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Financial Wellbeing

The University of Rochester recognizes that a person’s financial wellbeing is just as important as workplace and health-related wellbeing. The University offers a variety of programs and resources to assist employees with planning for and dealing with a wide range of financial situations.

Invest in Your Financial Future

  • Plan For Retirement
    A comfortable retirement doesn’t happen by accident; it takes careful thought and planning, but we can help you with that!
  • Think About Life Insurance
    Let your mind be at ease; with life insurance, if you or a loved one passes, your family will have the money they need in order to cover the expenses that may have been left behind such as medical bills, burial costs, or even sending your children to college.
  • Save On the Purchase of a Home -
    Assisting employees with the dream of home ownership, the University offers $9000 towards the purchase of a primary residence in qualifying City neighborhoods.
  • Financial Education
    Learn about refinancing student loans, money management, mortgages, purchasing a home, and a variety of other topics that can improve your financial wellbeing at our Financial Health Bite Sessions. 
  • U of R Discounts -
    Why pay full price when you could save money on fitness, sporting events, cell phone bills, and more?

Go Back to School, for Less!

  • Tuition Benefits
    Eligible employees and family members can take advantage of the opportunity to pursue a more affordable college education.

Manage Your Health

  • Health Savings Account (HSA) -
    A tax-advantaged savings account available to eligible individuals enrolled in a High Deductible Health Plan to use tax-free dollars for qualified health care expenses.
  • Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs) -
    Tax-advantaged savings accounts that allow eligible individuals to use tax-free dollars for qualified health care expenses
  • Incentives for Improving Your Health -
    Eligible employees can participate in biometric screenings, lifestyle management programs, and condition management programs with financial incentives upon completion.
  • No-Cost Wellness Programs
    Well-U offers a variety of no-cost programs such as fitness classes, fitness DVD rentals, and live cooking demonstrations, helping employees stay healthy while their wallets remain untouched.

Financial Stress Assistance