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General Information

Fall Move-in 2020

We’re very excited to welcome you to campus in August. The University and the Rochester metro area continue to reopen safely thanks to the guidance of our experts from the University of Rochester Medical Center who are continually monitoring health and safety protocols that comply with stringent New York state regulations. We are working to ensure that our campus will be one of the safest places you can be this fall.

First and foremost, all students and family must wear masks or face coverings. This will be required for students throughout the semester. Students should have sufficient masks- whether washable or disposable.

The move-in process will include several important modifications in order to maintain appropriate physical distances and make sure everyone is properly protected against COVID-19.

Among these safety protocols, all undergraduate students living on campus must either:

  1. Participate in COVID-19 testing upon arrival.
  2. Provide documentation of a negative COVID-19 test, which must be an RT-PCR test conducted within 72 hours prior to arrival on campus. Students must be able to show proof of a negative test. Only students who arrive by car and have traveled directly to campus from home (no overnight stop on the way) are eligible to submit proof of a negative test (details below).

Additionally, all arriving students need to have completed the University’s online COVID-19 Safety Training program which can be accessed through Blackboard. Failure to do so will result in delays in the move-in process. Please be sure to complete this in advance.

One Helper Move-in Policy Update

In order to limit the numbers of individuals in residence halls during move-in (for public health reasons), only one helper at a time may enter a residence hall to assist new and returning students with move in. The helpers may be rotated, and additional helpers must remain in the move-in staging area.

New and returning students will only be allowed one vehicle in the move-in staging area. Access to other parts of campus will not be allowed.

All students and helpers must be masked at all times when in the residence halls and when in the presence of others.

When parents/helpers enter the Intercampus Lot to wait for their student, each person in the car will be given a COVID-19 symptom questionnaire to fill out. These questionnaires will be reviewed by a staff member prior to leaving Intercampus lot. Those family members without symptoms will be issued a wristband which allows entry into the residence halls. Anyone with symptoms should not participate in the move-in process.

Testing and Move-in Process

Students should arrive on campus one hour prior to their assigned move-in time to be tested for COVID-19. Vehicles should proceed through the main entrance to the University’s River Campus (Elmwood Avenue and Wilson Boulevard; GPS: 252 Elmwood Avenue, Rochester, NY) and will be directed to Intercampus Drive.

Student drop-off for COVID-19 testing will be at the corner of Library Road and Intercampus Drive. The student’s family member will be directed to a waiting lot on Intercampus Drive and remain with the car.

Students will be directed to our COVID-19 testing site in Goergen Athletic Center where they will receive the COVID-19 test or may present proof of a recent negative Covid test done with the previous 72 hours, and then be directed to the residential life check-in tables to receive their room key, mailbox key, and ID card. All key pick-ups will be in Goergen Athletic Center, not in residential life area offices.

Students who instead present proof of a negative COVID-19 RT-PCR test conducted 24-72 hours prior to arrival on campus, along with confirmation of completion of the online COVID-19 safety training will be able to proceed to the residential life check-in tables. Please note: acceptable proof of the COVID-19 test can either be a paper copy of a negative result, or a text message from the testing center. Again, only students who arrive by car and have traveled directly to campus from home (no overnight stop on the way) are eligible to submit proof of a negative test.

Once a student has completed the testing process and received their residential life check-in materials, they will return to their vehicle and may report to their housing area for move-in. Students and families will need to briefly wait in their vehicle in Intercampus Lot before receiving directions to their housing area. residential life and parking services will be managing the move-in locations.

Once in the housing area, the student and one family member at a time have one hour to unload the car and get belongings to the student’s room. Move-in carts will be available in housing areas with elevators, and they will be cleaned and sanitized between users. For safety reasons, when the move-in process is complete, the family member and car must leave campus.

After Hours Arrivals

If you are arriving after 5 p.m. due to flight and other transportation delays, the testing and residence hall key pick up will be closed. Please contact public safety at (585) 275-3333 for assistance. Students must be signed up for a move-in time and day. This is not a way to get around making an appointment for move-in. Only those students who have missed their appointment will be let into their room. Students must appear the next day for testing and official key pick at Georgen Athletic Center.

Testing Results

COVID-19 test results will be reported back to the University and to the student within 24 hours. Students will move-in prior to receiving the results of the test. Students in double rooms are arriving 2 days apart in order to get test results back. The second roommate may be given a rapid response test so that move-in may proceed. If a student receives a positive COVID-19 test result, they will be relocated to one of our isolation living areas.

Move-in Dates and Details

First-Year Student Move-in—August 17-20, 2020

First-year student move-in will occur Monday, August 17 through Thursday, August 20. Students were assigned a specific move-in day and specific time. Roommates living in double rooms will not arrive on the same day in order to process COVID-19 testing results. It is likely the second roommate will receive a rapid response test in order to facilitate the move-in process. Residential life will coordinate a move-in time for each roommate.

Returning Student Move-in—August 17-25, 2020

Returning student move-in will be Monday, August 17 through Tuesday, August 25. The first four days of the returning student move-in are shared with first-year students and there will be more limited arrival slots for returning students on those days. Our priority the first four days will be to get first-year students here and settled. From August 21-25, all time slots will be devoted to upperclass student arrival.

In order to move-in, returning students must sign up for an arrival day and time. This will allow us to physically distance students and allow for better move-in flow. This sign-up will be located on the main page of our website at starting on Wednesday, July 15.

Please note: You cannot arrive on campus without a move-in day and time. All students will go through the testing center (for a test or to present proof of a negative test) before receiving keys for their residence hall. Keys are not being issued at area offices. Appointments are required.