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UHSConnect Frequently Asked Questions

1. I cannot get into the UHSConnect web site.

Check to be sure you typed the full address including https://. If you typed in the full address and still cannot get into the site, write to for assistance.

2. I am not sure what e-mail address to use.

  • Students: You must use your official University e-mail address. We cannot use another e-mail address for students.
  • Non-students: You must use the e-mail you gave when you became a patient at UHS. Generally this is not a University e-mail address.

If you do not remember the e-mail UHS has for you, write to from the e-mail address you want UHS to use. We can confirm this address in our system.

3. I entered the requested information, but I was denied access.

  • E-mail Address: See #2 above.
  • Birthdate: Check your birthdate to be sure it is correct. Use the mmddyyyy format. (Note: The date starts with the month.)
  • Answer to the security question: Be sure your answer is at least 6 characters or longer. Do not put any spaces in your answer.

4. I did not receive an email link to set my password.

Check your Junk/Spam/Clutter folders to see if it went into one of these folders. If you find the message in one of these folders, adjust your settings, so UHSConnect messages go into your inbox.

5. The link expired before I could set my password.

You will need to complete the registration process again. When you receive the email to set your password, the link is only valid for 20 minutes.

6. I misplaced my UHSConnect ID number.

You can come to a UHS office and ask for your ID #. We cannot give you your number by phone.

7. How do I use UHSConnect?

You will receive an e-mail message to let you know when your UHS or UCC provider sends you a secure message through UHSConnect. You go into UHSConnect to respond or to send a message. UHSConnect must not be used for urgent or life-threatening concerns.

UHSConnect is NOT be used for urgent or life-threatening concerns. If your concern is urgent, call UCC at 585-275-3113, UHS at 585-275-2662, or Public Safety at 585-275-3333 for assistance.