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Office of the Provost

Verification of Compliance

5. Required information for students and the public

Course Schedule and Course Descriptions

University Course Catalog System

Academic Calendar

University Academic Calendar Webpage


AS&E Grading Schemes

Warner School Assessment (Student Handbook, Section VII. C.)

Simon School Grade Distribution Policy (Student Handbook, p. 10)

Eastman School Assessments and Grading

School of Medicine & Dentistry Double Helix Curriculum Grading – Courses & Electives (Student Handbook, p. 20-28)

Graduate School Grading System & Performance Evaluations

School of Nursing Grading Policies (Student Handbook, p. 21-23)


AS&E Undergraduate and Graduate: How to Apply

Warner School Admissions

Simon School Programs

Eastman School Instruction for Application for Admission

School of Medicine & Dentistry: Medical Education Admissions

School of Nursing Admissions

Program Requirements        

AS&E Academic Majors

Warner School Academic Programs

Simon School Academic Programs

Eastman School Academic Programs

School of Nursing Academic Programs

Cost of Attendance  

AS&E Tuition Expenses

Warner School Tuition

Simon School Scholarship & Tuition

Eastman School Cost of Attendance

School of Medicine & Dentistry Cost of Attendance

School of Nursing Tuition & Fees (listed separately under each program)

Refund Policies         

AS&E Refund Policy

Graduate School, Warner School, and Simon School

School of Medicine Graduate Students Refund Schedule

School of Medicine Medical Students Refund Schedule

School of Nursing Student Handbook

Withdrawal Polices   

AS&E Advising Handbook: Withdrawal

Eastman School of Music Academic Policies: Withdrawal

Graduate School Simon & Warner: Graduate bulletin        

School of Nursing: Student Handbook (p.40)

Retention, Completion & Graduation Rates          

AS&E and Eastman School Undergraduate Consumer Information:

NCES College Navigator

Warner School Accreditation Information

School of Nursing: Student Handbook (Appendix I, p. 95)

Employment Rates

AS&E Consumer Information

Warner School Accreditation

Simon School Placement Results

Eastman School of Music Consumer Information

School of Medicine & Dentistry Outcomes Data

School of Nursing: Current Students

Performance on Licensing Exams

University Consumer Information

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