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Job Posting Process

The job posting process can be broken into a few specific steps, which are described in detail below.

Defining the job

A key part of leading a team is preparing for and responding to changes that impact the team: its priorities and focus, workload, work processes, and team members. It’s important to regularly assess your overall operational needs, including future needs. You’ll want to review current processes and business practices to ensure high efficiency and high quality.

If it’s determined that you need a new position on your team or the job responsibilities of an existing position have changed, it’s important to clearly define the new or revised job description so that it accurately reflects the duties and responsibilities of the position. This will be the foundation for recruiting, developing and retaining talent. It will also set the stage for optimum work performance by clarifying responsibilities, expected results, and evaluation of performance. It is also an important component to maintaining an equitable compensation system and ensuring legal compliance.

Your first step in defining the job will be to consider the objectives and responsibilities of the position. These, along with other key aspects of a job like qualifications, scope, physical requirements and hazard assessment, should be documented on the University’s job description form. Explore tips for populating and formatting the job description template in the drop-down below.

  • The job description should not include every detail of how and what work is performed so that it remains useful even when minor changes occur.
  • In some instances it may be appropriate to gather input from the incumbent(s), specifically if there are a small number of people in the position (3 or fewer) and if there is ambiguity regarding the position’s responsibilities. If an employee provides input, the supervisor retains responsibility to review and approve the job description.
  • Title is in proper case format (not all CAPS)
  • Full title is entered
  • Current job code and pay grade are populated
  • Department name is populated for jobs that are specific only to the department. For those that are across multiple departments, enter “Multiple”
  • Current FLSA status is populated (“Exempt”, “Non-Exempt” or “Exempt Hourly” (50-52)
  • General purpose is entered. Do not include statements regarding level of independent judgement or discretion
  • No unnecessary acronyms, jargon or abbreviations
  • Ensure that font is Arial 10
  • Each duty listed begins with a verb ending in “s”
  • Each duty ends with a “.”
  • % of time entered for each individual responsibility line item
  • Generally, no % of time greater than 25% entered for one responsibility
  • % of time equals 100%
  • Responsibilities are listed highest % to lowest %
  • Essential function has Y or N populated for each line
  • Remote work has Y or N populated for each line
  • “Other duties as assigned” has not been deleted
  • Required or Preferred included for each requirement
  • Only one box selected for each job scope (except for Financial Responsibility, which can have more than one selected)
  • Hazard Assessment has Y or N populated for each line
  • Required approvals populated, including department head’s signature
  • Page breaks are in appropriate places

Once complete, the new or revised job description should be shared with your HR Business Partner to begin the review process. If a new job is created and current (incumbent) employees should be transitioned to the new job code, please discuss this with your HR Business Partner as you’re working through the job review process.

Ensure your manager and any other key stakeholders are appropriately involved throughout this process.

Obtaining approval to fill the position

Complete a Staff Requisition form, accessed through HRMS, to obtain approval to proceed with posting the opening. Each department has designated trained staff who have access to complete the Staff Requisition form.

If you are unsure of who in your department can complete the Staff Requisition form, please contact your HR Business Partner.

Once the appropriate department and Finance signatures are obtained, the form should be emailed to Employment Services at

  • If the posting is for a new position, include the 600 form provided when the new position has been approved.
  • Divisions 50 and 90 must include a signed exemption form indicating approval to proceed with hiring despite the hiring freeze.

Posting the opening

Once a position is approved, it will be posted to the University of Rochester website and the department contact listed on the Staff Requisition form will be notified. The opening will be automatically posted at a number of employment websites, including Indeed.

To help you find strong candidates, consider whether there are professional associations where the position should be posted and reach out to them.

Build a diverse candidate pool by posting with organizations or publications focused on diversity. To communicate our commitment to diversity, all advertisements should include the statement, “EOE Minorities/Females/Protected Veterans/Disabled”.

Advertising your opening

Positions should be advertised after they are approved and posted on the University jobs website.

  • To communicate our commitment to diversity all advertisements should include the statement, “EOE Minorities/Females/Protected Veterans/Disabled”.
  • A copy of the advertisement should be kept for three years in the department to comply with legal requirements.
  • Advertising budgets are maintained at the department level.
  • The University of Rochester has a contract with the Democrat & Chronicle that offers discounted rates; additional information is below.
  • Contacts at other regional and national advertising publications are also listed below.

Democrat and Chronicle

Contact – Nadene Gambitta

When paying the D&C bill be sure to include the following:

  • PO# PUR00006797
  • Department account number to be charged (example: OPXXXXXX SCXXXXX)
  • Signature, authorizing payment
  • Department contact printed clearly
  • Department contact phone number

Regional and National Advertising Publications

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