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Enroll or Make Changes to Your Retirement Plan

After reviewing the 403(b) Retirement Program and eligibility requirements, you can enroll and manage your participation in the retirement program through TIAA’s website, calling TIAA customer service, or by making an appointment with a TIAA representative.

To enroll online

  1. Go to and click “Ready to Enroll”
  2. Click “Register Now” and complete online registration
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions; you will select your contributions, investment choices, and your beneficiaries.

To make changes online

  1. Go to and click “Ready to Enroll” and then “Log In”
  2. Log in with your user ID and password
  3. Select “Actions”
  4. Select the relevant action and follow the on-screen instructions

Find TIAA forms related to withdrawals, loans, beneficiary changes, etc. here.

For help in-person or over the phone

One-on-one sessions with a TIAA representative are available for those needing further assistance enrolling, changing plans, or looking for plan investment advice. Sessions can be in-person or over the phone, and are at no additional cost to you.

Call TIAA at (800) 410-6497 or go to to sign up for an appointment.

You can also contact TIAA customer service at (800) 410-6497 from Monday to Friday 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. (ET).

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