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Hiring & Managing Minors

When employing someone under the age of 18, careful oversight is needed to comply with strict state and federal regulations concerning child labor laws.

The University’s Employment of Minors policy prohibits the employment of anyone under the age of 16. This policy provides an overview of state and federal child labor law requirements.

Child Labor Laws require employers to have a work permit on file for each minor employee. These laws also restrict the type of work minors can do as well as the hours they can work based on their age and whether school is in session or not in session.

NY State Department of Labor has available on its website a detailed manual for employers regarding child labor laws.

Working hours and schedules

Employers are required to post conspicuously the minor’s work schedule. The minor cannot work outside of this posted schedule as it would be a violation of child labor laws and would carry stiff penalties. The schedule must be modified to show any changes to the minor’s work hours.

To ensure that compliance is understood by all that may have oversight on a minor employee the NY State Permitted Working Hours poster should be posted in the department near the minor’s work schedule.

Please note departments that hire students through the Hillside Work Scholarship Program may be provided additional guidelines regarding hours of work for those students.

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