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University Counseling Center

Postdoctoral Fellowship in Psychology

The basis of the UCC postdoctoral training program is an apprenticeship model that promotes the independent practice of the fellow to competently perform in positions in which advanced level psychologists function, within our framework of reflective practice in a University Counseling Center setting. The postdoctoral fellowship is tailor-made to accomplish the following objectives:

  1. Add to clinical competencies already established by rounding out training (i.e., increasing one’s depth and breadth of brief individual treatment and year-long group therapy, developing skills in self-reflection).
  2. Refine one’s multicultural skills and sensitivities.
  3. Develop one’s level of supervising and teaching.
  4. Begin to understand and perform administrative functions in which counseling center psychologists engage.
  5. Develop outreach and consultation skills.

Possibilities for specific clinical roles, tasks and areas of focus are numerous and are determined in consultation with the Postdoctoral Coordinator and the Director of Training. The fellow conducts individual, couples and group psychotherapy, receives 4 hours of supervision, provides 1-2 hours of supervision to advanced graduate students, offers consultation and outreach services to the university community, performs administrative functions (e.g. administrative evaluations, meetings about students of concern), co-teaches a clinical issues seminar to practicum students, and attends several case-oriented seminars.

Philosophy and Goals of Training