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Office of Human Resources

Benefits Contacts

Health Care, Dental, FSAs, Long-Term Care Insurance, as well as General Non-Exempt Benefits Orientation and Enrollment
Anne Lytwynec Manager 585.273.2586
Erica Owens HR Representative 585.275.4636
T'Hani O'Connor HR Representative 585.273.3600
Karen Williams HR Assistant 585.275.3779
Christine Jackson HR Assistant 585.275.8382
Retirement Program, General Exempt and Faculty Benefits Orientation and Enrollment
Michelle Barrett Manager 585.276.6458
Melissa Day HR Representative 585.275.4667
Susan Yackel HR Assistant 585.273.2779
Zeke Auburn HR Assistant 585.275.4668
Retiree Benefits and Billing
Stephanie Xenias HR Representative 585.275.6071
Tosha Blue HR Assistant 585.275.3292
Life Insurance, Tuition Benefits, Death Claims, Housing Incentive Programs
Deborah Thompson HR Representative 585.275.2087
Lori Paradiso HR Assistant 585.275.7013
Leave Administration - Leaves, Disability & Vacation
Questions call: Ask URHR 585.275.8747
General Staff – Leave Plans
Karen Lindner SR HR Representative 585.273.2597
Maureen Terena HR Representative 585.273.1759
Short Term Disability
Kelly Bruno HR Representative 585.276.5132
Staci Howcraft HR Assistant 585.273.5238
Workers Comp
Russ Corona HR Representative 585.276.5131
Marion Gerken HR Assistant 585.276.5133
Long Term Disability
Luke Haffen HR Assistant 585.275.5250
FMLA, Sick, PTO, Vacation
Karen Hawe HR Assistant 585.276.5134
Return To Work
Deb Martin Return to Work Manager 585.276.5135
Mary Ann Rall Return to Work Coordinator 585.276.5136
Well-U (Employee Wellness) Biometric Screenings, Fitness, Flu-Shots, Health Risk Assessment, Nutrition, Walking Programs, Weight Management, Smoking Cessation, Stress Management, Fitness Classes
Rachel Carmen Manager 585.275.1756
Gary Jones Health and Wellness Activities Coordinator 585.273.3786
Brittany Fuino Assistant Health and Wellness Activities Coordinator 585.276.4197
General Staff
Michele Hill Director 585.275.2083
Ellen Scott Associate Director 585.275.2086
Taylor Brodell Sr. HR Assistant 585.275.3696
Daniel Gibson Information Analyst 585.276.4198
Tom Dunbar HR Assistant / Benefits Administration 585.275.4637
Kathy Grove Receptionist (am) 585.275.2084
Millicent Hartzog Receptionist (pm) 585.275.2084

7:30am - 5:00pm
Monday - Friday

Medical Center




University of Rochester
Benefits Office
Box 636
260 Crittenden Blvd
Rochester, NY 14642