools to help you understand and manage how you feel, think and act. You can learn stress management, mindfulness skills, problem-solving, relationship skills and strategies to avoid dwelling on your concerns and to develop more helpful thinking patterns. TAO Self-Help is exclusively licensed on your campus. There is no cost to you and you can do this on your own. Follow these instructions for accessing TAO Self-Help.

Group Therapy

Each semester, the University Counseling Center (UCC) offers a variety of group therapy experiences. In group therapy, you can count on the expertise of the therapists who facilitate the group, and you can also get to know other students who are experiencing similar issues as you. Group therapy, like individual therapy, is intended to help people who would like to gain support, increase self-awareness, and learn new ways to cope with personal or interpersonal challenges.

UCC Groups – Fall 2020

Frequently Asked Questions about UCC Group Therapy

**If interested in group, clients will need to have an initial assessment before meeting with the group leaders for a group interview**

Light Therapy

Winter Blues?

Not Getting Enough Light In Your Life?

Light is an important part of your environment and can have a major impact on your overall well being! Studies show that bright light in the morning is an effective treatment for seasonal depression.

Light Therapy is available at UCC

  • Light boxes available for use at UCC offices
  • Used for 1 hour per day for up to 2 weeks
  • Light therapy best if done in the morning

Available at UCC located on the 3rd floor of the UHS River Campus building. Call 585-275-3113 for more information or to make an appointment to use a light box.

Light boxes are for use at UCC only – you can bring a book, homework, or just sit and relax while using the box at our office.

Symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

  • Change in appetite
  • Weight gain
  • Drop in energy level
  • Reduction in sex drive
  • Change in sleep/wake patterns
  • Reduction in quality of sleep
  • Avoidance of social situations
  • Decreased concentration
  • Decreased creativity
  • Irritability
  • Inability to complete tasks

Please Note: Light box therapy through the Counseling Center is available to students of the University of Rochester only.

SunBox® Light Boxes are available for purchase at

Outreach, Special Programs and Consultation

The counseling center’s mission is to assist students in reaching their personal and educational goals and removing barriers to learning. Part of our service mission is a strong outreach/consultation component oriented towards prevention, student development, and wellness. We are committed to working closely with faculty, staff and students to support student health and academic success.

The following represents programs/presentations that have been utilized in the past and are still available this academic year. In addition to this list, we are glad to work with you to tailor a program to the specific interests and needs of its intended audience.

Complete Outreach, Special Programs and Consultation

If you are interested in having one of our staff members present a program to your group, organization, or staff, please contact UCC’s outreach coordinator for more information:

Michael Siembor, Ph.D.
Outreach Coordinator
University Counseling Center

We would appreciate being given at least two weeks notice because the teams often become quite busy toward the middle and end of the semester and sometimes cannot accommodate last minute requests.


If you have concerns about a friend, classmate or student that you would like to discuss with a mental health professional, feel free to contact us for a consultation at (585) 275-3113.