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Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA)

A Flexible Spending Account (FSA) is a tax-advantaged savings reimbursement account that allows you to set aside money for eligible expenses on a pre-tax basis. There are three kinds of FSAs available to University of Rochester employees: Health Care FSA, Limited Purpose FSA and Dependent Care FSA. These accounts are administered by PayFlex for Aetna members, and Lifetime Benefit Solutions for Excellus members.

Type of FSA

Eligibility Requirements

Covered Expenses

Funding Maximums


Health Care FSA

Must be enrolled in the YOUR PPO Plan, YOUR HSA Plan, or waived University Health Care Plan coverage.

Reimbursement for qualified out-of-pocket medical, dental, prescription or vision expenses. See Publication 502 for complete list of qualified expenses.

$2,600 per Plan Year

Will roll over up to $500 of unused funds.

Limited Purpose FSA

Must be enrolled in the YOUR HSA-Eligible Plan and contribute to a HSA

Reimbursement for qualified dental or vision expenses. Cannot reimburse any out-of-pocket medical expenses until the Tier 1 plan deductible has been met. See Publication 502 for a complete list of qualified expenses after the deductible has been met.

$2,600 per Plan Year

Will roll over up to $500 of unused funds.

Dependent Care FSA

Must have dependent children under age 13 who are claimed as a tax dependent or a dependent adult

Reimbursement for daycare expenses for eligible dependents. See Publication 503 for complete list of qualified expenses.

$5,000 per Plan year per household

Any unused funds in the account at the end of the year will be forfeited.

Useful Tools

Account holders can visit the PayFlex website or Lifetime Benefits Solutions websites to take advantage of the various account management tools. Explore their website to gain access to your account balance, claim history, submit reimbursement requests online and view any upcoming payments for claims submitted.

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