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Office of Human Resources

Employment Verification - The Work Number

Proof of Employment Plus Income

Follow these easy steps:

  1. Click here to display and print a form.
  2. Fill in your Social Security Number on the form you printed.
  3. Access The Work Number either via the Web or telephone:
  4. Select the Employee option and Login. To Login, you must have the following information:
    • University of Rochester Employer Code: 11968
    • Your Employee Id Number
    • Your PIN

    Note: Your Pin is an 8 digit number based on your employee id number and the year you were born. The first 6 digits of your Pin are your employee number. The last 2 digits of your Pin are the year you were born (i.e. 71, 56, 82 ...)

  5. Select the “Create a Salary Key” option and write down the Salary Key provided to you by The Work Number on the form you just printed.
  6. Note: The first time you login you may be prompted to reset your Pin number. To skip to the “salary key” option click on “main menu” (this is in the left side of the screen).

  7. Give the form you printed to the person requesting proof of your employment plus income.