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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Residential Life and Housing Services?

The Office for Residential Life and Housing Services is a department of the University that provides housing and a sense of community for approximately more than 4100 residents. Communities are areas within the residence halls where freshmen, upperclassmen, special interest floors, Academic Living Centers, Fraternity, Sorority, and our hall councils interact. Each residence hall is comprised of coeducational living arrangements. The Central ResLife Office, located in 020 Gates Wing of Susan B. Anthony Hall, provides direction and assistance to all administrative capacities pertaining to student housing. If you have questions concerning official housing matters speak with your Area Office. If you need more information or clarity you may feel free to seek further assistance from the Central Reslife Office staff. The Office for Residential Life and Housing Service’s address is 020 Gates Wing - SBA Halls, University of Rochester, Rochester, NY 14624 or you may call (585) 275-3166, between the hours of 8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

When can I officially move into my freshman residence hall?

The official date to move into the residence hall is posted each academic year on the website and mailed to your home prior to check-in. You should have plenty of time to contact your roommate(s) and arrange for travel.

When can I officially move into upperclassmen residence halls and apartments?

The official date to move into the residence hall is posted each academic year on the website. These move-in dates occur after Freshman Orientation and upperclassmen are asked to wait until the weekend to move in. You should have plenty of time to arrange your room before classes start.

When do the residence halls officially close?

Spring semester undergraduate residence halls close the day after undergraduate commencement. Rooms and hallways are cleaned, repaired, and utilized by summer housing, conference events, and sports camps.

What is the cost of each room type in the residence halls?

The University of Rochester offers several different types of living arrangements competitively priced. Freshman housing largely consists of double rooms – both with single gender floors and co-ed floors, conveniently located near dining facilities, and the academic buildings. Upperclassmen housing has a variety of options: double rooms, singles, suites of 6-8 people, and two, three, and four person apartments. Upperclassmen housing rates vary by locations.

See Room Rates

How do I request a room change?

Use the upperclass or first-year room change request forms to request a room change. The room change request form provides an opportunity to indicate preferences and special requests. The directions and process for each semester is spelled out on the room change request form. Read it carefully and be sure you understand the steps and return the form via email (as a .PDF) to the address on the form. We will do our best to offer you a change that meets your request. Students have 48 hours to decide to accept or decline the new assignment. Failure to decide within the specified time limit will result in the offer being withdrawn. Room changes are reviewed on a rolling basis throughout the school year and through the summer (for returning students), as vacancies become available. First-year students are able to request a room change once classes begin in the fall semester.

What is gender-inclusive housing option?

The gender-inclusive housing option allows for students to have roommates and suitemates regardless of gender identity and/or expression. This is not limited to a specific floor or building. Gender-Inclusive FAQ (pdf)

Which buildings stay open during Winter Breaks?

Winter break housing is offered in Susan B. Anthony Halls, Genesee Hall, Riverview, Brooks Crossing, and Southside (deKiewiet, Valentine, and Maisonettes). All other buildings are closed during the semester break period. Those students who live in these four areas may remain in their own rooms. Those students who do not live in one of these four areas must negotiate with another student who does live in one of these areas to use their space for the break period. Hostel-like housing in lockable lounges will be available in Susan B. Anthony Hall. There is no charge for break housing, but students must register with the Office for Residential Life and Housing Services in order to stay. More information is made available before and during Winter Breaks.

How are freshmen assigned to housing?

Incoming freshman are randomly assigned. Attention is paid to preferences, as noted on the application. We cannot guarantee that everyone will get their first or second choice, but we do our best to try and match up interests. All special requests must be received by the due date for consideration, this include Early Decision, mutual roommate requests, and medical accommodation needs. Late applicants will be assigned housing but will have a lessened likelihood of being placed in a first or second preference for housing type.

How big are the rooms in my residence hall?

Room types vary from hall to hall due to architectural design and the needs of the University when the halls were built. Residential Life and Housing Services has worked to upgrade existing structures to a "Reslife Standard" which has included furniture, lighting, power, heat, and media needs of an ever-changing student population. If you have more questions contact your Area Office.

What do I do if I am a re-activated or re-admitted student?

If you are a re-activated or re-admitted student and are interested in living on-campus, once your status change has been confirmed with CCAS, please email housing@reslife.rochester.eduYour email message should include when your status was changed and that you’re requesting the housing information to be sent to you. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee housing for all re-admitted, re-activated, or transfer students but we do our best. Assignments are made on a rolling basis for both fall and spring semesters. Best advice is to get your application submitted as soon as possible. More information will be provided once your application is received.

Are cooking facilities available in the residence halls?

Yes, most halls do have limited cooking facilities, but not all. Check out our website for specifics on cooking facilities and Campus Dining options.

How big are the beds in the rooms?

All beds within the University of Rochester residence halls are are standard extra-long twin size, 36˝ x 80˝.

How do I get specific information about my residence hall?

Please call the area office of your assigned hall for more information:

Area OfficePhone Number
Freshman Quad Residence Halls(Gilbert, Hoeing, Lovejoy, and Tiernan Halls)585-275-5685
Susan B. Anthony Halls(Gannett, Hollister, Morgan, and Gates Wings)585-275-8764
Jackson Court(Anderson Tower, Wilder Tower, and O’Brien Hall)585-276-4682
Hill Court(Chambers, Fairchild, Gale, Kendrick, Munro, and Slater Houses)585-273-5853
Fraternity Quad(Fraternity Houses, Academic Living Centers, Burton, and Crosby)585-276-6839
Southside Living Area(deKiewiet, Valentine Towers, and Maisonettes)585-276-6839
Riverview Apartments585-276-6839
Brooks Crossing Apartments585-276-6839

Where can I do my laundry?

Each residence hall is equipped with laundry facilities. During the Academic Year, (fall and spring semesters), costs are included in Student housing fees. During the Summer, students will need to pay for laundry facilities. During the summer, the cost for each load of laundry is $3.00 to wash and drying is free.

If I wanted to room with my friend, what process applies?

When you fill out your housing application, please include the name of the person with whom you would like to be your roommate. Your roommate must also submit a housing application with your name in order to be considered.

Is it possible to speak with your roommate before arriving freshman year?

Yes, once your roommate match is made, the Office for Residential Life and Housing Services will mail you both with contact information. Please discuss your plans prior to moving in to avoid two of everything.

Can I bring a small microwave or small refrigerator?

Yes. Please refer to our guidelines when purchasing microwaves and refrigerators. The size limit on any refrigerator is 4.3 cubic feet. Microwaves may not exceed 900 watts. Any refrigerator over that size will not be permitted into the residence hall. A micro-fridge which is an approved appliance with a combination a microwave and refrigerator can be rented for the academic year. Please visit for more information.

Will my parents/guardians/friends be able to spend the night on move-in day (check-in)?

No, all visitors will be asked to leave your residence hall; however, there are several hotels in the area that may accommodate these persons.

Do the residence halls have Internet connection?

Yes. The University of Rochester has a robust Ethernet and Wireless systems.

What are the visitation policies/procedures/guidelines?

Visitation for the Residence Halls are established by the Office for Residential Life and Housing Services and are intended for academic and healthy socializing. Visitation is not designed for overnight co-habitation or extended stays. Please check with each area for more specifics.

What is the chain of command in Residence Life?

General concerns should be addressed to your Resident Advisors/Community Advisors (RA/CA), Graduate House Advisors (GHA), or Graduate Head Residents (GHR). Afterwards, please speak with your Resident Director (RD), or Assistant Director (AD), and then the 020 Gates Wing, Main Reslife Office if necessary. Please encourage your student to seek out answers through the campus resources provided (i.e. Area Handbooks, Campus Policies, Housing Guidelines Brochure, and Housing Contract).

What amenities are available in my residence halls?

Each Residence Hall is equipped with such amenities as high speed Internet access, cable, vending machines, laundry facilities, and lounge areas.

What do I need to bring, what am I not allowed to bring?

Freshman students will receive information via mail during the summer on what they need to bring and what is not allowed in the Residence Hall. Upperclassmen receive area specific handbooks listing items that are prohibited. In most cases, items prohibited in freshman areas, are also prohibited in upperclassmen areas. Only surge-protected power-cords and multiple outlet power-strips are allowed. Also, all lamps must have shades. View our Fire Safety Guidelines for more information.

Packing 101

What safety precautions are taken in the halls?

All of our residence halls have sprinkler systems and updated fire prevention/warning systems. Furthermore, Residence Halls are equipped with the necessary safety and security hardware such as smoke detectors and alarm systems, all building access to student rooms are kept locked and each student is issued a University Identification Card (ID) which activates the doors in their respective halls. Room door keys are issued to each resident. All residents must present a valid University of Rochester ID Card upon when asked by a University official including student staff.

Does ResLife have a lost and found?

It is very important to mark your personal items with your name and/or student ID. Many students misplace phones, books, and even valuable items in lounges, hallways, and public spaces within our residence halls. Whenever an item is found in a residence hall during a weekday, our facilities workers will bring the item to the Area Office that is open between 8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m., Mondays through Fridays. The area office will then contact Public Safety, notifying them of the lost property. Items found in the evening and/or on weekends are reported directly to Public Safety. Lost and found property is stored with the Department of Public Safety. If you have lost an item or wish to report finding an item, please contact their office at (585) 275-2552 or call Public Safety dispatch at (585) 275-3333.