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University Counseling Center

Postdoctoral Fellowship Typical Work Week

Provision of Clinical Services

15 hours of individual and couples psychotherapy
2 hours of initial assessments
2 hours of same day appointments
3 hours of group psychotherapy
2 hours of university outreach and consultation

On Call Coverage (1 week after-hours coverage every 7 weeks)

Provision of Supervision

1 hour providing supervision to a psychology graduate student

Receipt of Supervision and Seminars

2 hours individual supervision
2 hours supervision for groups
1.5 hours Group Supervision of Group Seminar
1 hour Postdoc Seminar: Psychotherapy, Professional development, Multicultural focus
1 hour Supervision of Supervision Seminar
1 hour Case Conference (biweekly)
1 hour Meeting of Trainees (biweekly)
.5 hour clinical staff meeting

1 hour rotating seminars/meetings (on-call, outreach, director of training meetings, staff meeting)
6 – 10 hours (for documentation, tape review (amount varies depending on intern work styles))
42.5 hours (with additional hours needed during the busiest times of year.)

*Please note that attempts are made to schedule additional workshops (i.e., ethics, eating disorders, substance use and professional development) during slower clinical times.

Postdoctoral Fellowship in Psychology