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Career Path Modernization Project (CPM)

The dedicated employees at the University of Rochester are at the heart of the institution. It is through their contributions that we are able to fulfill our educational, research, and healthcare missions, and to be a research university of global consequence. The University is committed to creating a supportive, equitable, and inclusive work environment where everyone can thrive, and to making the institution a model employer that attracts, retains, engages, and motivates the best people. With these guiding principles in mind, the Office of Human Resources, with the full support of President Sarah C. Mangelsdorf, is embarking on the Career Path Modernization (CPM) Project, a multi-year initiative to completely transform our 40-year-old job title and compensation program.

The end goal of the CPM Project is to have a modern and relevant library of job titles and job descriptions that accurately reflect the work being done at the University, career paths to guide employees’ professional development, and pay grades that are tied to regional market conditions and appropriately reward the University’s valued employees. It will take approximately three years to complete the CPM Project. In that time, the project team will review and update approximately 20,000 non-faculty and non-union positions in 1,000 job codes across the College, Medical Center, graduate and professional schools, and the Memorial Art Gallery. It will also develop new compensation policies and create clear career paths for employees that reflect the University’s Meliora Values and its commitment to equity and inclusion.

Project Scope

The CPM Project scope includes University of Rochester staff, including Medical Center staff, and including Senior Administrators and Vice Presidents. The project does not include faculty, bargaining unit positions, students, post docs, residents, fellows, department fellows, or employees included in executive compensation reviews or IRS key employees.

University-wide Messages

August 26 Kickoff Message

Project Committees

  • Executive Sponsors

    Name Title
    Lance Drummond Board of Trustees HR Committee Chair
    Sarah Mangelsdorf President, G. Robert Witmer Jr. University Professor
    Holly Crawford Sr. Vice President for Administration & Finance, Chief Financial Officer
    Dr. Mark Taubman Sr. Vice President for Health Sciences, CEO of URMC, Dean School of Medicine and Dentistry
  • Steering Committee

    Purpose: to provide leadership and support for the project.


    Name Title
    Mike Andrews Sr. Associate Vice President Budgets & Planning, Deputy to CFO
    Adam Anolik Sr. Vice President, CFO of URMC
    Kathy Gallucci Vice President of HR URMC, Exec Director of HR University of Rochester
    Michele Hill Sr. Director Total Rewards
    Elizabeth Milavec Associate Vice President Financial Ops & University Controller
    Donna Gooden Payne Vice President, General Counsel
    Mercedes Ramirez Fernandez Vice President for Equity & Inclusion, Chief Diversity Officer
    Elizabeth Stauderman Vice President for Communications
  • Advisory Committee

    Purpose: to provide expertise regarding divisional needs, department resources, and position specific functions.


    Organization Name
    Biology Brenna Rybak
    College Enrollment Molly Jacob
    Dean’s Office, Arts, Sciences & Engineering Jessica Foster
    Dean’s Office, College Joseph Testani
    Dean’s Office, College George Vanderzwaag
    Dean’s Office, College Timothy Woodward
    Eastman Institute Oral Health Holly Barone
    Eastman School of Music Elaine Tennity
    Environmental Health & Safety Michael Liberty
    Facilities Cathleen Dierna
    Faculty Senate Amy Lerner
    Finance Karen Sodoma
    Genesee Staff Council Caterina Caiazza
    Human Resources Kathy Miner
    Human Resources Amber Whitlock
    Lab for Laser Energetics Steven Stagnitto
    Medical Center Info Systems MaryAnn Capuano
    Memorial Art Gallery Patricia Giordano
    Office of Advancement Holly Wolk
    Office of Counsel Jack Bailey
    President's Office Jennifer Faler
    President's Office Mercedes Ramirez Fernandez
    Provost's Office San Cannon
    Provost's Office Maggie Graham
    Provost's Office Amy Happ
    Provost's Office Gunta Linders
    Public Safety Dana Perrin
    Purchasing Debra Flotteron
    River Campus Libraries Randy Cook
    School of Nursing Kelly Talarczyk
    Simon School of Business Jim Newton
    University Communications Amy McDonald
    University IT Kathryn Crowley
    URMC Administration & Finance Teri D’Agostino
    URMC Administration & Finance Karen Davis
    URMC Administration & Finance Gerard Mikols
    URMC Administration & Finance Kathy Parrinello
    URMC Administration & Finance Germaine Reinhardt
    URMC Administration & Finance Aileen Shinaman
    URMFG Administration Victoria Godwin Hines
    Warner School of Education Jason Sabel
  • Project Team

    Purpose: to facilitate transition from current to future state, carryout project deliverables, coordinate with other committees and provide updates to the University community as project progresses.


    Name Title
    Samantha Burkett HR Communications Manager
    Chris Colaluca Sr. HRMS Business Analyst
    Jim Dobbertin Assistant Controller
    Dan Gibson Manager for Benefits Program Financials & Analytics
    Kelly Kingston Messaging and Design Specialist
    Christine Ludwig Human Resources Business Partner
    Kathy Miner Director University Human Resources Admin Services
    Mike Mulherin Sr. HR Compensation Analyst
    Charmaine Pionilla Human Resources Business Partner
    Dan Salamone Associate Director URMC HR Ops
    Kim Sedlak Sr. HR Compensation Analyst
    Jeni Sharp Sr. HR Compensation Analyst
    Rhonda Smith Sr. Human Resources Business Partner
    Leah Stormo-Soles Project Manager for Human Resources
    Alyssa Urban Project Representative

Project Timeline

This project is anticipated to take approximately three years and will include review and update of Job Descriptions, development of Career Streams, Job and Pay Structures, Compensation Policies and Employee Training.

CPM project timeline


  • 1. Why is the University undergoing this project?

    The CPM Project is a multi-year endeavor to transform our 40-year-old job description, job title, career path, and compensation program. Job titles and descriptions will be updated to accurately reflect the work being performed by our employees. The project will also establish a new pay grade structure that aligns salary ranges to the regional job market.

    This project reflects our commitment to creating a supportive, equitable, and inclusive work environment where everyone can thrive and to making the University a model employer that attracts, engages, and motivates the best people.

  • 2. What jobs will be reviewed as part of this project?

    We will be reviewing jobs that cover approximately 20,000 staff in about 1,000 job codes that include staff through the senior administrator and vice president levels. At this time, we will not be reviewing faculty positions, bargaining unit positions, student workers, Post Docs, Residents/Fellows, Department Fellows, IRS Key Employees or Executives.

  • 3. How will job reviews be organized?

    Building the job structure requires that we identify a set of representative jobs from across the entire University. These jobs are called Phase I jobs and have core responsibilities and requirements that are found in other large, complex academic medical centers and employers. We are targeting approximately 500 jobs for this first phase of review. These are planned to be completed by June 2021. The remainder of the jobs within the scope of the project will be reviewed and updated with a target completion date of June 2022. Jobs in the department and/or division may be reviewed together.

  • 4. Will the CPM project include jobs in grades 50-52 that were transitioned to hourly in 2019?

    Yes; all jobs in scope for the CPM project will be reviewed and updated as appropriate. If it’s determined that a position included in the grade 50-52 hourly transition meets the federal and state criteria for exemption and should be categorized as a salaried position in the new structure, it will be defined accordingly. Federal and state legislation regulates positions that must be paid hourly and the CPM project will comply with those standards.

  • 5. Will the new job structure build in flexibility so that as new jobs are created in the future they can be added to the new job structure?

    Yes, the new structure will be flexible enough to grow with the University, including the Medical Center, for many years.

  • 6. When will the review of the jobs in our department start?

    Given the number of jobs being reviewed during the three-year CPM project, the job review process will continue through June 2022. The HR and Compensation teams are currently working together with managers to assess, prioritize and update the job descriptions.

  • 7. The University has such a diverse group of jobs, such as ones related to higher education and the Medical Center, as well as jobs related to the Memorial Art Gallery, LLE and the Eastman School’s performances. How will the process ensure that the new job structure reflects our jobs?

    The University of Rochester is a large institution with unique jobs and operational needs. The project team will work to build a structure that balances categorizing like positions together with reflecting the complexities of our organization and special positions where appropriate. The consultant that we have hired to support the project, Mercer, will be able to provide expertise in finding that balance having worked with a number of similar organizations to implement a job structure.

  • 8. What is the consultant’s role in the project?

    Based on the size and scope of the project, the University has engaged Mercer, a global human resources consulting firm with expertise across industries including a specialization in health care and higher education, to assist the project team on a limited basis to provide insight into our institution’s needs related to compensation and total rewards. Mercer has expertise in compensation programs and career development and has worked with many other universities and academic medical centers on similar initiatives.

  • 9. How will we receive updates on this project?

    Visit the Career Path Modernization (CPM) Project website, which will provide information and keep the community updated on progress over the course of the project.

  • 10. Will this result in a change to my job title, pay grade or salary?

    The CPM project will involve new titling guidelines that will create consistencies across the institution and will result in updates to some job titles. This is important to accurately support transparency, create career paths and understand the positions and pay opportunities available at the University.

    The new job structure will provide alignment internally to comparable jobs and externally to the market. The new job structure may use different numbers to indicate pay grades than today’s structure, so the number associated with a specific pay grade will change in some instances.

    The new structure and pay grades will enable us to more accurately assess pay relative to our internal pay ranges and the external market. This will help guide future planning and decision making through the University’s standard budgetary processes. In some instances it may lead to pay increases. At this time, we do not expect employee pay to be reduced by the changes.

  • 11. What will a manager’s role be in this project?

    Managers may be asked to participate in job reviews by validating employees current job responsibilities. For positions that exist in multiple departments across the University, managers will also be collaborating with colleagues across the institution to arrive at one generic job description.

    There may be times where the project team will ask for managers to seek input from their teams and they will need to respond timely to requests for information.


Please reach out to your HR Business Partner with questions related to the CPM Project.