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University Health Service

About UHS and UCC

The University Health Service (UHS) provides confidential, high quality health care services for students on a prepaid basis through the Student Health Plan. Medical care and health promotion services are provided by the University Health Service (UHS). Mental health services are provided by the University Counseling Center (UCC).

Services for Students: UHS provides a full range of primary care services, including the treatment of illnesses and injuries, women’s health care, the management of ongoing medical problems, medication management, and advice and treatment for any health concern. In addition, UHS provides allergy injections, immunizations, physical therapy, laboratory tests, and referrals to specialists. The UHS primary care staff includes physicians, nurse practitioners, and registered nurses. To provide students with a more personal and effective interaction, all students are assigned a primary care provider (PCP) at UHS when they begin studies at the University. Students are encouraged to schedule appointments with their PCP when they need health care.

The UHS Health Promotion Office helps students make informed decisions about their personal health. The office provides several opportunities for students to become involved in learning and educating their peers.

UCC provides a comprehensive initial assessment, individualized treatment plan, and support to put such a plan into action. The individualized treatment plan may include referral to group therapy, workshops, therapist assisted on-line therapy, or brief therapy at the University Counseling Center as well as information, case management support, and referral to campus or community agencies for specialty or long-term services. Therapy is available for a variety of problems including anxiety, depression, family problems, relationship difficulties, grief, school-related problems, and general discomfort about what’s happening in a person’s life, among many other sorts of difficulties.

Confidentiality: All visits to UHS and UCC are confidential. We will not share any information about the fact or nature of a student’s visit to UHS or UCC without the student’s permission. Notification of others, including parents, friends, and University faculty and administrators, is considered the student’s responsibility unless the condition is serious and the student is unable to assume responsibility for informing others. Parental notification and consent will be obtained for students under age 18 receiving care at UHS, as required by law.

Locations and Appointments: UHS, UCC, and the UHS Health Promotion Office are located in the UHS Building on the River Campus. UHS and UCC also have offices in the Medical Center and at the Eastman School of Music for the convenience of students on those campuses. Specific office locations and hours are listed on the UHS and UCC websites. To schedule an appointment at UHS, students should call (585) 275-2662. To schedule an appointment at UCC, students should call (585) 275-3113.

After Hours Care: Access to care is provided 24 hours a day, seven days a week throughout the calendar year. Whenever UHS is closed, a UHS physician is on-call and available by phone for urgent concerns that cannot wait until the offices re-open. Students are asked to contact UHS before going elsewhere for care. Whenever UCC is closed, a UCC mental health professional is on-call and available by phone.

Paying for Services: The Student Health Plan for students has two parts: the mandatory health fee and health insurance. All full-time students pay the mandatory health fee, which covers visits with UHS physicians, nurse practitioners, and registered nurses; evaluation, counseling and referral services with mental health professionals at UCC; the availability of a physician and a mental health professional on-call when the offices are closed; health promotion programs and services; and public health surveillance.

In addition to the mandatory health fee, all full-time students must have health insurance for medical care, mental health care, prescription medications, and catastrophic illness and injury care. Health insurance generally covers services such as surgical procedures, hospitalization, and diagnostic laboratory tests and X-rays. The specific benefits depend on the student’s insurance plan. Students can enroll in the University-sponsored insurance plan or waive the plan if they have insurance coverage that meets the University insurance criteria. It is important for students to carry their insurance card with them and to know the basics about their insurance.