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An opportunity to invest in your future

About the Retirement Program

Regardless of what retirement means to you now—or will mean when you get there—just about everybody worries about the same thing: financial security. However, few people enjoy a comfortable retirement by accident. It takes careful thought and planning, based on one’s own situation.

Even small amounts of money invested regularly over your career can provide a significant financial resource at retirement.

Most investment experts agree that a reasonable strategy for accumulating retirement income in an amount sufficient to allow you to maintain your pre-retirement lifestyle is to:

  • Start saving early,
  • Make sure you have an investment plan in mind, and
  • Stick with it—making adjustments to your plan if your circumstances change.

By saving in the University of Rochester Retirement Program today, you are taking advantage of an opportunity to invest in your future.

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TIAA is the financial company responsible for keeping the records and accounts of a retirement plan and its participants. Recordkeepers administer the funds and provide account statements, integrated investment advice/education, and plan distributions for participants.

Need help enrolling? Selecting investments? As a Program participant, you have access to one-on-one help from a TIAA financial consultant — at no additional cost to you.

Go to (meet at TIAA) or call 800-410-6497 to schedule an appointment.