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Office of Human Resources

Employment Verification - The Work Number

Employment Verification FAQ

Q: What is The Work Number?
A: The Work Number is a company that provides employment verification information for the University of Rochester and its employees.

Q: What is a verifying company?
A: A verifying company is typically a lender, bank, mortgage company, housing complex or employer that requests information of the employee about their job information or salary information.

Q: Do I have to use The Work Number for employment verifications?
A: Yes, all employment verifications and income verifications are done through The Work Number. Please note that Subpoena’s and requests for copies of documents will handled by Valerie Johnston at 585.275.7031.

Q: What is a Salary Key?
A: A salary key is a special authorization code that the employee generates in order to authorize the release of income information.

Q: I don’t have access to a computer can I still get a Salary Key?
A: Yes, The Work Number offers a telephone option for all employees, simply call 1-800-367-2884. You will need your social security number, your date of birth, the Company Code (11968) and a pen and paper to write down the authorization number they provide.

Q: Do employees have to pay for an employment verification to be done?
A: No, employees will not be charged for asking that their records be released. The charge for this service is covered by the verifying company.

Q: If I no longer work at the University can I have my employment verification done?
A: Yes, you will maintain the ability to have a verifying company access your employment and income records through The Work Number. You will also be able to create a salary key even after you leave the University’s employ.