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Professor Emeritus of Physics Daniel S. Koltun Dies at 80
(April 16, 2014)
For Sick, Elderly Patients, Surgical Decision Making "Takes a Village"
(April 9, 2014)
EVENT: University Showcase Highlights Emerging Technologies
(April 8, 2014)
URMC Physician-Couple Gives $750K Gift to Orthopaedics
(April 7, 2014)
Feelings of Failure, Not Violent Content, Foster Aggression in Video Gamers
(April 7, 2014)
Robert L. McCrory, Director of Laboratory for Laser Energetics, Named University Professor
(April 4, 2014)
Riccardo Betti Named Inaugural Robert L. McCrory Professor
(April 4, 2014)
Researchers Set to Launch Phase 3 Trial for Parkinson's
(April 2, 2014)
Like Hand-Washing, Blood Transfusions Linked to Infections
(April 1, 2014)
Device Saves Lives in Heart Failure Patients
(March 30, 2014)
UR Medicine Helps Forge National Stroke Care Guidelines
(March 28, 2014)
UR Medicine's Campbell Named Chair of National Family Medicine Council
(March 24, 2014)
Biomarker Points to Alzheimer's Risk
(March 10, 2014)
Complications Following Surgery Predict Costly Readmissions
(March 6, 2014)
Computer Science Students Help Singers Learn Their Vowels
(March 6, 2014)
Colon Exhibit Aims to Raise Awareness of Cancer Screenings
(March 5, 2014)
First-Ever 3D Image Created of the Structure Beneath Sierra Negra Volcano in the Galapagos
(March 5, 2014)
Using Cancer's Fingerprint, UR Researchers Clinch a Diagnosis
(March 4, 2014)
Eastman Opera Theatre Presents 'Dialogues of the Carmelites'
(March 4, 2014)
Female Fertility: What's Testosterone Got To Do With It?
(March 3, 2014)
Strong Fertility Center Benefit to Aid Cancer Survivors
(February 28, 2014)
Senior Scientist at Rochester's Laboratory for Laser Energetics Named American Physical Society Fellow
(February 26, 2014)
Researchers Seeking Volunteers to Test Vaccine against Common Herpes Virus
(February 24, 2014)
News Anchor's On-Air Colonoscopy Aims to Take Fear Away, Encourage Screenings
(February 21, 2014)
Former CDC Expert on Obesity to Talk on Controlling the Epidemic
(February 20, 2014)
JAMA Study Offers Hope to Caregivers of Alzheimer's Patients
(February 18, 2014)
How Stellar Death Can Lead To Twin Celestial Jets
(February 12, 2014)
Quick Steps Lead Heart Transplant Recipient to Ballroom Dancing
(February 11, 2014)
Heart Researchers to Study a Leading Cause of Sudden Death in Young People with $2.9 Million Grant
(February 5, 2014)
UR Medicine Recognized for Stroke Care, Launches Neurocritical Care Program
(February 4, 2014)
Feeling In Control Helps Some Live a Longer Life
(February 3, 2014)
Summer Research Experience Leads to Science Paper for University of Rochester Undergraduate
(January 31, 2014)
UR Medicine Takes to the Field During Sunday's Super Bowl
(January 30, 2014)
Professor Emeritus John R. Huizenga, a Key Figure in the 1989 National Review of Cold Fusion Claims, Dies at Age 92
(January 29, 2014)
URMC Students Helping Disadvantaged Youth Become Doctors
(January 28, 2014)
Finding Points to Possible New Parkinson's Therapy
(January 28, 2014)
Local Teen Makes Semi-Finals in National Science Competition
(January 22, 2014)
Peeking into Schrödinger's Box
(January 20, 2014)
Scientist Lynne E. Maquat Named 2014 Athena Award Winner
(January 16, 2014)
Nobel Laureate Speaking at School of Medicine & Dentistry
(January 6, 2014)
Researcher Awarded $2M to Train Patients, Use iPods, for Decision-Making
(December 18, 2013)
Wilmot Cancer Center Launches Inpatient Smoking Cessation Initiative
(December 10, 2013)
Cynthia Ebinger Named Fellow of American Geophysical Union
(December 10, 2013)
Telemedicine Brings Parkinson's Care to "Anyone, Anywhere"
(December 4, 2013)
URMC Plays Role in New Epilepsy Technology
(December 3, 2013)
URMC Research Groups, Community Observe 25th Annual World AIDS Day
(November 27, 2013)
Figures of Eight and Peanut Shells: How Stars Move at the Center of the Galaxy
(November 27, 2013)
Institute of Optics Director Named Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science
(November 25, 2013)
Govind Agrawal is Installed as the New Dr. James C. Wyant Professor in Optics
(November 19, 2013)
Drug Shows Early Promise in Treating Liver Failure-Related Seizures
(November 17, 2013)
School of Nursing Earns 10-Year CCNE Accreditation Recognizing Quality and Integrity of Academic Programs
(November 14, 2013)
Menstrual Cycle Influences Concussion Outcomes
(November 13, 2013)
'Seeing' in the Dark
(October 31, 2013)
First Results from World's Most Sensitive Dark Matter Detector Announced
(October 30, 2013)
Super-Thin Membranes Clear the Way for Chip-Sized Pumps
(October 28, 2013)
The University of Rochester Makes $100 Million Commitment to Data Science
(October 18, 2013)
To Sleep, Perchance to Clean
(October 17, 2013)
Paleoclimatologist Vasilii Petrenko Wins Packard Fellowship
(October 17, 2013)
Rochester's Ching Tang Honored as Pioneer of Organic Electronics
(October 17, 2013)
Three University of Rochester Master's Students Receive Iberdrola Scholarships
(October 15, 2013)
EVENT: Rochester Big Data Forum 2013
(October 15, 2013)
Turning Vapors into Foam-Like Polymer Coatings
(October 14, 2013)
EVENT: "60 Years of Innovation" Brings Together Optics Entrepreneurs
(October 10, 2013)
New Grant Will Help to Prepare the Next Generation of Science and Engineering Professors
(October 10, 2013)
This Year's Nobel Prize in Physics As Seen by a University of Rochester Pioneer in the Field
(October 8, 2013)
Researchers Find that Bright Nearby Double Star Fomalhaut Is Actually a Triple
(October 3, 2013)
Better Protein Creation May Be Secret of Longevity for the World's Longest-Living Rodent
(September 30, 2013)
Lighting Up Can Bring You Down in Colorectal Surgery
(September 24, 2013)
Personality a Key Factor in Health Care Use
(September 20, 2013)
Strong Memorial Hospital Named Center of Excellence in Minimally Invasive Gynecology
(September 19, 2013)
Mental Fog with Tamoxifen is Real; Scientists Find Possible Antidote
(September 17, 2013)
First-Time Measurements in Greenland Snowpack Show a Significant Reduction in Atmospheric Carbon Monoxide Over Last 60 Years
(September 17, 2013)
EVENT: Technology Transfer Expert from Israel Visits the University of Rochester on Faculty Exchange Program
(September 17, 2013)
$2M Gift to Support Geriatric Fracture Care, Orthopaedic Research
(September 16, 2013)
Researcher Wins Best Paper Award for Automated Interview Coach
(September 11, 2013)
Rochester Students Win National Geothermal Competition
(September 11, 2013)
Rochester Hospitals Enrolling for Investigational C. diff Vaccine Trial
(September 10, 2013)
URMC/RIT/NTID Awarded $2.1M to Jointly Train Deaf Scientists
(August 27, 2013)
Hayes to Head Biochemistry and Biophysics at URMC
(August 21, 2013)
Copper Identified as Culprit in Alzheimer's Disease
(August 19, 2013)
Familiar Consumer Electronics Are Used to Help Toilet-Train Children With Autism
(August 15, 2013)
New Heat Therapy Treatment Helps Asthma Patients Breathe Easier
(August 12, 2013)
New 'Virtual Care Center' Choreographs Post-Discharge Care
(August 12, 2013)
Researchers Optically Levitate a Glowing, Nanoscale Diamond
(August 12, 2013)
Tracking Twitter May Enhance Monitoring of Food Safety at Restaurants
(August 8, 2013)
URMC Heart Research Expands to Asia with Launch of New Device Trial
(August 6, 2013)
New University/Industry Partnership Will Advance Optical Science and Engineering
(July 29, 2013)
URMC Study Clarifies Surgical Options for Kidney Cancer
(July 24, 2013)
Study: No Link Between Mercury Exposure and Autism-like Behaviors
(July 23, 2013)
URMC Contributes to Landmark Study on Origins of Congenital Heart Disease
(July 23, 2013)
International Collaboration Confirms New Type of Neutrino Oscillation
(July 23, 2013)
New Cancer Imaging Technology Shows Promise
(July 18, 2013)
Research Suggests Madagascar No Longer an Evolutionary Hotspot
(July 10, 2013)
Rochester Engineer Honored for 'Exceptional Technical Contributions' in Electrical Circuits and Systems
(July 2, 2013)
Mosmann Awarded Novartis Prize for Basic Immunology
(July 1, 2013)
Brain's 'Garbage Truck' May Hold Key to Treating Alzheimer's and Other Disorders
(June 27, 2013)
Socioeconomic Status Plays Major Role in Opioid Pain Control
(June 26, 2013)
Engineering Students to Help Doctors Bring Their Ideas to Life
(June 24, 2013)
U.S. News Lauds Golisano Children's Hospital Orthopaedics Care
(June 20, 2013)
Biologists Identify the Chemical Behind Cancer Resistance in Naked Mole Rats
(June 19, 2013)
Eastman Musicians Can be Seen and Heard throughout Xerox Rochester International Jazz Festival
(June 17, 2013)
Quantum Optics Leaders from Around the World Convene in Rochester
(June 17, 2013)
Father-son Team Demonstrates Simple Optical Cloaking of Large Objects
(June 7, 2013)
Scientists Coax Brain to Regenerate Cells Lost in Huntington's Disease
(June 6, 2013)
Researchers Identify Genetic Signature of Deadly Brain Cancer
(June 3, 2013)
GRHF Funds URMC Program to Preserve Vision for People with Diabetes
(May 29, 2013)
Wilmot Cancer Center Launches New Program to Support Cancer Survivors
(May 28, 2013)
URMC Honored for Stroke, Cardiac Programs
(May 28, 2013)
Motion Quotient
(May 23, 2013)
Gastroenterologists Use New Technology to Detect Precancerous Cells
(May 21, 2013)
URMC Opens Clinic, Initiates Research on Rare Lung Disease in Women
(May 14, 2013)
UR Named Center for AIDS Research by the National Institutes of Health
(May 9, 2013)
Enhanced Motion Detection in Autism May Point to Underlying Cause of the Disorder
(May 8, 2013)
Local Laws Key to Reducing Dangers of Lead Poisoning
(May 6, 2013)
Local Teen Makes Semi-Finals in National Science Competition
(May 6, 2013)
Monkey Math
(May 3, 2013)
Stephen Dewhurst Named Vice Dean for Research at UR School of Medicine and Dentistry
(May 2, 2013)
Richard Aslin Elected to National Academy of Sciences
(May 1, 2013)
Computer Science Graduate Student Awarded Microsoft Research Fellowship
(April 25, 2013)
Reasons for Attending College Affect Students' Academic Success, Study Finds
(April 24, 2013)
Measurement Technique Offers a Way of Improving Optical Lens Making
(April 23, 2013)
New Sensor Could Help Detect Asteroids Near Earth
(April 15, 2013)
URMC Enrolling Patients to Test Live Pandemic Flu Vaccines
(April 9, 2013)
Surgeon Recruited to Lead UR's Medical Faculty Group
(March 22, 2013)
URMC Physician Leads Effort to Craft National Guidelines for Heart Health
(March 22, 2013)
URMC Orthopaedics Ranks No. 1 in Nation in NIH Funding
(March 18, 2013)
Students, Fellows Mine Heart Data to Improve the Science of Cardiac Care
(March 12, 2013)
EVENT: Symposium to Address 21st Century Energy Issues
(March 12, 2013)
'Virtual' House Calls for Parkinson's Patients Effective
(March 11, 2013)
Pediatric Giant Passes, Leaving Legacy of Enhanced Children's Care
(March 9, 2013)
Support Cells Found in Human Brain Make Mice Smarter
(March 7, 2013)
Study Suggests New Way of Thinking about Brain Injury - As Autoimmune Disorder
(March 6, 2013)
Exploiting Subtleties in the Uncertainty Principle
(March 3, 2013)
Upstate New York's 1st Total Artificial Heart Patient Leaves URMC Following Successful Heart Transplant
(March 1, 2013)
Superbugs May Have a Soft Spot, After All
(February 26, 2013)
Chemist Dan Weix Awarded Sloan Fellowship
(February 20, 2013)
Turning Waste Heat into Electricity on the Nanoscale
(February 14, 2013)
Biggest Risk of Aggressive Prostate Cancer Falls on Older and African American Men
(February 12, 2013)
Using Twitter to Predict the Influence of Lifestyle on Health
(February 8, 2013)
Cells Forged from Human Skin Show Promise in Treating MS, Myelin Disorders
(February 7, 2013)
URMC Introduces New Treatment for Life-Threatening Aneurysms
(February 7, 2013)
Eric Fredericksen to Head Online Learning Initiatives at Rochester
(February 5, 2013)
A New Major Prepares Students for the Changing World of Audio Engineering
(February 4, 2013)
URMC Orthopaedists Connect Science, Common Health Burdens
(January 25, 2013)
NY Law: Following Mammography, Physicians Must Notify of Breast Density
(January 17, 2013)
Cancer Cell Metabolism Yields New Insights on Leukemia
(January 17, 2013)
Richard Eisenberg Recognized for His Research and Commitment to Education
(January 17, 2013)
American Physical Society Honors Chemist Todd Krauss
(January 17, 2013)
Study: Model for Brain Signaling Flawed
(January 11, 2013)
URMC Pediatrician to Receive Top Honor from American Pediatric Society
(January 8, 2013)
Prenatal Exposure to Fish Beneficial to Child Development
(January 4, 2013)
Your Brain on Big Bird
(January 3, 2013)
Houston, We Have Another Problem: Study Shows that Space Travel is Harmful to the Brain
(December 31, 2012)
Rochester Researchers Involved in One of Top 10 Physics Breakthroughs of the Year
(December 14, 2012)
Study Details Brain Damage Triggered by Mini-Strokes
(December 12, 2012)
Predicting Risk of Arrhythmias and Sudden Cardiac Death: There's a Computer Model for That
(December 12, 2012)
New Facility Will Bridge Research and Stem Cell Therapies
(December 12, 2012)
Down with Flu? Scientists Want to Study Your Germs
(December 11, 2012)
Another Good Reason to Quit Smoking in New Year: Less Back Pain
(December 6, 2012)
Studying Marrow, URMC Researchers Accelerate Blood Stem Cells
(December 5, 2012)
Smartphones Might Soon Develop Emotional Intelligence
(December 4, 2012)
In Pregnancy, Type 2 Diabetes May Pose Less Risk than Type 1
(November 26, 2012)
Rare Meteorites Created in Violent Celestial Collision
(November 15, 2012)
Dark Matter Detector Installed Underground and Submerged
(November 15, 2012)
Being Neurotic, and Conscientious, a Good Combo for Health
(November 13, 2012)
New Study Pinpoints Genetic Source of Rare Form of Muscular Dystrophy
(November 12, 2012)
Super-Thin Membranes Used in Lab-on-a-Chip Diagnostic Devices
(November 12, 2012)
Nanocrystals and Nickel Catalyst Substantially Improve Light-Based Hydrogen Production
(November 8, 2012)
Small Change in Defibrillator Therapy Leads to Huge Benefits for Heart Patients
(November 6, 2012)
Researchers Discover How Underground Rodent Wards Off Cancer
(November 6, 2012)
URMC Geneticist and Teacher Wins National Humanism Award
(November 5, 2012)
Student Awarded Iberdrola Fellowship for Ph.D. Studies
(November 1, 2012)
Preserving Our Waters is Topic of Fabien Cousteau Talk to Rochester-area Students
(October 30, 2012)
Researchers Build on Diabetes-Liver Cancer Connection
(October 30, 2012)
Researchers at the Doorstep of Stem Cell Therapies for MS, Other Myelin Disorders
(October 25, 2012)
The Optical Society Celebrates Emil Wolf's 90th Birthday
(October 24, 2012)
Rethinking Toxic Proteins on the Cellular Level
(October 18, 2012)
Safety Harnesses Key to Prevent Falls while Deer Hunting
(October 17, 2012)
Language Is Shaped by Brain's Desire for Clarity and Ease
(October 16, 2012)
The Marshmallow Study Revisited
(October 11, 2012)
Volunteers Needed for Two Flu Vaccine Studies
(October 10, 2012)
Two Rochester Neurologists among Those Calling for Stronger Studies
(October 10, 2012)
University Launches Center for Developing Medical Devices and Other Medical Innovations
(October 10, 2012)
Physics Chair Applauds 'Beautiful Experiments' by Nobel Prize winners
(October 9, 2012)
Bringing "All Hands on Deck" on Big Data
(October 3, 2012)
Rare Disease Researchers Notch a Win for Patients with Inherited Muscle Disease
(October 2, 2012)
Patent Issued for Technology that Improves Eyesight Dramatically
(September 27, 2012)
Knee Surgeries Skyrocket with More Aging, Active Adults
(September 26, 2012)
Exposure to Snot-Nosed Kids Ups Severity of Cold Infections
(September 26, 2012)
Nutrient in Eggs and Meat May Influence Gene Expression from Infancy to Adulthood
(September 20, 2012)
URMC Geneticists Verify Cholesterol-Cancer Link
(September 13, 2012)
At Least 200,000 Tons of Oil and Gas from Deepwater Horizon Spill Consumed by Gulf Bacteria
(September 11, 2012)
Golisano Children's Hospital NICU Receives Naming Gift from Gosnells
(September 7, 2012)
In Rochester, a Tale of Tainted Tattoos
(September 6, 2012)
Researchers Find a Protein That Helps DNA Repair in Aging Cells
(August 30, 2012)
URMC Researchers Connect New Genetic Signature to Leukemia
(August 27, 2012)
Study Questions Validity of Quality Measure for Stroke Care
(August 27, 2012)
Kathy H. Rideout Named Dean of School of Nursing
(August 27, 2012)
Interior Design of Golisano Children's Hospital to Be Soothing, Engaging
(August 24, 2012)
Researchers May Have Found a Weak Link in the Flu Virus
(August 24, 2012)
URMC Introduces Less Invasive Heart Valve Replacement to Region
(August 22, 2012)
Many Options, Good Outcomes, for Early-Stage Follicular Lymphoma
(August 21, 2012)
CDC Grant Supports New Research Center for Suicide Prevention
(August 20, 2012)
Scientists Discover Previously Unknown Cleansing System in Brain
(August 15, 2012)
A Promising Step Forward Toward Muscular Dystrophy Treatment
(August 1, 2012)
Scientists Rate University of Rochester a Best Place to Work
(August 1, 2012)
Would Sliding Back to pre-PSA Era Cancel Progress in Prostate Cancer?
(July 30, 2012)
In Muscular Dystrophy, What Matters to Patients and Doctors Can Differ
(July 25, 2012)
A New Route for Tackling Treatment-Resistant Prostate Cancer
(July 24, 2012)
URMC's Neurology/Neurosurgery and Urology Programs Among Nation's Best
(July 17, 2012)
University of Rochester Plays Key Roles in Search for Higgs Boson
(July 5, 2012)
Mathematicians Find a Way to Hide Waves Inside an Invisible 'Hat'
(June 22, 2012)
Thompson Health Formally Affiliates with URMC
(June 21, 2012)
Study: New Huntington's Treatment Shows Promise
(June 18, 2012)
Scouring the Skin for Clues to Better Health
(June 15, 2012)
Capability of Curry Component to Treat Disease Merits U.S. Patent
(June 12, 2012)
Doubling Down on Heart Failure: Researchers Discover New Route to Disease, and Drugs to Match
(June 7, 2012)
Study Links PTSD to Hidden Head Injuries Suffered in Combat
(June 6, 2012)
EVENT: University Scientists Reverse Roles to Support National Foundation
(June 6, 2012)
U.S. News Ranks Golisano Children's Hospital Among Best in Four Programs
(June 5, 2012)
URMC Research: Protecting Hearts of Childhood Leukemia Survivors
(June 4, 2012)
Listening in, Researchers Learn About End-of-Life Communication
(May 31, 2012)
Simon School Commencement 2012
(May 31, 2012)
URMC Offers New Implantable Heartburn 'Ring'
(May 30, 2012)
"Just Do It!" Not Good Enough for Cancer Patients, UR Researchers Say
(May 30, 2012)
Looking for Clues from Frogs, Fish, and Snails to Fight Off Disease
(May 30, 2012)
Rochester-Area Collaboration Selected for National Pain Education Effort
(May 25, 2012)
Institute of Optics Director Xi-Cheng Zhang Wins National Honor
(May 22, 2012)
Vitamin D + TB Vaccine: Allies in Fight Against Bladder Cancer?
(May 21, 2012)
Alzheimer's Gene Causes Brain's Blood Vessels to Leak, Die
(May 16, 2012)
Beijing Olympics Provides Rare Window into Air Pollution's Effect on Health
(May 15, 2012)
Outpatient Clinics Adopt eRecord, Debut New 'MyChart' Feature
(May 15, 2012)
University of Rochester and IBM Expand Partnership in Pursuit of New Frontiers in Health
(May 11, 2012)
Joseph H. Eberly to be Honored by the Optical Society
(May 10, 2012)
University of Rochester Professor to Receive Grand Challenges Explorations Grant
(May 9, 2012)
Vaccine Aims to Give the Heaves the Heave-Ho
(May 8, 2012)
Study: Stroke Victims Not Receiving Timely Diagnosis, Care
(May 2, 2012)
EVENT: Engineering Students Display Real-World Solutions for the Community
(May 1, 2012)
How To Know When a 'Rash' is Serious? Video Chat!
(April 27, 2012)
Slow-Growing Babies More Likely in Normal-Weight Women; Less Common in Obese Pregnancies
(April 27, 2012)
URMC Clinical Trial Tests New Regimen for Hypertension
(April 26, 2012)
New Women's Health Center at Lattimore Improves Access to Care
(April 25, 2012)
Biology Professor John H. Werren Named to American Academy of Arts and Sciences
(April 24, 2012)
URMC Leads International Consortium to Fight Deadly Bone Infections
(April 17, 2012)
A Pillar of Modern Neurology, Robert J. Joynt, Dies
(April 16, 2012)
Volcanic Plumbing Provides Clues on Eruptions and Earthquakes
(April 12, 2012)
URMC Surgeons Implant 1st Total Artificial Heart in Upstate New York
(April 11, 2012)
A Sprinkle of "Pixie Dust" Reduces Post-Surgical Infection in Spine
(April 5, 2012)
EVENT: Scientists to Show Their Technologies to Companies
(April 3, 2012)
Dr. Brad Berk to Serve Second Term as Medical Center CEO
(April 2, 2012)
Once Considered Mainly 'Brain Glue,' Astrocytes' Power Revealed
(March 29, 2012)
New Program Provides Comprehensive Care for Memory Disorder Patients and Families
(March 29, 2012)
Rochester Physician Leads National Palliative Care Organization
(March 22, 2012)
Computer Scientist Jeffrey Bigham Wins NSF Career Award
(March 16, 2012)
Taking another Shot at RAGE to Tame Alzheimer's
(March 14, 2012)
'Brain Fog' of Menopause Confirmed
(March 14, 2012)
Koning Breast Scanner Receives European Regulatory Approval
(March 14, 2012)
Researchers Send "Wireless" Message Using Elusive Particles
(March 14, 2012)
Nathaniel and Helen Wisch Endow Professorship in Biology
(March 12, 2012)
Finding Your Friends and Following Them to Where You Are
(March 7, 2012)
Study: Early Surgery Controls Seizures, Improves Quality of Life
(March 6, 2012)
Report Highlights Understudied, Unwelcome Side of Cancer Treatment
(March 6, 2012)
Research Building Recognized for Green Design
(March 1, 2012)
Researchers Test Drug, Psychotherapy Combo for Fibromyalgia
(February 28, 2012)
Cornell U. Scholar to Chair URMC Department of Biostatistics
(February 23, 2012)
Researchers Find a Key to Growth Differences Between Species
(February 23, 2012)
Neuroscientist Benjamin Hayden Named 2012 Sloan Research Fellow
(February 22, 2012)
A Step Forward In Effort to Regenerate Damaged Nerves
(February 21, 2012)
Wilmot Cancer Center Recognized as One of Top 70 in Nation
(February 20, 2012)
As Diabetes Emerges, Researchers Track Disease's First Steps
(February 16, 2012)
Two University Scientists to be Honored as Fellows of the AAAS
(February 15, 2012)
To Avoid Early Labor and Delivery, Weight and Diet Changes Not the Answer
(February 10, 2012)
Starve a Virus, Feed a Cure?
(February 10, 2012)
Night, Weekend Delivery OK for Babies with Birth Defects
(February 10, 2012)
Professor James Fienup Elected to National Academy of Engineering
(February 10, 2012)
URMC Finds Leukemia Cells Are "Bad to the Bone"
(January 26, 2012)
Judith F. Baumhauer Named 2012 Athena Award Winner
(January 19, 2012)
Children's Hospital Supporter J. Michael Smith Gives $1.3 Million
(January 19, 2012)
Children's Hospital Board Chair Commits $1M toward Campaign
(January 19, 2012)
Rochester Scientist Leads National Fight against Lead
(January 16, 2012)
Evolving URMC Studies Uphold Precision Radiation to Control Cancer
(January 11, 2012)
Scientists Discover a Saturn-like Ring System Eclipsing a Sun-like Star
(January 11, 2012)
Asian-Americans Getting Better Heart Attack Care
(January 10, 2012)
"Couch Potato Pill" Might Stop Heat Stroke Too
(January 9, 2012)
University Lung Research Awarded $4.7 Million Contract to Establish a Respiratory Pathogens Research Center
(December 27, 2011)
Myths and Truths of Obesity and Pregnancy
(December 21, 2011)
Some Nearby Young Stars May Be Much Older
(December 21, 2011)
New Pediatric Cardiac Guidelines—What You Should Know
(December 14, 2011)
URMC Study: Most Cancer-related Blood Clots Occur in Outpatients
(December 13, 2011)
Impressive Show at ASH Meeting Highlights Progress in Wilmot Research
(December 9, 2011)
Philippe Fauchet Named Engineering Dean at Vanderbilt University
(December 8, 2011)
Natural Remedy May Play Role in Treatment of Bone Cancer
(December 1, 2011)
EVENT: Student-Built LEGO Robots Face off in Regional Competition
(December 1, 2011)
Rochester Research Identifies Health Disparities with Deaf ASL Users
(November 29, 2011)
Palliative Care Program Achieves Top National Certification
(November 28, 2011)
Pre-Columbian Peru to be Celebrated at the University of Rochester
(November 28, 2011)
Secretary Chu Announces 2011 Lawrence Award Winners
(November 28, 2011)
U.S. Patent Awarded for Rochester's Pioneering HPV Vaccine Work
(November 22, 2011)
Nerve Cells Key to Making Sense of Our Senses
(November 21, 2011)
Routine Head Hits in School Sports May Cause Brain Injury
(November 14, 2011)
FDA Funds Rochester Researchers to Give Chronic and Acute Pain Clinical Trials a Makeover
(November 14, 2011)
New Sources Found for Accumulated Dust on Chinese Loess Plateau
(November 14, 2011)
URMC Receives Patent for Implantable Diagnostic Technology
(November 10, 2011)
University of Rochester Team Places Third In Regional Computer Programming Contest
(November 10, 2011)
When Doctor Becomes Patient, There's Much to Learn
(November 9, 2011)
Scientists Explore Whether What Heals the Head Can Also Heal the Heart
(November 2, 2011)
URMC's Single-Incision Surgery Repertoire Expands to Treat Colorectal Conditions
(October 26, 2011)
Pediatric Sleep Medicine Services Move and Expand
(October 25, 2011)
Organists Have Incredible Tradition of Improvisation
(October 24, 2011)
Rochester Study: Age a Big Factor in Prostate Cancer Deaths
(October 19, 2011)
Precision with Stem Cells a Step Forward for Treating M.S., Other Diseases
(October 13, 2011)
Warner Awarded $1.2 Million to Support Informal Science Education
(October 13, 2011)
New Book Helps Educators Capitalize on Blogging in Science, Math Classrooms
(October 11, 2011)
Golisano Pediatrician Named President-Elect of AAP
(October 4, 2011)
URMC Research Could Extend Life of Arthritic Joints
(September 21, 2011)
New Thinking on Regulation of Sex Chromosomes in Fruit Flies
(September 19, 2011)
University Professor to be President of International Optics Group
(September 14, 2011)
Stem Cell Efforts to Treat Neurological Disease Bolstered With $4.5 Million
(September 7, 2011)
Study Links Drinking Pattern to Alcohol's Effect on Heart Health
(September 7, 2011)
Beyond Pills: Cardiologists Examine Alternatives To Halt High Blood Pressure
(August 30, 2011)
University Opens Multi-Million-Dollar Nanosystems Facility
(August 26, 2011)
Less-Toxic Chemo Improves Outlook for Advanced Bladder Cancer
(August 18, 2011)
New Director Named for University of Rochester's Institute of Optics
(August 18, 2011)
Vision Scientist David Williams Named Dean for Research at University of Rochester
(August 18, 2011)
Award to Neuroscientist Boosts Mental Health Research
(August 17, 2011)
Lava Rocks from Three Continents and Oceanic Plateau Traced to Same Lava Plume
(August 16, 2011)
In Quest for New Therapies, Clinician-Scientist Team Unlocks Hidden Information in Human Genome
(August 11, 2011)
Study Evaluates Tools to Encourage a Healthy Pregnancy
(August 5, 2011)
Long-Term Health Effects of Environmental Factors Is Focus of New $1.75-Million Study
(August 3, 2011)
University Chemist Searches for Easier Ways to Form Molecules
(July 28, 2011)
In Pregnancy, Diabetes-Obesity Combo a Major Red Flag
(July 25, 2011)
Health Gains from MS Drugs Come at a High Price
(July 20, 2011)
URMC Researchers Exploring Keys to Melanoma Progression
(July 19, 2011)
US News & World Report Ranks Four URMC Specialties Among Nation's Best
(July 19, 2011)
Chemist Receives Fulbright to Advance Nitrogen Research
(July 8, 2011)
Professor Adam Frank: The Inspiration Gap And The Shuttle's Last Launch
(July 8, 2011)
URMC Surgeon is Nation's First to Implant Pacemaker-like Device for Bowel Incontinence
(July 1, 2011)
Research on 'Good Bacteria' Garners Prize for UR Physician
(July 1, 2011)
Researchers Receive U.S. Department of Energy Grant to Increase Light Output from OLEDs
(June 29, 2011)
Violence Intervention Program Honored Nationally for Impact on Young Victims
(June 27, 2011)
Neuroscientists Find Famous Optical Illusion Surprisingly Potent
(June 27, 2011)
Benchmarking a Slice of Africa; Preserving Biodiversity Through Science
(June 27, 2011)
Microbiologists Discover How Cavity-Causing Microbes Invade Heart
(June 26, 2011)
UR Expert Joins Federal Panel Protecting Research Participants
(June 26, 2011)
Contaminated Cocaine Triggers Decaying, Dying Skin
(June 23, 2011)
Researchers Identify Protein that Improves DNA Repair Under Stress
(June 16, 2011)
Changing Genetic 'Red Light' to Green Holds Promise for Treating Disease
(June 15, 2011)
URMC Recognized for Outstanding Heart Failure, Stroke Programs
(June 15, 2011)
Indications of New Type of Neutrino Oscillation at the T2KExperiment
(June 15, 2011)
Mouth Microbes Are All the Talk in Rochester This Week
(June 13, 2011)
Chronological Age versus Physiological Age Must Be Better Understood
(June 3, 2011)
As Cancer Survivorship Grows, So Do Questions of Related Health Issues
(June 2, 2011)
Chemo-Induced Nausea Remains Big Problem, URMC Study Says
(June 1, 2011)
URMC Studies Quality of Doc-Patient Conversations about Cancer
(June 1, 2011)
Multitasking Meds: Scientists Discover How Drug for Leukemia, Psoriasis, May Tackle Vascular Disease
(May 26, 2011)
Chemistry Department Celebrates Professor Richard Eisenberg
(May 19, 2011)
Researchers Home In on Genetic Signature of Esophageal Cancer
(May 18, 2011)
U.S. News Ranks Golisano Children's Hospital among Nation's Best
(May 17, 2011)
Golisano Children's Hospital Joins National NICU Research Network
(May 16, 2011)
Genetic Defects Hold Clues to Risk for Sudden Cardiac Death
(May 10, 2011)
Moss Awarded Heart Rhythm Society's Top Honor for Exceptional Contributions to Field
(May 9, 2011)
URMC Biochemistry Professor Elected to National Academy of Sciences
(May 6, 2011)
Student Engineering Team Honored in Three Competitions
(May 6, 2011)
Pain-Monitoring Devices for Premature Infants Win top Award in Forbes Competition
(May 6, 2011)
URMC Leads Push for New Approaches to Brain Injury
(May 4, 2011)
Genome Duplication Encourages Rapid Adaptation of Plants
(May 3, 2011)
Smoke-exposed Children with Flu More Likely to Need ICU Care
(May 2, 2011)
Aggressive Breast Tumors Linked to Vitamin D Deficiency
(April 29, 2011)
Medical Sleuthing Linked Muscle, Kidney Problems to Kava Tea
(April 27, 2011)
Vitamin D May Help Explain Racial Differences in Blood Pressure
(April 26, 2011)
EVENT: University of Rochester Students Present Engineering Solutions During Hajim School Design Day
(April 26, 2011)
Cognitive Scientist Michael Tanenhaus Elected to American Academy of Arts and Sciences
(April 25, 2011)
Obesity Not Always Protective Following Surgery
(April 18, 2011)
Anti-Depressants Boost Brain Cells after Injury in Early Studies
(April 18, 2011)
Administrative Changes at the University of Rochester's Hajim School of Engineering
(April 15, 2011)
Parents' 'um's' and 'uh's' Help Toddlers Learn New Words, Cognitive Scientists Find
(April 14, 2011)
New Website Allows Entrepreneurs to Find Inventions
(April 12, 2011)
Landmark MADIT-CRT Trial Yields More Information on Treatment Benefits in Patients with Mild Heart Failure
(April 5, 2011)
Device Drops Blood Pressure in Patients With Difficult-to-Treat Hypertension
(April 5, 2011)
University of Rochester Places in Top Three Percent in the Nation's Premier Math Competition
(April 5, 2011)
Noted Chemistry Professor and Former University Dean Dies
(March 31, 2011)
Fulbright Award Season Begins with Two Rochester Students, One Alumnus Selected
(March 29, 2011)
EVENT: Scientists to Show Their Technologies to Companies
(March 28, 2011)
Brain Tumor Treatment Successful in Healing Rare Heart Condition
(March 24, 2011)
Pre-Conception and Early Pregnancy Iron Deficiency Harms Brain
(March 22, 2011)
Programs for Children Center Stage at Satcher Awards Ceremony
(March 21, 2011)
Scientists Find a Key to Maintaining Our DNA
(March 18, 2011)
Astronaut Scholarship Foundation Selects University of Rochester as Educational Partner
(March 17, 2011)
American Sign Language Makes Debut in CDC Scientific Journal
(March 15, 2011)
Academic Minute: Pi Day
(March 14, 2011)
EVENT: University of Rochester Celebrates 3.141592653589793...
(March 11, 2011)
Pinpointing Air Pollution's Effects on the Heart
(March 9, 2011)
Pathology Study Tracks Uterine Changes with Mifepristone
(March 7, 2011)
Two University of Rochester Scientists Awarded Sloan Fellowships
(March 4, 2011)
Researchers Focus on Human Cells in Spinal Cord Injury Repair
(March 2, 2011)
To Bring Effective Therapies to Patients Quicker, Use the Team Approach
(March 2, 2011)
Researchers Pinpoint Patients Who Receive Greatest Benefit from Heart Failure Treatment
(March 1, 2011)
Breast Reduction Surgery Safe, Effective for Select Adolescents
(February 24, 2011)
High-Quality Care Associated with Lower Cost in Trauma
(February 21, 2011)
A New High-Resolution Method for Imaging Below the Skin using a Liquid Lens
(February 21, 2011)
Scheduled Deliveries Raise Risks for Mothers, Do Not Benefit Newborns
(February 18, 2011)
Rochester's Ching Tang Wins Wolf Prize
(February 15, 2011)
Severely Obese Women May Need to Gain Less Weight during Pregnancy
(February 11, 2011)
A New Way to Attack Pathogens
(February 10, 2011)
Scientists Discover Gene Regulation Mechanism Unique to Primates
(February 9, 2011)
Therapy to Prevent Heart Failure More Effective in Women than Men
(February 7, 2011)
Scientists Unlock One Mystery of Tissue Regeneration
(February 3, 2011)
Breast Cancer Cells Outsmart the Immune System and Thrive
(February 1, 2011)
A Mix of Tiny Gold and Viral Particles — and the DNA Ties that Bind Them
(January 27, 2011)
Why Older People are Generally Less Astute Drivers and How the Answer Could Help Us Understand Schizophrenia and Depression
(January 26, 2011)
Study: Get Thee to a Stroke Center
(January 25, 2011)
Unexpected Find Opens Up New Front in Effort to Stop HIV
(January 21, 2011)
Researchers Unzip MRSA and Discover Route for Vaccine
(January 18, 2011)
Engineering Dean Elected a Fellow of the AAAS
(January 17, 2011)
Neuroscientist to Discuss Action Video Games as Learning Tool
(January 10, 2011)
Researchers Pinpoint Origin of Deadly Brain Tumor
(January 7, 2011)
Researchers Investigate Why a Limited Number of White Blood Cells Are Attracted to Injured Tissue
(January 6, 2011)
First National Study Shows Helicopters Have Positive Impact
(January 5, 2011)
NIH Gives $2M Grant to Nurture Golisano Children's Hospital's Researchers
(December 30, 2010)
University of Rochester Recognized for Scientific Excellence
(December 22, 2010)
Research Shows that Environmental Factors Limit Species Diversity
(December 20, 2010)
Study Reveals Major Shift in How Eczema Develops
(December 17, 2010)
Decades after Childhood Radiation, Thyroid Cancer a Concern
(December 16, 2010)
Apartment-Dwelling Children in Nonsmoking Units Still Exposed
(December 13, 2010)
For Some, Laparoscopic Technique Not Always Better
(December 7, 2010)
Stem Cell Advance a Step Forward for Treatment of Brain Diseases
(December 7, 2010)
Bacteria Seek to Topple the Egg as Top Flu Vaccine Tool
(December 6, 2010)
Breast CT Imaging System Marches Forward, as Pain-Free Tool to Aid Mammograms
(December 3, 2010)
Widely Used Arthritis Pill Protects Against Skin Cancer
(December 2, 2010)
Everyone Should Boost Intake of Vitamin D, IOM says
(November 30, 2010)
Playing with Building Blocks of Creativity Help Children with Autism
(November 29, 2010)
For Your Teeth, Thanksgiving Dinner Is a Real Food Fight
(November 23, 2010)
University of Rochester Student Places 3rd in Major Math Competition
(November 23, 2010)
Well-Known Molecule May be Behind Alcohol's Benefits to Heart Health
(November 18, 2010)
The Pericyte Becomes a Player in Alzheimer's, Other Neurodegenerative Diseases
(November 17, 2010)
Study Clarifies Needs of Rural-Dwelling Elderly
(November 10, 2010)
Mother Nature and Bioterrorists: Rochester Battles Both with $11.9 Million Award
(November 10, 2010)
University of Rochester NYSTAR Center for Advanced Technology Announces New Leadership
(November 9, 2010)
How Some Brain Cells Hook Up Surprises Researchers
(November 3, 2010)
For Elderly, Even Short Falls can be Deadly
(November 1, 2010)
Pursuing the Pain Problem: Rochester Spearheads FDA Initiative to Speed Development of New Therapies
(November 1, 2010)
Lack of Vitamin D: More Evidence Connected to Breast, Colon Cancer
(October 21, 2010)
Eastman Dental Board Chair is ADA President-Elect
(October 20, 2010)
Canandaigua Women's Ordeal Illuminates Rare Form of Seizures
(October 19, 2010)
URMC's Golisano Children's Hospital Participates in Cooling Study
(October 19, 2010)
Burn and Trauma Services Renamed to Honor Devoted Benefactors
(October 15, 2010)
EVENT: University of Rochester's Esther Conwell to Receive National Medal of Science
(October 15, 2010)
University of Rochester's Esther Conwell, a Pioneering Woman Scientist, to Receive the National Medal of Science
(October 15, 2010)
Du, Eisenberg Win Award for Graduate Education in Chemistry
(October 13, 2010)
Breast-Healthy Lifestyle Worthwhile, URMC Study Confirms
(October 12, 2010)
Chest Pain Drug Put to Test Against Arrhythmias
(October 11, 2010)
Researchers Target HIV-Related Brain Difficulties
(October 7, 2010)
URMC Discovers New Trigger for Kidney Cancer's Invasive Behavior
(October 7, 2010)
Energy for the Developing World
(October 7, 2010)
Rochester Helps Lead Global Parkinson's Study
(October 6, 2010)
URMC Joins National Effort to Set Quality Guidelines for Joint Replacement
(October 4, 2010)
Researchers Study Afterbirth to Learn What Happens Before Birth and Beyond
(October 4, 2010)
Sugary Beverages a Major Culprit in Childhood Obesity Epidemic
(October 1, 2010)
URMC to Test Stomach Bug Vaccine
(September 29, 2010)
Targeting Amyloid to Stop HIV
(September 28, 2010)
Riccardo Betti on the Future of Fusion Energy
(September 28, 2010)
Molecular 'Playbook' for Halting Heart Failure Risk Factor Uncovered
(September 23, 2010)
Neuroscience Symposia Highlight Brain Research, Relevance for Patients
(September 23, 2010)
AstraZeneca Joins Rochester Initiative to Further Cardiac Safety
(September 22, 2010)
'Consumer Reports' Ranks URMC Heart Bypass Surgery in Nation's Top 50
(September 13, 2010)
Video Games Lead to Faster Decisions that are No Less Accurate
(September 13, 2010)
Leading Lights: Celebrating Rochester's Contributions to 50 Years of the Laser
(Rochester Review September-October 2010)
Scientists Identify Molecular Gatekeeper of Arthritis
(September 8, 2010)
Rochester Leads International Effort To Improve Muscular Dystrophy Treatment
(September 3, 2010)
Rochester's Pinpoint Gene Control Boosts Parkinson's Research
(August 24, 2010)
Scientists Pinpoint Earliest Steps of Common Form of Muscular Dystrophy
(August 19, 2010)
Old Drug Holds Promise against Opportunistic Lung Bug
(August 19, 2010)
URMC Nurse Honored for Clinical Excellence
(August 19, 2010)
Unique International Collaboration Advances Understanding and Treatment of a Muscular Dystrophy
(August 13, 2010)
7-3400 First Progressive Care Unit in State to Receive AACN Honor
(August 13, 2010)
URMC Lands $15M to Expand Bioterrorism Research
(August 11, 2010)
UR, Monroe County Help Paint National Picture of Falling MRSA Rates
(August 10, 2010)
Wilmot Cancer Center Explores Research Collaboration With Roswell Park Cancer Institute
(August 10, 2010)
UR Discovers New Way to Boost Vaccines, Seeks Patent
(August 4, 2010)
Purple Light Means Go, Ultraviolet Light Means Stop
(August 2, 2010)
Rochester Summer Camp Keeps Teens Interested in Science
(July 23, 2010)
Rochester Panel Members Weigh In on Avandia Recommendation to FDA
(July 21, 2010)
Two University of Rochester Biologists Win Glenn Awards
(July 21, 2010)
Wilmot Obtains Nearly $2M in Cancer Stem Cell Funding
(July 15, 2010)
Alternative Evolution: Why Change Your Own Genes When You Can Borrow Someone Else's?
(July 8, 2010)
Program Advances Development of Renewable Energy Sources
(July 8, 2010)
Amid the Murk of 'Gut Flora,' Vitamin D Receptor Emerges as a Key Player
(July 7, 2010)
Despite Countless Changes, Original HIV Infection Lurks Within
(June 29, 2010)
Targeting Flight-or-Fight Hormone Response to Combat Heart Failure
(June 24, 2010)
Filtering Donor Blood Reduces Heart, Lung Complications
(June 22, 2010)
URMC First in Nation to Implant Heart Failure Device That Offers Glimpse of Personalized Medicine
(June 17, 2010)
Flu's Evolution Strategy Strikes Perfect Balance
(June 15, 2010)
Chemist Patrick Holland Receives $1.2 million Grant to Study Nitrogen Fixing
(June 3, 2010)
Rochester Advances Understanding of Deadly Form of Malaria
(June 2, 2010)
Acupuncture's Molecular Effects Pinned Down
(June 2, 2010)
Medical Center Launches New Treatment for Liver Cancer
(May 27, 2010)
Male Sex Hormones in Ovaries Essential for Female Fertility
(May 26, 2010)
More "Good" Cholesterol is Not Always Good for Your Health
(May 25, 2010)
Stem Cell Disruption Induces Skull Deformity, UR Study Shows
(May 25, 2010)
University of Rochester Surgeon Demonstrates Robotic Prostate Procedure
(May 24, 2010)
Mathematics Prof. Emeritus Sanford Segal Dies
(May 24, 2010)
URMC Study: Yoga Improves Sleep, Quality of Life for Cancer Survivors
(May 20, 2010)
Seven Rochester Graduates Awarded Fulbright Scholarships
(May 20, 2010)
Popular Autism Diet Does Not Demonstrate Behavioral Improvement
(May 19, 2010)
Androgen Receptor May Explain Male Dominance in Liver Cancer
(May 19, 2010)
University of Rochester Biologist Receives Gates Foundation Grant to Study River Blindness
(May 14, 2010)
Women Clear Winners with Heart Failure Device
(May 13, 2010)
Newport Elected to American Philosophical Society
(May 11, 2010)
Panel Enacts New Standards for Breast Tumor Testing
(May 6, 2010)
Heart Drug Effective for Treating Symptom of Muscular Dystrophy
(May 4, 2010)
Purple Periwinkles Battle Inflammatory Diseases
(May 3, 2010)
Robert Boyd wins Humboldt Prize
(May 3, 2010)
Newport Elected Psychology Chair of National Academy of Sciences
(April 30, 2010)
Eisenberg, Anderson elected to National Academy of Sciences
(April 30, 2010)
Genome Sequence Marks Big Leap Forward for Frog Researchers
(April 29, 2010)
Sign Language Study Shows Multiple Brain Regions Wired for Language
(April 29, 2010)
Gorbunova and Seluanov Win Cozzarelli Prize
(April 23, 2010)
University of Rochester Students Awarded Goldwater Scholarships
(April 21, 2010)
Aging Motorcyclists Hit the Road, But at Greater Risk of Injury, Death
(April 5, 2010)
Promoting Healing by Keeping Skeletal Stem Cells 'Young'
(March 31, 2010)
University of Rochester's Joseph Eberly Wins Optical Society's Highest Honor
(March 31, 2010)
Rochester Contributes to New Findings to Stop Liver Disease
(March 25, 2010)
Team of University of Rochester Math Students Place 14th in Putnam Competition
(March 25, 2010)
Rochester Study Connects Workplace Turmoil, Stress and Obesity
(March 24, 2010)
Facial Aging is More Than Skin Deep
(March 23, 2010)
$8 Million Boosts Environmental Health Sciences Center
(March 19, 2010)
Rochester-Led Study Leads to Recommendation for Use of Heart Failure Treatment Nationwide
(March 19, 2010)
As Girth Grows, Risk of Sudden Cardiac Death Shrinks
(March 16, 2010)
Nurses' Research Settles a Common Cancer Concern: Skin Care
(March 16, 2010)
Ultra-powerful Laser Makes Silicon Pump Liquid Uphill with No Added Energy
(March 16, 2010)
Emil Wolf Wins SPIE G. G. Stokes Award
(March 5, 2010)
New Center to Focus on Early Stage Clinical Research
(March 2, 2010)
U.S. Agency Selects Rochester for Radiation Research Contract
(March 2, 2010)
Study Suggests Additional Option to Prevent Stroke for Those at Risk
(February 26, 2010)
Good Parenting Triumphs over Prenatal Stress
(February 25, 2010)
Exploiting the Body's Own Ability to Fight a Heart Attack
(February 25, 2010)
EVENT: Center for Emerging and Innovative Sciences Hosts Event to Partner Industry with University Researchers
(February 23, 2010)
Two University of Rochester Researchers Win NSF CAREER Award
(February 22, 2010)
University of Rochester Expands Robotic Surgeries to Oral, Pharyngeal Cancers
(February 17, 2010)
Probing New Ways to Reduce Damage from Heart Attack, Stroke
(February 15, 2010)
Gift from William and Sheila Konar Supports Clinical Research on Alzheimer's Disease
(February 8, 2010)
New URMC Program to Focus on Health Behaviors
(February 8, 2010)
Research Reveals How Blood Flow Force Protects Blood Vessels
(January 28, 2010)
New Degree Program Trains Students to Turn Patents into Products
(January 27, 2010)
Atrial Fibrillation Treatment Using Specialized Catheter Results in Better Outcomes Compared to Drug Therapy
(January 26, 2010)
New Multiple Sclerosis Drug has URMC Ties
(January 22, 2010)
Richard Aslin Awarded Honorary Doctorate of Social Sciences at Swedish University
(January 22, 2010)
In Journey from Maggot to Fruit Fly, a Clue about Cancer Metastasis
(January 19, 2010)
Parasitic Wasps' Newly Sequenced Genomes Reveal New Avenues for Pest Control, Provides Insights into Evolution, Genetics video icon
(January 15, 2010)
Study: Era of Rapid Growth in Biomedical Research Over
(January 12, 2010)
Impact of FDA Safety Warnings Examined
(January 11, 2010)
'Sleeping Beauty' Hooks Up with Herpes to Fight Brain Disease
(January 8, 2010)
URMC Study Links Vitamin D, Race, and Cardiac Deaths
(January 5, 2010)
Protein Central to Being Male Plays Key Role in Wound Healing
(January 4, 2010)
Rochester Neurologist Takes a Lead Role Tackling Charcot-Marie-Tooth
(December 31, 2009)
Study Redefines Placebo Effect as Part of Effective Treatment
(December 22, 2009)
On mole rats! On M&M dye! On brain cells galore! Research retrospective for 2009
(December 20, 2009)
Three Scientists Named Fellows of the American Association for the Advancement of Science
(December 18, 2009)
Breathlessness Eased in Patients with Rare, Often Fatal Disease
(December 17, 2009)
UR Study Reveals Chemo's Toxicity to Brain, Possible Treatment
(December 17, 2009)
Rochester Recognized by EPA for Lead Abatement Efforts
(December 14, 2009)
First Known Binary Star is Discovered to be a Triplet, Quadruplet, Quintuplet, Sextuplet System
(December 10, 2009)
Turning metal black more than just a novelty
(December 8, 2009)
Gene Hijacked By HIV Ancestor Suggests New Way to Block Viral Reproduction
(December 6, 2009)
Artificial Intelligence Shuffles Schedules, Cuts Patients' Wait Times
(December 3, 2009)
EVENT: Contest Pits Student-Built LEGO Robots against Each Other for Chance to go to World Finals
(December 1, 2009)
Eighty Healthy People Needed for H1N1 Flu Vaccine Studies
(November 25, 2009)
Center for Emerging and Innovative Sciences Announces $607 Million in Economic Impact Over 5 Years
(November 24, 2009)
Geologist Wins New York Academy of Sciences Award
(November 19, 2009)
Ultra-Powerful Laser Reproduces How Star's Jets Travel through Interstellar Space
(November 18, 2009)
URMC Launches New Center for Cardiac Safety and Innovation
(November 11, 2009)
Squeak, Squeak - Can You Hear Me Now?
(November 10, 2009)
Approved Lymphoma Drug Shows Promise in Early Tests Against Bone Cancer
(November 5, 2009)
Project to Encourage Nationwide Use of Rochester's Math Homework Software Receives $1.2 Million Grant
(November 4, 2009)
Common Pain Relievers May Dilute Power of Flu Shot
(November 3, 2009)
University of Rochester Dethrones MIT by Winning Regional Finals of World's Most Prestigious Computer Programming Contest
(November 3, 2009)
Specialists in Hearing, HIV Come Together to Study AIDS Patients
(November 2, 2009)
African Desert Rift Confirmed as New Ocean in the Making
(November 2, 2009)
University of Rochester Professor Riccardo Betti advises Congress on Future of Fusion
(November 2, 2009)
City Teens Go Green as Part of the 2009 Science STARS Afterschool Program
(October 29, 2009)
Scientists Discover Gene that 'Cancer-Proofs' Rodent's Cells
(October 27, 2009)
EVENT: Pumpkins to be Launched across Campus in Halloween Engineering Contest
(October 26, 2009)
Inventor of Digital Camera Awarded Honorary Degree by University of Rochester
(October 23, 2009)
Coping Style Affects Quality of Informed Consent Prior to Anesthesia
(October 20, 2009)
Compound Shows Potential for Slowing Progression of ALS
(October 19, 2009)
Study reveals radiology information systems improve patient service and physicians' productivity
(October 16, 2009)
Carl R. Hagen Receives Sakurai Prize in Theoretical Particle Physics
(October 16, 2009)
Cost Effectiveness of Blood Pressure Device Evaluated
(October 15, 2009)
Chemistry Team Seeks to Use Artificial Photosynthesis and Nanotubes to Generate Hydrogen Fuel with Sunlight
(October 14, 2009)
Rochester-Led Parkinson's Study Pays Off Again, Two Decades Later
(October 12, 2009)
CDC Funds Pioneering Weight Loss Program in Deaf Community
(October 8, 2009)
Congress increases funding for University of Rochester's Laboratory for Laser Energetics
(October 7, 2009)
Neuroscientist Wins Society for Neuroscience's Career Development Award
(October 7, 2009)
Award-Winning Chemist Talks about Nanotechnology
(October 1, 2009)
$10.5 Million in Funding Creates Center to Study OCD
(September 30, 2009)
Where Surgery Was the Standard, Casting May Be the Future
(September 28, 2009)
Survey Finds Lack of Awareness of Local Fish Health Advisories
(September 28, 2009)
Astrophysicists Move Closer to Understanding the Beauty Behind Stellar Jets
(September 28, 2009)
Evolutionary Biologist Kicks Off 'Science Cafe' Series at Barnes & Noble
(September 22, 2009)
Experimental Approach May Reverse Rheumatoid Arthritis and Osteoporosis
(September 21, 2009)
Experimental Drug Lets B Cells Live and Lymphoma Cells Die
(September 21, 2009)
To Combat National Trend of Reduced Science News Reporting, American Universities Launch Online News Channel
(September 15, 2009)
Hormone Promises to Keep Joint Injuries from Causing Long-term Osteoarthritis
(September 14, 2009)
Geologist Selected as a Finalist for New York Academy of Sciences Award
(September 14, 2009)
Trends in Childhood Obesity Bode Poorly for Country's Future Health
(September 10, 2009)
Scientists Install Seismic Sensors in Galapagos to Generate First 3-D Images of a Hotspot Magma Plumbing System
(September 9, 2009)
Riccardo Betti Wins Edward Teller Medal for Fusion Research
(September 9, 2009)
Seizure Drug Enhances Sleep for Women with Hot Flashes
(September 8, 2009)
Study Promises Faster Recovery from Life-Threatening Blood Cell Shortages
(September 2, 2009)
Landmark Study Reports on New Therapy that Prevents Heart Failure
(September 1, 2009)
Frank P. Buff, Emeritus Professor of Chemistry, Dies at 85
(September 1, 2009)
Cognitive Scientists Use Eye-Tracking Technology to Learn What Makes a Great Geologist
(August 27, 2009)
Wilmot Cancer Center Performs 1st Outpatient Stem Cell Transplant
(August 26, 2009)
URMC Researcher Honored With Guest Editor Post
(August 20, 2009)
Researchers Study Improving Life for Those with Macular Degeneration
(August 18, 2009)
Computer Scientist Named One of 2009's 'Top 35' Researchers by MIT's Technology Review Magazine
(August 18, 2009)
Two Chemists Named Fellows of the American Chemical Society
(August 17, 2009)
Changes in Net Flow of Ocean Heat Correlate with Past Climate Anomalies
(August 14, 2009)
Chair of Computer Science to Lead the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence
(August 14, 2009)
University of Rochester Senior Receives NIH Scholarship
(August 13, 2009)
Brain Innately Separates Living and Non-Living Objects for Processing
(August 13, 2009)
Blood Transfusion Study: Less is More
(August 5, 2009)
Three Scientists Win National Science Foundation CAREER Awards
(August 5, 2009)
A Year in Honduras: A Medical Student Brings Care, Education to Honduras
(July 31, 2009)
URMC Unveils Upstate New York's Largest Ambulatory Surgery Center
(July 30, 2009)
Study Calls for "Staging the Aging" When Cancer Strikes
(July 29, 2009)
Common Food Dye May Hold Promise in Treating Spinal Cord Injury
(July 28, 2009)
Breast Cancer Drug Shows Promise Against Serious Infections
(July 20, 2009)
Genetic Source of Muscular Dystrophy Neutralized
(July 16, 2009)
AHA Again Recognizes URMC Cardiac, Heart Failure, Stroke Care
(July 15, 2009)
Wilmot Cancer Center Awarded Prestigious Accreditation with Commendation from American College of Surgeons
(July 15, 2009)
DOE Awards $8.2 Million to Rochester Center for 'Extreme Fusion'
(July 13, 2009)
Robert E. Hopkins, 'Father of Optical Engineering' and Inventor of Todd-AO Lens that Ushered in 70 mm Wide-Screen Movies,
Dies at 94
(July 7, 2009)
MicroRNAs Hold Promise For Treating Diseases in Blood Vessels
(July 5, 2009)
Some Eczema Sufferers More Prone to Smallpox and Other Viruses
(June 26, 2009)
Controversial Cancer Stem Cells Offer New Direction for Treatment
(June 25, 2009)
Construction of New Research Building Underway
(June 23, 2009)
New Therapy Found To Prevent Heart Failure
(June 23, 2009)
Golisano Children's Hospital One of Nation's Best for Pediatric Orthopaedics
(June 18, 2009)
"Life Force" Linked to Body's Ability to Withstand Stress
(June 17, 2009)
Telemedicine Expands Reach of Care for Parkinson's Patients
(June 17, 2009)
Protein Regulates Movement of Mitochondria in Brain Cells
(June 15, 2009)
Physics and Astronomy Research Experience for Undergraduates Renewed for Another Three Years
(June 10, 2009)
Dioxins in Food Chain Linked to Breastfeeding Ills
(June 9, 2009)
UR Medical Center Announces New Dental Institute
(June 9, 2009)
Scientists Create Metal that Pumps Liquid Uphill
(June 2, 2009)
Acting CEO Named at University of Rochester Medical Center
(June 1, 2009)
HRT-Breast Cancer Risk Stays Same, Regardless of Family History
(May 19, 2009)
Computer Simulation Captures Immune Response to Flu
(May 18, 2009)
University of Rochester's Engineering School Named for Edmund A. Hajim
(May 15, 2009)
ICDs Extend the Lives of Heart Attack Survivors by a Year
(May 14, 2009)
Biodiesel Bus Takes Maiden Voyage on Rochester's River Campus
(May 14, 2009)
$10 Million Gift to Transform Neuromedicine at URMC
(May 13, 2009)
Vision Scientist Named Fellow of the Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology
(May 12, 2009)
Study in Nature Medicine Establishes Major New Treatment Target in Diseased Arteries
(May 11, 2009)
Muscular Dystrophy Diagnosis Delayed Almost 2 ½ Years in Boys
(May 11, 2009)
New Nanocrystals Show Potential for Cheap Lasers, New Lighting
(May 10, 2009)
Study Reveals Current Multi-Component Vaccines May Need Reworking
(May 7, 2009)
Rochester Participates in Landmark Children's Study
(May 7, 2009)
Estrogen Controls How the Brain Processes Sound
(May 5, 2009)
Rochester Senior Selected for First-Ever Kauffman-Singapore Entrepreneurship Program
(May 5, 2009)
Brain Protein Central to Both Parkinson's, Drug Addiction Identified
(April 30, 2009)
EVENT: Scientists Gather at Laboratory for Laser Energetics to Discuss Efforts to Harness Fusion Power
(April 29, 2009)
Poor Sleep Quality Leads to Poorer Prognosis after Stroke
(April 28, 2009)
Geologists Awarded $2.5 Million to Explore Relationship Between Ancient Mountain Formation and Climate Change
(April 27, 2009)
Rolland Named to New Brian J. Thompson Professorship in Optical Engineering
(April 22, 2009)
Two University Scientists Named Fellows of the American Academy of Arts & Sciences
(April 21, 2009)
'Doomsday Theorem' Cracks 45-Year-Old Math Problem
(April 21, 2009)
Professor Awarded Prestigious Imaging Science Medal
(April 16, 2009)
University of Rochester Students Awarded Goldwater Scholarships
(April 16, 2009)
University of Rochester Senior Awarded Graduate Fellowship
(April 16, 2009)
URMC to Trial Minimally Invasive Device that 'Reins in' Acid Reflux
(April 3, 2009)
Simulations and Ancient Magnetism Suggest Mantle Plumes May Bend Deep Beneath Earth's Crust
(April 2, 2009)
Distinguishing Single Cells With Nothing But Light
(April 1, 2009)
Blood Test for Brain Injuries Gains Momentum
(March 31, 2009)
Action Video Games Improve Vision
(March 29, 2009)
University of Rochester Robotic Surgeon Teaches Colleagues about Prostatectomy
(March 26, 2009)
Oxycodone Effective Against Shingles Pain
(March 26, 2009)
Astrocytes Help Separate Man from Mouse
(March 23, 2009)
Abnormal EKG Can Predict Death in Stroke Patients
(March 20, 2009)
Nursing Home Specialists May Improve Quality of Care
(March 17, 2009)
Fledgling Mantle Plume May Be Cause of African Volcano's Unique Lava
(March 13, 2009)
Weighing the Options after a Life-Altering Stroke
(March 12, 2009)
Nanowires May Lead To Better Fuel Cells
(March 11, 2009)
Long-Term Effects of Early Parkinson's Treatments Similar
(March 10, 2009)
Community Participation Key to Improving Medical Research
(March 4, 2009)
Link Between Bacteria, Cancer Explored With Funding from American Cancer Society
(March 3, 2009)
Laser Laboratory Offers High School Summer Research Program
(March 2, 2009)
Scientists Discover Why Teeth Form in a Single Row
(February 26, 2009)
A Worm-and-Mouse Tale: B Cells Deserve More Respect
(February 26, 2009)
Children with Hypertension Have Trouble with Thinking, Memory
(February 26, 2009)
'Dark Cells' of Living Retina Imaged for the First Time
(February 26, 2009)
Evolutionary Biologist Wins Sloan Fellowship to Study Speciation
(February 20, 2009)
New Test May Help To Ensure that Dengue Vaccines Do No Harm
(February 12, 2009)
University of Rochester Launches iTraining for Emergency Responders
(February 11, 2009)
First Genome-Wide Expression Analysis Yields Better Understanding of Leukemia
(February 10, 2009)
University of Rochester Biologist Accepts Rare Darwin-Wallace Medal
(February 9, 2009)
First Laboratory Experiment to Accurately Model Stellar Jets Explains Mysterious "Knots"
(February 9, 2009)
$1.9M to Help Explore Why Lupus Therapies Work for Some, Not Others
(February 6, 2009)
More Children Need Medical Help for RSV Than Previously Known
(February 5, 2009)
Survey: UR a National Leader in Technology Commercialization
(February 5, 2009)
The Death of Entanglement: Life Without Half-Life
(February 3, 2009)
Stress Impairs Stem Cell Function in Aging Tissues
(February 2, 2009)
Ancient Turtle Migrated from Asia to America Over a Tropical Arctic
(February 1, 2009)
New Bone Cement May Prevent Amputations
(January 27, 2009)
New Commercial Application of University Technology Provides Superior Imaging at the Nanoscale
(January 21, 2009)
Players Love the Game Not the Gore
(January 16, 2009)
Two Local Teens Make Semi-Finals in National Science Competition
(January 16, 2009)
Researchers Detail How Aging Undermines Bone Healing
(January 15, 2009)
Vaccine Propels Sharp Drop in Meningitis Cases
(January 14, 2009)
University Professor Named IEEE Fellow
(January 13, 2009)
URMC, Lighthouse Biosciences Awarded U.S. Patent for Diagnostic Technology
(January 8, 2009)
Nose-Spray Vaccine Against Botulism Effective in Early Tests
(January 8, 2009)
Strong Urologic Surgeons Perform Cutting-edge Minimally Invasive Surgery
(January 7, 2009)
Our Unconscious Brain Makes the Best Decisions Possible
(December 26, 2008)
Redesigned Protein Accelerates Blood Clotting
(December 22, 2008)
Two Cardiovascular Proteins Pose a Double Whammy in Alzheimer's
(December 21, 2008)
Modified Gene Targets Cancer Cells a Thousand Times More Often Than Healthy Cells
(December 18, 2008)
Study of Placenta Unexpectedly Leads to Cancer Gene
(December 16, 2008)
Rochester Trustee Steven Chu Named Next Energy Secretary
(December 15, 2008)
Children's Burned Hands Inspire Design of Safety Device for Clothing Irons
(December 12, 2008)
Charting HIV's Rapidly Changing Journey in the Body
(December 12, 2008)
Rochester Biologist Modifies Theory of Cells' Engines
(December 11, 2008)
Predicted Planet Seen—First Since Neptune 162 Years Ago
(December 9, 2008)
Chemo Pill Shows Promise for Advanced Lymphoma, Leukemia
(December 8, 2008)
Second Hand Smoke Raises Odds of Fertility Problems in Women
(December 5, 2008)
Kids Battle Climate Change in Huge Lego Competition
(December 3, 2008)
URMC Leads Study for New Treatment for Tourette's
(December 2, 2008)
Mini Heart Attacks Lessen Damage from Major Ones
(December 2, 2008)
Researchers Identify How Binge Drinking May Drive Heart Disease
(November 26, 2008)
$2.7M Boosts Effort to Create the Big View of Cancer
(November 25, 2008)
Blood Transfusions Are Associated with Increased Risk of Blood Clots in Hospitalized Cancer Patients
(November 24, 2008)
Scientists Exploring New Compounds to Target Muscular Dystrophy
(November 19, 2008)
Evolutionary Biologist Wins $875,000 Packard Fellowship to Study Speciation
(November 19, 2008)
Nanosystems Initiative Garners Another $1.6 Million in Funding
(November 19, 2008)
Researchers Identify Toehold for HIV's Assault on Brain
(November 14, 2008)
Alzheimer's Gene Slows Brain's Ability to Export Toxic Protein
(November 13, 2008)
Center for Electronic Imaging Systems Announces Record $134.5 Million Economic Impact
(November 13, 2008)
Engineer Granted $1.75 Million to Produce Hydrogen from Cellulosic Biomass
(November 12, 2008)
Study Presented at AHA Details How Diabetes Drives Extra Heart Attack Damage
(November 11, 2008)
Blood Pressure Control Inequality Linked to Deaths Among Blacks
(November 10, 2008)
Psychological Study Reveals That Red Enhances Men's Attraction to Women
(October 28, 2008)
High Dose of Flu Vaccine Boosts Immune Response in Elderly
(October 27, 2008)
URMC Breaks Ground for New Research Building
(October 27, 2008)
Doctors Put Forth First International Guidelines for Treatment of Psoriatic Arthritis
(October 27, 2008)
Chemistry Professor Wins Award for Petroleum Research
(October 23, 2008)
Existing Anti-Obesity Drugs May Be Effective Against Flu, Hepatitis and HIV
(September 29, 2008)
New Study Proves that Pain is Not a Symptom of Arthritis, Pain Causes Arthritis
(September 29, 2008)
Out of Iraq Emerges Hope for Those with the Severest of Head Injuries
(September 24, 2008)
Physicians Often Miss Opportunities to Show Empathy
(September 23, 2008)
Novel Anti-Cancer Mechanism Found in Long-Lived Rodents
(September 18, 2008)
Nobel Laureate Tony Leggett will give a public talk on the nature of time
(September 18, 2008)
"Rochester Cube" First to Synchronize 3D Circuit
(September 15, 2008)
Scientists Watch As Listener's Brain Predicts Speaker's Words
(September 11, 2008)
Common Painkillers Lower Levels of Prostate Cancer Biomarker
(September 9, 2008)
Rochester School of Medicine gets $11.5M for Wilmot Research
(September 8, 2008)
Researchers Offer First Direct Proof of How Arthritis Destroys Cartilage
(September 2, 2008)
Researchers Partner with Moms to Overcome Breastfeeding Obstacles
(August 27, 2008)
Why a Common Treatment for Prostate Cancer Ultimately Fails
(August 25, 2008)
'Perfect Pitch' in Humans Far More Prevalent than Expected
(August 25, 2008)
Fifteen High School Teens Present Physics Research
(August 18, 2008)
Chemistry Professor Recognized for Influential Teaching
(August 18, 2008)
University of Rochester Student Receives NIH Scholarship
(August 14, 2008)
New Report Details Economic Reach of University of Rochester
(August 14, 2008)
Rochester Professor to Co-Direct Go Tournament at World's First 'Mind Olympics' in Beijing
(August 12, 2008)
Local Economy-Strengthening Center, CEIS, Gains New Director
(August 12, 2008)
Patents on University Technology Vindicated Against Microsoft
(August 6, 2008)
Rochester Physicist's Quantum-"Uncollapse" Hypothesis Verified
(August 4, 2008)
Elastic Mesh Device That Cradles Heart May Impede Cardiomyopathy
(July 31, 2008)
Rochester Launches First Health Survey of Deaf Population
(July 29, 2008)
Researchers Unravel Key Mechanism of Cellular Damage in Aging and Disease
(July 24, 2008)
Cognition Professor Selected as a Finalist for New York Academy of Sciences Award
(July 23, 2008)
School of Medicine Names New Dean for Graduate Education
(July 22, 2008)
As Rates Rise, Researchers Find Better Way to Identify Melanoma
(July 17, 2008)
Freedom School Students Merge Science, Literacy at Get Real! Camp
(July 17, 2008)
Quick Formula Could Forecast Which Cancers Chemo Could Kill
(July 15, 2008)
Robert Clark to Lead Rochester's School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
(July 15, 2008)
University of Rochester Biologist Wins Rare Darwin-Wallace Medal
(July 7, 2008)
Statins Have Unexpected Effect on Pool of Powerful Brain Cells
(July 3, 2008)
World Ophthalmology Congress Welcomes Eye Institute Faculty
(June 27, 2008)
Pregnancy May Help Protect Against Bladder Cancer
(June 26, 2008)
Study Provides Detail on How Low Blood Flow Promotes Vascular Disease
(June 23, 2008)
Reversing Shoulder Pain
(June 20, 2008)
Salmonella: Trickier Than We Imagined
(June 13, 2008)
Oxygen-Rich Lifesaving Efforts Pose Risk for Respiratory Infections
(June 11, 2008)
World Experts in Specialized Radiation Therapy to Gather at URMC
(June 11, 2008)
Cancer Patients Report Less Fatigue While Taking Narcolepsy Drug
(June 5, 2008)
Researchers Awarded $6.5 Million to Study Long Term Impact of Nurse Home Visits For At-Risk Mothers and Their Children
(June 5, 2008)
Human Stem Cells Show Promise Against Fatal Children's Diseases
(June 4, 2008)
Goal of Newly Awarded Grant: Increase HIV Research by 25 Percent
(June 4, 2008)
Researchers Find Roadmap to Next-Generation Cancer Therapies
(May 27, 2008)
Home-Based Monitoring Inventions Win Forbes Entrepreneurial Award
(May 27, 2008)
Ideal Treatment for Potentially Fatal Heart Condition Changes with Age
(May 20, 2008)
Government Funds Rochester Heart Rhythm Disorder Research into Third Decade
(May 20, 2008)
Rochester's Omega Laser, One of the World's Most Powerful, Receives 50-Fold Power Increase to Become 'Petawatt' Laser
(May 16, 2008)
New Scanner Opens up New Possibilities for Patients
(May 6, 2008)
Nearly One-Third of U.S. Parents Don't Know What to Expect of Infants
(May 5, 2008)
University of Rochester Students Earn National Science Awards
(April 28, 2008)
Researchers Detail Chemotherapy's Damage to the Brain
(April 22, 2008)
Two University of Rochester Students Named Goldwater Scholars
(April 18, 2008)
Professor of Brain and Cognitive Sciences Named President of International Society on Infant Studies
(April 14, 2008)
Nose Spray Anthrax Vaccine Effective in Early Tests
(April 11, 2008)
Rare Genetic Syndrome May Hold Key To Cure for Heat Stroke
(April 8, 2008)
Angina Drug Potentially Useful Against Heart Rhythm Disorders
(April 8, 2008)
Leaky Blood Vessels Open up Nerve Cells to Toxic Assault In Lou Gehrig's Disease
(April 7, 2008)
Overweight Kids Have Fewer Cavities, New Study Shows
(April 2, 2008)
H. Allen Orr Named 'University Professor' for Diverse Body of Achievements
(April 1, 2008)
Music File Compressed 1,000 Times Smaller than MP3
(April 1, 2008)
Mounting Evidence Shows Red Wine Antioxidant Kills Cancer
(March 26, 2008)
Mounting Evidence Shows Red Wine Antioxidant Kills Cancer
(March 26, 2008)
Researchers Discover Second Depth-Perception Mechanism in Brain
(March 17, 2008)
Professor Wins 2 Million Supercomputer Hours
(March 12, 2008)
Finally, the 'Planet' in Planetary Nebulae?
(March 10, 2008)
Mathematician Wins Science Foundation's CAREER Award
(March 4, 2008)
Laser Laboratory Offers High School Summer Research Program
(February 14, 2008)
University of Rochester Ultrasound Technology Licensed to GE
(February 6, 2008)
State Gives $500,000 to University and SiMPore Inc. to Develop Innovative Molecular Filter Technology
(February 4, 2008)
Researchers Create Gold Aluminum, Black Platinum, Blue Silver
(February 1, 2008)
Discover Magazine Names University Scientists in Top 100 of 2007
(January 28, 2008)
Optical Physicist Publishes on Optical Coherence and Polarization
(January 28, 2008)
Two Local Teens Make Semi-Finals in 'Junior Nobel Prize'
(January 25, 2008)
Engineers Use Blood's Hydrodynamics to Manipulate Stem, Cancer Cells
(January 24, 2008)
Sleep Chemical Central to Effectiveness of Deep Brain Stimulation
(December 24, 2007)
Time Cites Bird Flu Vaccine as Top Medical Development of 2007
(December 21, 2007)
UR a National Leader in Technology Commercialization
(December 21, 2007)
Few Leave Private Insurance for SCHIP by Choice
(December 14, 2007)
Study Links Blood Transfusions to Surgery Complications in Women
(December 12, 2007)
'Retrospective Rubber' Remembers Its Old Identities
(December 12, 2007)
Desktop Device Generates and Traps Rare Ultracold Molecules
(December 12, 2007)
Marc Feldman, Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Dies at 62
(December 6, 2007)
A Pain-Free Window Into Painful Neuropathies
(December 5, 2007)
Kids Pit Robot Against Robot in Giant Lego Competition
(November 27, 2007)
Common Drug for Stopping Preterm Labor may be Harmful for Babies
(November 21, 2007)
Department of Energy's NNSA to Renew its Agreement for Laboratory for Laser Energetics at the University of Rochester
(November 21, 2007)
Researchers Reverse Key Symptom of Muscular Dystrophy
(November 15, 2007)
Professor of Philosophy and Computer Science Henry E. Kyburg Dies
(November 7, 2007)
Worms Take the Sniff Test to Reveal Sex Differences in Brain
(November 5, 2007)
Rochester Researchers Develop New Tool for Child Psychologists
(November 1, 2007)
EVENT: Diversity Forum: What does "diversity" mean?
(October 31, 2007)
Ching Tang, Developer of Organic Light-Emitting Diodes, Wins Daniel E. Noble Award
(October 30, 2007)
Children Would Need Different Medical Care in Wake of Dirty Bomb
(October 26, 2007)
New Center to Lead International Muscular Dystrophy Research Effort
(October 25, 2007)
$2 Million Gift Establishes Center for Optical Design & Engineering
(October 23, 2007)
Hip-Hop Dance, Hairstyling, Cell Phones Attract Middle School Girls to Science Through After-School Program
(October 22, 2007)
Chemical Engineer Shaw Chen Receives Lifetime Achievement Award
(October 19, 2007)
Jarvik Artificial Heart Pump Helps First Patient in Upstate New York
(October 18, 2007)
Ear Infection Superbug Discovered To Be Resistant to All Pediatric Antibiotics
(October 17, 2007)
Experimental Technique Sorts DNA, Cells, Molecules in a Split Second
(October 17, 2007)
'Electromagnetic Wormhole' Possible with Invisibility Technology
(October 12, 2007)
Mechanical Engineer Wins Distinguished Teaching Award
(October 11, 2007)
Study Reveals How Stem Cells Decide To Become Either Skeletal or Smooth Muscle
(October 10, 2007)
X-Effect: Female Chromosome Confirmed a Prime Driver of Speciation
(October 10, 2007)
EVENT: Lecture on cultivating entrepreneurship by Professor Jeffry Timmons
(October 9, 2007)
Combination Vaccine Okay for Infants, Rochester Study Shows
(October 5, 2007)
Daisies Lead Scientists Down Path to New Leukemia Drug
(October 2, 2007)
Sign of 'Embryonic Planets' Forming in Nearby Stellar Systems
(October 1, 2007)
Got Stress? It May Impact Breast Cancer Recurrence
(September 26, 2007)
Major Grant Supports Study of Therapy for Women with Depression
(September 26, 2007)
Monroe County Adult Health Report Card Mixed
(September 26, 2007)
Rochester Investigating Blood Test for Concussions
(September 25, 2007)
Geologist Wins Geological Society of America's Young Scientist Award
(September 18, 2007)
GPS-Like Technology Helps Pinpoint Best Methods for Removing Injured Players from the Field
(September 14, 2007)
Study of New Epilepsy Treatment Underway at URMC
(September 14, 2007)
Most Comprehensive Study of Mercury in Dental Fillings Begins
(September 13, 2007)
Chemist Honored for Encouraging Women in Science
(September 11, 2007)
Dual Light to Help Dentists in Color-Matching for Indoors and Outdoors
(September 5, 2007)
Teens Need to See Their Doctors More Often
(September 4, 2007)
Survey: Healthy Foods Absent from City Convenience Stores
(August 30, 2007)
One Species' Genome Discovered Inside Another's
(August 30, 2007)
Supersonic 'Rain' Falls on Newborn Star
Forming Solar System Deluged with Oceans of Water
(August 30, 2007)
Bleeding, Not Inflammation, Is Major Cause of Early Lung Infection Death
(August 27, 2007)
Cancer Stem Cell Scientists Get $1.7M to Develop New Leukemia Drugs
(August 23, 2007)
Center for Future Health Awarded Funding for Proactive Self-Care Technology
(August 17, 2007)
Prenatal Stress Keeps Infants, Toddlers up at Night, Study Says
(July 27, 2007)
Hand Gestures Dramatically Improve Learning
(July 25, 2007)
University of Rochester Students Place First in National Biomedical Engineering Design Competition
(July 23, 2007)
Get Real! Camp Mixes Fun with Science as Kids Stir Up Waters at Charlotte Beach
(July 17, 2007)
Wilmot Cancer Center Studies New Chemo Pill for Lymphoma
(July 12, 2007)
Rochester a Mecca for those Fighting Rare Childhood Disease
(July 10, 2007)
University Research Program Achieves Pre-Eminent Accreditation
(June 28, 2007)
Personal Comments by Physicians Distract from Patient Needs
(June 25, 2007)
Researchers Pit Novel Version of Common Virus Against Cancer
(June 20, 2007)
Center For Oral Biology Wins Major Training Grant Renewal
(June 20, 2007)
Early Palliative Care Interventions Linked to Shorter MICU stays for Patients with Life-Threatening Illnesses
(June 11, 2007)
Hidden Planet Pushes Star's Ring a Billion Miles Off-Center
(June 11, 2007)
Two Landmark Quantum Conferences to Meet at the University
(June 8, 2007)
Rochester Spreads Knowledge of Cancer-related Fatigue
(June 6, 2007)
Brain-Boosting Pill Alleviates post-Chemotherapy Fogginess
(June 4, 2007)
Swabs May Not Be Reliable for Detecting Lead-Dust in Homes
(May 31, 2007)
Matter and Light Attract Fellowships
(May 25, 2007)
Wilmot Cancer Center Scientist gets $1.5M to Advance Lymphoma Research
(May 23, 2007)
Rochester Leads Nation in Reducing Inequality in Vaccination Rates
(May 17, 2007)
Commonly Used Drug Offers Promise for Premature Babies
(May 17, 2007)
University of Rochester Doctoral Candidate Earns Fulbright Scholarship and NSF-CESRI Summer Fellowship
(May 16, 2007)
University of Rochester Dedicates Goergen Hall
(May 16, 2007)
Soft Contacts Designed for Cone-Shaped Cornea
(May 16, 2007)
University Trustee and 'Father' of Laser Vision Correction Awarded Edwin H. Land Medal
(May 4, 2007)
Scientist Honored with American Chemical Society Medal
(May 3, 2007)
University Signs Exclusive Agreement with SiMPore Inc. to Commercialize Innovative Membrane Technology
(May 2, 2007)
NIH Awards Two Chemists $3.3 Million to Study Basics of Life
(May 1, 2007)
Two Physics Majors Win National Undergraduate Fellowship Awards
(May 1, 2007)
Mice with a Migraine Show Signs of Brain Damage
(April 30, 2007)
Scientists Find One Reason Why Bladder Cancer Hits More Men
(April 17, 2007)
Bypassing Eggs, Flu Vaccine Grown in Insect Cells Shows Promise
(April 10, 2007)
U.S. Rep. Slaughter Announces $1.8 Million for Nanosystems Initiative
(April 10, 2007)
3.2 Billion-Year-Old Surprise: Earth Had Strong Magnetic Field
(April 6, 2007)
$26 Million NIH Grant to Establish New Flu/Bird Flu Center of Excellence
(April 2, 2007)
Teens Get Needed Access to Care with State Health Insurance
(April 2, 2007)
Laser Goes Tubing for Faster Body-Fluid Tests
(April 2, 2007)
URMC Announces New Clinical and Translational Sciences Initiative
(March 29, 2007)
Maternal Beef Diet Could Impact Sperm Counts, UR Study Suggests
(March 28, 2007)
Biologist H. Allen Orr Named Shirley Cox Kearns Professor
(March 26, 2007)
Rochester Ninth in Nation for Technology Revenue Income
(March 26, 2007)
Gail Norris Named Director of College Office of Technology Transfer
(March 26, 2007)
EVENT: Ecology expert speaks on the effect of environmental pollutants on human development
(March 16, 2007)
Asthmatic Children Still Not Breathing Easier, Study Says
(March 15, 2007)
Children Under Stress Develop More Fevers
(March 5, 2007)
After Scrutiny, Preemie Lung Treatments Turn Out To Be Safe, Effective
(March 5, 2007)
Genome Sequencing Reveals Key to Viable Ethanol Production
(March 2, 2007)
Geophysicist Elected Fellow of American Geophysical Union
(March 1, 2007)
Scientists Uncover New Target in Cancer Mutation Puzzle
(February 20, 2007)
Super-thin Filter, 50 Atoms Thick, Sorts Individual Molecules
(February 15, 2007)
New Study Presents Strong Evidence that Certain Health Care Technologies Result in Better Care at Lower Cost
(February 14, 2007)
First Clinical 3T MRI Lands in Rochester
(February 12, 2007)
Chemist Wins Prestigious Science Foundation CAREER Award
(February 9, 2007)
Rochester Biologists Make Science's Top 10 Breakthroughs of 2006
(February 7, 2007)
Action Video Games Sharpen Vision 20 Percent
(February 6, 2007)
Center for Electronic Imaging Systems' annual University Technology Showcase
(February 1, 2007)
Rats on a Road Trip Reveal Pollution-Heart Disease Risk
(January 31, 2007)
Dana Award Supports New Research in Brain Imaging
(January 31, 2007)
Getting SAD is More Than Having the Blues
(January 24, 2007)
Scientist Named Fellow of Association for Computing Machinery
(January 24, 2007)
Dalecki to Direct Rochester Center for Biomedical Ultrasound
(January 23, 2007)
Rapid Flu Tests May Reduce Threat of Antibiotic Resistance
(January 22, 2007)
A Century Later, New Research Brings Initial Find of Alois Alzheimer to Fore Once Again
(January 22, 2007)
Rochester Study Shows Many Women Get Less Chemo Than Recommended
(January 19, 2007)
Physicists Achieve All-Optical Buffering of Images
(January 19, 2007)
Inventor of Next-Generation Display Technology Joins Faculty
(January 19, 2007)
Three Local Teens Make Semi-Finals in National Science Competition
(January 18, 2007)
Professor Wins 2 Million Supercomputer Hours
(January 17, 2007)
New Engineering Program Gives Students International Exposure
(January 17, 2007)
EVENT: Talk "Linked Fate: Energy Equity in Our Global Society" by Chemical Engineer Ben Ebenhack
(January 12, 2007)
University Scientists Make Discover Magazine's Top 100 List
(January 12, 2007)
Rochester Area Students to Benefit from $1.3M University Award
(January 4, 2007)
Cold Sore Virus Might Play Role in Alzheimer's
(January 3, 2007)
The Mathematics of Cloaking
(December 26, 2006)
Tweaking the Treatment for Restless Legs
(December 20, 2006)
Could the Ability to Expel Worms Lead to a Future Asthma Treatment?
(December 14, 2006)
Blame Our Evolutionary Risk of Cancer on Our Body Mass
(December 6, 2006)
Graduate Student's Code Included in Next Generation of Java
(December 6, 2006)
Painkillers May Threaten Power of Vaccines
(December 5, 2006)
Four Rochester Professors Named Fellows of American Association for the Advancement of Science
(December 1, 2006)
Common Cancer Treatments Toxic to Healthy Brain Cells
(November 30, 2006)
New Breast CT Scanner Rivals Mammography
(November 28, 2006)
Ultra-Intense Laser Blast Creates True 'Black Metal'
(November 21, 2006)
Physics Professor Ashok Das Receives Fulbright to Teach in Brazil
(November 16, 2006)
Center for Electronic Imaging Systems Announces Record $114 Million Local Economic Impact
(November 16, 2006)
Kids' Lego Robots Go Head-to-Head in Giant Regional Competition
(November 15, 2006)
Artificial Cornea Offers Better Results for Infants, Some Blind Patients
(November 13, 2006)
Mysterious 'Neural Noise' Primes Brain for Peak Performance
(November 10, 2006)
Local Engineers Team Up to Design Novel Space-Borne Imager
(November 9, 2006)
New Treatment Finds Success Treating Tiniest Lung Tumors
(November 8, 2006)
Children's Belly Fat Increases More Than 65 Percent Since 1990s
(November 6, 2006)
Common Antacids Could Help Keep Gingivitis at Bay
(November 2, 2006)
Doctors Launch New Effort to Treat Stroke More Effectively
(November 2, 2006)
Targeting Cancer Stem Cells to Stop Brain Tumors
(October 30, 2006)
Senator Robach Awards $3 Million for Biomedical Optics Research
(October 24, 2006)
Investiture Ceremony Celebrates New Dean of the College Faculty
(October 23, 2006)
Undergraduate Helps Discover Beautiful Quark Combinations
(October 23, 2006)
Center for Electronic Imaging Systems Receives $2 Million From State to Dramatically Grow Local Biomedical Imaging Businesses
(October 19, 2006)
Drugs Aimed at Troublesome Alzheimer's Symptoms Work for Some, Not Most
(October 11, 2006)
Evolutionary First: Parasite Reaches Beyond Host to Play Havoc with Others' Sex Lives
(October 10, 2006)
New Academic-Industry Collaboration Brings Talent to Rochester
(October 4, 2006)
NIH Chooses Rochester to Lead National Initiative
(October 3, 2006)
Researchers Race to Design the First Treatments Specifically for NeuroAIDS
(October 3, 2006)
Risk Factors Linked to Pain After Breast Cancer Surgery
(September 26, 2006)
Wilmot Launches Cancer Stem Cell Research Program
(September 21, 2006)
JAMA Study Provides Clues to Cause of Sudden Cardiac Death in Teens
(September 13, 2006)
Genetic Surprise Confirms Neglected 70-Year-Old Evolutionary Theory
(September 8, 2006)
New Lab Technique Churns out Fungus' Potential Cancer Fighter
(August 24, 2006)
Radical 'Ballistic Computing' Chip Bounces Electrons Like Billiards
(August 16, 2006)
AIDS Patients, Doctors in Rochester Contribute to Latest Finding
(August 14, 2006)
Antioxidants May Protect Against Tick-Borne Illness
(August 9, 2006)
Local Science Teacher Receives 'Inspirational Teacher' Award
(August 9, 2006)
Unique Huntington's Study Moves Forward
(August 8, 2006)
Using Emergency Departments to Stop the Deadly Spread of Sepsis
(August 7, 2006)
Loosen Up, DNA: Leukemia Gene Changes Genetic Packaging
(August 7, 2006)
Tiny Inhaled Particles Take Easy Route from Nose to Brain
(August 3, 2006)
University Computer Scientist Honored for Influential Research
(July 28, 2006)
New Mothers Should be Screened Regularly for Postpartum Depression
(July 25, 2006)
Digital Cameras and Internet Ease the Pain of Oral Disease
(July 20, 2006)
Biomed Engineering Students Finish Second in National Competition
(July 19, 2006)
Study: Gabapentin Cools Hot Flashes as well as Estrogen
(July 5, 2006)
Most Effective Antipsychotic Drug has Serious Health Consequences
(July 3, 2006)
Chemistry Graduate Student Receives $100,000 Fellowship
(June 27, 2006)
Scientists Aim to Thwart Use of Flu as Bioweapon
(June 22, 2006)
University of Rochester Wins Global CIO 100 Award
(June 15, 2006)
Successful Prevention of Sudden Cardiac Death Has Implications For Heart Failure
(June 12, 2006)
How Cow Warts, Clergy Sex Surveys Moved Along Cancer Vaccine
(June 8, 2006)
Step-by-Step, Cancer Patients Use Exercise to Feel Better
(June 6, 2006)
Diabetes Research Takes Wing Thanks to Long-Lived Fruit Fly
(June 6, 2006)
Wilmot Cancer Center Studies Virus-Tumor Link in Area Patients, Families
(May 25, 2006)
iCardiac, URMC Ink Exclusive Agreement for Breakthrough Medical Technology
(May 25, 2006)
University of Rochester Urologists: Bladder Cancer Screening Saves Lives
(May 23, 2006)
Wilmot Cancer Center Leads Cancer Survivorship Research Movement
(May 17, 2006)
Flick of Whiskers Helps Tease Out Brain's 'Shadow' Signaling System
(May 16, 2006)
Governor Announces High-Tech Innovations Funding
(May 16, 2006)
Light's Most Exotic Trick Yet: So Fast it Goes ... Backwards?
(May 11, 2006)
Rochester Senior Wins Top National Computing Award
(May 4, 2006)
Physicist Wins Optical Society of America's Young Researcher Award
(May 3, 2006)
Lewis Chosen as University of Rochester's Chief Information Officer
(May 1, 2006)
Novel Stem Cell Technology Leads to Better Spinal Cord Repair
(April 28, 2006)
Two Researchers Elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences
(April 28, 2006)
Study First To Show Potential of Light-Activated Gene Therapy for Knee Injuries
(April 26, 2006)
Renowned Cancer Researcher to Speak at Medical Center
(April 25, 2006)
Geophysicist Wins Guggenheim Award for Magnetic Field Research
(April 20, 2006)
New Chip Design Delivers Better Performance, Longer Battery Life for Cell Phones, WiFi, and Other Wireless Communications
(April 19, 2006)
Mellon Grant Funds Planning Analysis for Future Online Services
(April 14, 2006)
Graduate Student Wins Top Award for Particle Physics Dissertation
(March 17, 2006)
Computer-Science Students Win National Programming Competition
(March 15, 2006)
Building Name Recognizes Robert Goergen's Long History of Support
(March 10, 2006)
Chemistry Professor Honored with Anthony Achievement Award
(March 1, 2006)
National Academy of Engineering Elects Professor as Fellow
(February 15, 2006)
Entrepreneurial Scientist Honored with Optical Engineering's Top Honor
(February 15, 2006)
Laser Laboratory Offers High School Summer Research Program
(February 10, 2006)
Imaginative Science Site for Girls Gets Warner School Know-how
(February 8, 2006)
University Presidents: NY Must Act on Stem Cell Research
(February 8, 2006)
University Mourns Sudden Death of Professor and Family
(February 8, 2006)
Scientists Find Ability for Grammar Hardwired into Humans
(February 3, 2006)
Two Professors Named Fellows of American Physical Society
(February 1, 2006)
Mountain Ranges Rise Dramatically Faster Than Expected
(January 26, 2006)
Phase Change in Fluids Finally Simulated After Decades of Effort
(January 6, 2006)
Professor Wins Prestigious ACS Cope Scholar Award
(December 28, 2005)
Breakthrough Chip Delivers Better Digital Pictures For Less Power
(December 7, 2005)
Rochester Listed as One of Top 10 Universities for Technology Revenue
(December 2, 2005)
More than $72 Million Secured for Laboratory for Laser Energetics
(December 1, 2005)
Three University of Rochester Scientists Named Fellows of the American Association for Advancement of Science
(November 30, 2005)
Faculty, Students Gain Research Access with New RefWorks Tool
(November 23, 2005)
Rochester Hosts Ocean-Themed Lego Tournament
(November 18, 2005)
$1 Million Award Given for Center's Work in Nanotechology
(November 18, 2005)
EVENT: "Science by the Book: From Hippocrates to Darwin"
(November 17, 2005)
EVENT: Center for Electronic Imaging System Annual Board Meeting
(October 25, 2005)
Color Perception Is Not in the Eye of the Beholder: It's in the Brain
(October 25, 2005)
Astrophysicist Elected Fellow of the American Physical Society
(October 18, 2005)
EVENT: Forum titled "Will Fuel Cells Power Rochester's Future Economy?"
(October 13, 2005)
EVENT: Neilly Series lecture by neurobiologist and writer William H. Calvin
(October 12, 2005)
New Speakers Fund Available for Guest Lecturers
(October 11, 2005)
EVENT: A discussion on "What You Should Know about the Next Energy Crisis," featuring Ben W. Ebenhack, senior lecturer, Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Rochester.
(September 20, 2005)
Rapid-Born Planets Present 'Baby Picture' of Our Early Solar System
(September 9, 2005)
DNA Mutation Puzzle Has Roots in Quantum Physics Weirdness
(August 18, 2005)
$400,000 Comes to Local Universities to Develop Space-Borne Camera
(August 16, 2005)
Local Science Teacher Receives 'Inspirational Teacher' Award
(August 11, 2005)
Fifteen High School Teens Present Physics Research
(August 10, 2005)
Biomedical Engineering Students Win National Design Competition
(August 5, 2005)
Professor Wins $75,000 Teaching-Scholar Honor in Chemistry
(July 19, 2005)
Local Hispanic Students Experiment with Science, Set Sights on College
(July 18, 2005)
Optical Scientist Wins Prestigious Vision Research Award
(July 15, 2005)
Dean of School of Engineering Named William F. May Professor
(June 17, 2005)
Arie Bodek Named George E. Pake Professor of Physics
(June 7, 2005)
EVENT: Retiring Chemist and Former Dean Honored For 45-Year Tenure
(June 7, 2005)
Largest Class of McNair Program Seniors Heads to Graduate School
(May 13, 2005)
New 'Nuclear Battery' Runs 10 Years, 10 Times More Powerful
(May 12, 2005)
New Laser Facility Dedicated to President Emeritus Robert L. Sproull
(May 10, 2005)
Bacterial Enzyme Presents Possible Target Against Pathogens
(May 6, 2005)
National Optics Conference Dedicated to Center of Optics Founder
(May 5, 2005)
Mechanical Engineer to Receive 2005 Distinguished Alumnus Award
(May 4, 2005)
Five Scientists Win Prestigious Science Foundation CAREER Awards
(April 29, 2005)
University of Rochester Students Earn National Science Awards
(April 21, 2005)
Mystery Climate Mechanism May Counteract Global Warming
(April 12, 2005)
Chemical Engineer Receives NSF's Prestigious CAREER Award
(April 8, 2005)
EVENT: NASA Space Telescope Advisory Board Meets in Rochester
Prestigious Group Includes 12 University Alumni and Faculty
(April 6, 2005)
EVENT: Neilly Series talk by Charles G. "Chip" Groat, director of the U.S. Geological Survey, the federal source for science about the Earth
(April 5, 2005)
EVENT: 2004 Nobel Laureate David Gross discusses "The Future of Physics: 25 Questions That Might Guide Physics in the Next 25 Years"
(March 18, 2005)
River Campus Libraries Unveils 'UR Research'
New Way for Faculty to Store and Share Work, Track How Often Cited
(March 15, 2005)
Local Geneticist Convinces NIH to Sequence Wasp Genome
(March 1, 2005)
Top Female Chemist Receives $20,000 Dreyfus Foundation Award
(February 24, 2005)
EVENT: Neilly Series lecture by Kim J. Vicente, Canadian innovator and engineer on how technology can work for people
(February 17, 2005)
New Measurement Undermines Physicists' Theories for Nature's Hidden 'Particle-Force' Collaboration
(February 10, 2005)
EVENT: Alumnus to Deliver Engineering Week Keynote Address on Feb. 25
(February 10, 2005)
Laser Laboratory Offers High School Summer Research Program
(February 7, 2005)
EVENT: Discussion on the magnetic workings of the Sun by astrophysicist John H. Thomas of the University of Rochester
(January 28, 2005)
Local Teen Reaches Final Round in 'Junior Nobel Prize'
(January 28, 2005)
Two Local Teens Make Semi-Finals in National Science Competition
(January 20, 2005)
Quantum Physicist Elected Fellow of the American Physical Society
(January 18, 2005)
Astronomer's Baby Planet Makes RedNova Top Ten Science List
(January 6, 2005)
New 'Pure Light' Technology Makes Computer Screens, Cell Phone Displays More Power Efficient
(January 5, 2005)
EVENT: "From Slide Rule to Laptop," a lecture by Alfred Clark, Jr., on transformations in technology
(December 29, 2004)
New Technology Makes Possible Mars Webcam, Battlefield Lasers
(December 21, 2004)
National Report Keeps University in Top Ten for Technology Revenue
(December 7, 2004)
$6.5 Million Grant Boosts 'Slow Light' Research for Optical Processing and Telecommunications
(November 30, 2004)
Statement from the University of Rochester on Cox-2 Infringement Case
(November 29, 2004)
Susumu Okubo Receives Sakurai Prize in Theoretical Particle Physics
(November 24, 2004)
Geologist, Director of Laser Laboratory, Optical Engineer Named Fellows of American Association for the Advancement of Science
(November 23, 2004)
Theorists Tackle Astronomer's Mysterious 'Baby' Planet
(November 9, 2004)
EVENT: Pumpkins will be Flying at this Year's Annual Jack-O-Launcher Competition
(October 28, 2004)
EVENT: Prestigious Institute of Optics Celebrates 75th Anniversary
(October 8, 2004)
Under the Surface, the Brain Seethes With Undiscovered Activity
(October 6, 2004)
EVENT: "Fixing the Leaky Pipeline: Why Do Smart Women Leave Undergraduate Science and Engineering Majors, and How Can We Persuade Them to Stay?"
(September 30, 2004)
$1 Million Gift Honors Legendary Professor of Rochester Chemistry
(September 10, 2004)
EVENT: Latest Neilly Series Showcases Celebrated Authors, Lecturers
(September 9, 2004)
Laser Lab Transfers Super-Camera Technology to Local Optics Firm
(September 9, 2004)
New Chemist Receives $50,000 Dreyfus Foundation Award
(September 8, 2004)
Short Term Memory's Effectiveness Influenced by Sight, Sound
(August 31, 2004)
EVENT: Lecture by author and New Yorker writer David Owen on his new book about inventor Chester Carlson and the creation of the Xerox machine
(August 24, 2004)
Habits of Researchers Reveal Clues for Getting Academics Onboard the Latest in Secure Digital Archive
(August 12, 2004)
Trick Illustrates Life's Determination to Survive Hostile Environments
(August 12, 2004)
Local Science Teacher Receives 'Inspirational Teaching' Award
(August 5, 2004)
Global Warming Models Come Under Physicist's Scrutiny
(July 30, 2004)
Possible Quantum Stumbling Block Found For Nanotechnologies
(July 9, 2004)
Sun Microsystems' Donation Aids Multiprocessor Research
(July 8, 2004)
NY Governor Announces Funds for High-Tech Centers at Universities
(July 1, 2004)
Stratis Sotirchos, Adjunct Professor of Chemical Engineering, Dies
(June 18, 2004)
Newly Discovered Baby Planet Confounds Expectations: Raw Materials for Habitable Planets Around Surprisingly Young Stars
(June 9, 2004)
Top Quark Measurements Give 'God Particle' New Lease on Life
(June 9, 2004)
Surprising Colorblindness Finding Sheds Light On Retinal Diseases
(June 1, 2004)
Cognition Scientist Named William R. Kenan, Jr. Professor
(May 28, 2004)
New Optics Building Gets $100,000 Boost from Semiconductor Firm
(May 28, 2004)
U.S. DOE Gives $5.5 Million to Rochester For Extreme Fusion Center
(May 27, 2004)
EVENT: Giant, 29,000-pound magnet arrives at University's new super-MRI site
(May 18, 2004)
Impact at Bedout: 'Smoking Gun' of Giant Collision That Nearly Ended Life on Earth is Identified Near Australia
(May 13, 2004)
EVENT: Biomedical Engineering Students Demonstrate Devices To Help People With Disabilities
(May 10, 2004)
Human Brain Works Heavy Statistics In Learning Language
(May 3, 2004)
Two Scientists Receive Prestigious Sloan Fellowships
(May 3, 2004)
Battling Robot Triumphs in First Rounds of DIY Channel Competition
EVENT: UR Students in National Battling Robot Rivalry on the DIY Channel
(April 22, 2004)
Professor Awarded Fellowship at the Isaac Newton Institute
(April 22, 2004)
Cognitive Sciences Professor Named to National Academy of Sciences
(April 22, 2004)
University of Rochester Students Awarded Goldwater Scholarships
(March 29, 2004)
Professor Elected Psychology Chair of American Association for the Advancement of Science
(March 12, 2004)
New Evidence Suggests Early Oceans Bereft of Oxygen for Eons; Early Life May Have Lived Very Differently Than Life Today
(March 5, 2004)
EVENT: Former Advisor to Secretary of State Powell Speaks on U.S.-Polish Relations
(March 2, 2004)
EVENT: Mine Madness: Students' Robots Sweep for Mines in Competition
(February 25, 2004)
Laser Laboratory Offers High School Summer Research Program
(February 16, 2004)
Smart Software Gives Surveillance Eyes a ‘Brain’
(February 12, 2004)
Three Local Innovators Honored for Breakthrough Inventions
(February 4, 2004)
University of Rochester, Napster to Provide Online Music to Students
First Private University in Nation to Sign Digital Music Agreement
(February 4, 2004)
Q&A: University of Rochester, Napster Online Music Service
(February 4, 2004)
Harvey Pollicove, Founder and Director of the Center for Optics Manufacturing, Dies
(January 30, 2004)
University Technology Wins Major Ruling Against Microsoft
(January 29, 2004)
Facing Up to the Digital Dilemma
A Discussion of Peer-to-Peer File Sharing on Feb. 16
(January 28, 2004)
Three Local Teens Make Semi-Finals in National Science Competition
(January 19, 2004)
Geophysicist Named Fellow of Prestigious Science Association
(January 5, 2004)
Invention Earnings Show University of Rochester Sixth in Nation According to Association of University Technology Managers
(December 11, 2003)
Department of Biomedical Engineering Awarded Another $3 Million
(December 9, 2003)
Physicist Receives Highest Award in Particle Research
(November 24, 2003)
River Campus Libraries Awarded Grant to Develop More E-Access
(November 21, 2003)
New Evidence that Earth's Greatest Extinction Caused by Ancient Meteorite or Comet
(November 20, 2003)
EVENT: Fairchild's Rochester Preserves Landscape Now Hidden from View
(November 19, 2003)
Two Scientists Named Best Inventors of 2003 by 'R&D Magazine'
(November 17, 2003)
Rochester Physicist Named New York State Professor of the Year
(November 13, 2003)
EVENT: Attracting More Women to Computer Science is Lecture Topic
(November 10, 2003)
Western New York Universities Collaborate to License Technologies
(October 24, 2003)
EVENT: Neilly Series lecture on how people interpret risks by David Ropeik of the Harvard Center for Risk Analysis
(October 22, 2003)
Meliora Press: A New Imprint of University of Rochester Press
(October 21, 2003)
Marshall D. Gates Chemistry Chair Honors Pioneer
(October 9, 2003)
Preservation Grants Secure Future for Precious Library Holdings
(October 7, 2003)
Marshall D. Gates, Chemist to First Synthesize Morphine, Dies
(October 3, 2003)
New Program Gives Research Technology a Business Edge
(September 26, 2003)
$5 Million Grant Awarded to Answer Biology's Biggest Secrets
(September 24, 2003)
Local Science Teacher Receives 'Inspirational Teaching' Award
(September 19, 2003)
SIRTF UPDATE: Test Images Show University Gear Working Well
(September 5, 2003)
Nanotubes Surprise Again: Ideal Photon Emission
(September 5, 2003)
New Navigation Tool Offers A Virtual World for the Blind
(August 26, 2003)
UPDATE: SIRTF Launches Successfully, Begins Self-Checkup
(August 25, 2003)
Local Astronomers' Work to Launch Next Week, Says NASA
(August 19, 2003)
Textbook Case of Tectonic Movement is Wrong, Says New Study
(August 18, 2003)
$2.7 Million to Create High-Tech Brain Imaging Center
(August 13, 2003)
New Software Eliminates Boredom Between Sports Plays
(August 11, 2003)
Closed Again? A Camp Gets Kids Investigating Charlotte Beach Woes
(August 1, 2003)
University Chemist Wins Prestigious Optical Society of America Award
(July 30, 2003)
Ultra-Secure Image Technology Licensed to mobileLexis
(July 30, 2003)
Emotion Detector Soon to Scour the Internet for Music
(July 14, 2003)
Natural Selection's Fingerprint Identified on Fruit Fly Evolution
(June 12, 2003)
Kuno Ruben Gabriel, Pioneer of Statistics, Dies
(May 30, 2003)
Action-Based Video Games Enhance Visual Attention
(May 28, 2003)
Two Chemists Receive Prestigious Sloan Fellowships
(May 16, 2003)
University, Students Cited for Development of Device for Disabled
(April 29, 2003)
New 'DNA Chip' Rapidly Detects, Identifies Dangerous Pathogens
(April 14, 2003)
Ultra-Simple Desktop Device Slows Light to a Crawl
(March 31, 2003)
Summer Science Programs Open to Local Students
(March 19, 2003)
New Crystalline Structures May Open Door to Molecular Filters
(March 13, 2003)
Rudolf Kingslake, Founding Faculty Member of Optics, Dies
(March 13, 2003)
The Smallest Sight: Researchers Zoom In on the Nanoscale
(February 27, 2003)
EVENT: Talk on inspiring young people to succeed by Carl McNair, brother of the late Challenger astronaut Ronald E. McNair
(February 20, 2003)
Chemist Wins $200,000 Award for Promising Research
(February 19, 2003)
$3 Million Gift From 'Father' of Laser Vision Correction Boosts Plans for New Optics/Biomedical Engineering Building Project
(February 19, 2003)
EVENT: Students Race Hovercrafts for Engineering Week
(February 19, 2003)
EVENT: Laser Laboratory Offers High School Summer Research Program
(February 19, 2003)
$1.5 Million for Chip Designs Comes to New York Universities
(February 4, 2003)
Two Researchers Elected Fellows of American Physical Society
(February 3, 2003)
Local Teen Reaches Final Round in 'Junior Nobel Prize'
(January 31, 2003)
Three University Researchers Win Nation's Top Chemistry Award
(January 21, 2003)
EVENT: Lecture on "Art and Optics" by David Stork: How Renaissance painters may have used optics to project images onto canvas
(January 20, 2003)
Three Local Teens Make Semi-Finals in National Science Competition
(January 16, 2003)
Food for Thought: Cells Dine on Their Own Brains to Stay Fit and Trim
(January 8, 2003)
Evolution of Galaxy-Spanning Magnetic Fields Explained
(January 3, 2003)
University Research Named Top Science Breakthrough of 2002
(December 23, 2002)
Dark Edge of Sunspots Reveal Magnetic Melee
(December 3, 2002)
Infants Build Knowledge of Their Visual World on Statistics
(November 25, 2002)
'Laboratories On A Chip' Get Super-Small, Super-Smart Plumbing
(November 14, 2002)
Physicists Puzzle Over Unexpected Findings in 'Little' Big Bang
(November 11, 2002)
EVENT: Second Annual New York State Conference on Microelectronics Design
(November 6, 2002)
Five New Supercomputers Push the Envelope at Rochester
(October 24, 2002)
$2.4 Million Grant to Warner School Aims for Deeper Knowledge of Math
(October 24, 2002)
Discover Magazine Names Rochester's Esther Conwell one of "50 Most Important Women of Science"
(October 24, 2002)
New Planet Discovered: Innovative Technique Detects Planets With Lower Masses and Larger Orbits Than Any Current Method
(October 22, 2002)
Key to the Nature of Earth's Mysterious Core Found Beneath Arctic Ice
(October 16, 2002)
Ancient Defense Mechanism May Still be Protecting Us
(October 14, 2002)
Kearns Center Forges New Path for Minorities into Science, Engineering
(October 11, 2002)
University of Rochester Graduate Honored with Nobel Prize in Physics
(October 8, 2002)
Biologist's New Experiment May Vindicate Darwin
(September 25, 2002)
"Reversible Data Hiding" Embeds Data in Pictures Without Distortion
(September 23, 2002)
EVENT: Optics Experts Predict Ultra-Dense CDs and Hard Drives by 2005: Medicine and Nanotechnology Also Soon to Benefit From New Field
(August 16, 2002)
Sulfide-Rich Oceans May Have Impeded Evolution for Eons
(August 16, 2002)
Distorted Ultrasound Waves Produce Clearer Images: University Technology Licensed to Medical Ultrasound Company
(July 29, 2002)
Morton F. Kaplon, Former Chair of Physics and Astronomy, Dies
(July 15, 2002)
France Awards Knighthood to College Faculty Member
(July 10, 2002)
Eminent Optical Scientist Named to New Endowed Professorship
(July 1, 2002)
Fermilab Awards 'Best Thesis' to Physics Grads Two Years in A Row
(June 10, 2002)
Engineered Eyesight Explored at Science Meeting
(May 31, 2002)
Professor Awarded Medal by Optical Society of America
(May 22, 2002)
Air Force Research Laboratory meets to link research with universities
(May 17, 2002)
Biologist Wins Guggenheim Award for Researching Family Trees
(May 2, 2002)
Professor is Named Fellow in Artificial Intelligence
(May 1, 2002)
EVENT: Lecture and slide presentation by Emil Wolf on the history of optics from the Middle Ages to the present
(April 19, 2002)
Summer Science Programs Open to Local Students
(April 18, 2002)
Talk on Clinical Chemistry in Thin Film
(April 17, 2002)
Physics Professor Appointed Brugler Distinguished Teaching Honor
(April 15, 2002)
Activist Professor Gives Perspectives on Islam and Science
(April 10, 2002)
Pioneer Female Navy Fighter Pilot to Speak to Women Engineers
(April 10, 2002)
Physicists Predict Super-Niņo: 15-Year El Niņo / La Niņa Cycle
(April 3, 2002)
Researchers Examine Rochester's Water Supply for Impact of Global Warming
(March 25, 2002)
Darwin's Time Machine: Scientists Begin Predicting Evolution's Next Step
(March 20, 2002)
American Cancer Society Gives Chemist $76,000 Grant
(March 14, 2002)
J. Bruce French, Top Theoretical Physicist, Dies
(February 14, 2002)
Laser Laboratory Offers High School Summer Research Program
(February 11, 2002)
Girl Scouts to Become Engineers-For-A-Day
(January 25, 2002)
Two Rochester Professors Named Fellows of American Association for the Advancement of Science
(January 24, 2002)
Local Teen Makes Semi-Finals in National Science Competition
(January 17, 2002)
University Leads Statewide Effort to Boost Tech Economy
(January 15, 2002)
Four Rochester Scientists Elected Fellows of American Physical Society
(January 11, 2002)
$3 Million Whitaker Grant Kick Starts New Biomedical Education Program
(November 20, 2001)
Matter Isn't What It Used To Be: Neutrino Study Finds Flaw in Standard Model of Matter
(November 7, 2001)
'Smart Bandage' Diagnoses Danger Before Infection Takes Hold
(November 1, 2001)
Astrobiologists to Launch Mission to Early Earth
(October 30, 2001)
Optics Professor Named to New Chair; $2 Million Gift Honors Professor, Spotlights Optics
(October 19, 2001)
Researchers Uncover a Piece of Nature's Secret Nitrogen Formula
(October 15, 2001)
Research Center Adds $65 Million to New York State Economy
(September 27, 2001)
Fractal Extremes Predict Impending Breakdowns
(September 12, 2001)
New 'Electronic Paper' Technology Promises More Colorful, Versatile Video Displays
(September 7, 2001)
Secret to Earth's 'Big Chill' Found in Underground Water
(August 27, 2001)
Warner School Gains Federal Grant to Train Teachers in Technology
(August 17, 2001)
Fourteen High School Teens Present Physics Research
(August 16, 2001)
Local Educator Wins Inspirational Teacher Award
(August 14, 2001)
Professor Awarded $60,000 Teaching-Scholar Honor in Chemistry
(August 13, 2001)
Deep Space Research Discovers Boon for Chip Makers
(August 9, 2001)
Rochester's VPN Technology in the Spotlight
(July 6, 2001)
Technology-Transfer Revenue 10 Times What it was Two Years Ago
(June 28, 2001)
Energy Crisis Accelerated, Not Helped, by Increased Oil Production
Researchers predict only 30-50 years at most before reserves begin to decline sharply
(June 20, 2001)
Scholarships Earmarked for Rochester Undergraduates in the Sciences
(June 5, 2001)
Researchers Find The 'North Pole' Of The Molecular World
(June 4, 2001)
New Light-Based Computer Runs at Quantum Speeds
(May 14, 2001)
Three Rochester Professors Selected for National Academy of Sciences
(May 7, 2001)
Rochester Professors Named Fellows of American Academy of Arts and Sciences
(May 2, 2001)
EVENT: Governor Pataki Awards $2.6 Million for Technology Development
(April 23, 2001)
Study Finds New Way that Brain Detects Motion
(April 13, 2001)
Lucent Director to Head Institute of Optics
(April 10, 2001)
New Technique Answers One of Water's Basic Mysteries
(March 15, 2001)
Scientist Elected Fellow of Physics Society
(March 7, 2001)
Scientists' Work Named Best of Year by Optical Society
(March 6, 2001)
Ancient Earth Had Magnetic Field 3X Stronger Than Once Thought
(March 2, 2001)
Researchers Team up with Famous Inventor to Combat HIV and Improve Pacemakers
(March 1, 2001)
Testing of Super-Cooled Fusion Targets Under Way
(February 27, 2001)
Stowaways From Space Provide Link Between Impact, Biggest Extinction in Earth History
(February 22, 2001)
Physicist Leonard Mandel, a Founder of Quantum Optics, Dies
(February 13, 2001)
Parasite's Sperm-Encryption Scheme Keeps Species Apart
(February 8, 2001)
Teen Makes Semi-Finals in National Competition for Research on World's Most Powerful Laser
(January 29, 2001)
Cosmic Artist Revealed: Force that Shapes Nebulae is Uncovered by Astronomers
(January 24, 2001)
High-Tech Optics Finishing Technology Wins Award From DOD
(January 23, 2001)
Researchers Lay Groundwork for Next Generation of High-Speed Computers
(January 10, 2001)
Researchers Lay Groundwork for Next Generation of High-Speed Computers
(January 10, 2001)
Three Scientists Elected Fellows of Physics Society
(January 5, 2001)
Despite Periodic Pummeling, Conditions on Early Earth were Ripe for Life
(December 15, 2000)
Rochester Geophysicist to Lead Ocean Expedition to Track Earth's Roving Hot Spots
(December 11, 2000)
Empty Bottles and Plumbing Pipes Teach Students Physics and Music
(December 11, 2000)
Zeroing in on the Real Wind Chill: Engineering Students Find How Cold Winter Really Is
(December 7, 2000)
New Number-Crunching Computers Delve into Biology's Past
(December 4, 2000)
University Technology-Transfer Revenue Quadruples More companies from around the globe attracted to results of basic research
(November 17, 2000)
Punch of World's Most Powerful Laser Ratchets up a Notch
(October 26, 2000)
Quantum Dots Pave Way for Atom-Sized Transistors
(October 25, 2000)
New Optical Switch Removes Barrier to Light-Speed Communications
(October 24, 2000)
EVENT: Chamber Orchestra to Spotlight Eastman Composer
(October 10, 2000)
Rochester Engineering Offers Best Student-Faculty Ratio Engineering school also ranked as among the most selective in the nation
(September 18, 2000)
Weed's Fast-Growth Gene Technology Licensed
(September 11, 2000)
Two Chemists Named to Endowed Professorships
(September 8, 2000)
Self-Adjusting Chips to Extend Limits of Computing Power
(August 8, 2000)
Local Physics Teachers Head for Summer School to Pick Apart the Mysteries of Matter
(July 27, 2000)
Professor Appointed Editor of Top Chemistry Journal
(July 27, 2000)
Researchers Determine Improved Pattern for Artificial Light-Harvesting Molecule
(July 18, 2000)
Ancient Math Refines Theories of Evolution
(June 29, 2000)
Eyes for Next NASA Space Telescope Developed, Delivered
(June 13, 2000)
Technology First Aimed at Heavens Now Makes 'Super' Human Vision Possible
(June 9, 2000)
EVENT: Brain's Role in Vision Explored at Science Meeting
(June 2, 2000)
Rochester Astronomers Collaborate to Study the Stars
(May 30, 2000)
1,000 Astronomers Turn Eyes Toward Rochester
(May 25, 2000)
EVENT: Hubble Images of Star Births and Deaths Presented to Public
(May 24, 2000)
Neuroscientist Studying Brain 'Plasticity' Wins Merck Award
(May 24, 2000)
Bone Growth and Development by the Numbers
(May 16, 2000)
Give it a Thought-and Make it So
(May 1, 2000)
Engineers Unravel the Forces that Shape Our Heart
(April 21, 2000)
Machine Cuts Once-Impossible Shapes for Optics
(April 20, 2000)
Nature's Cycles in a Fractal State of Mind
(April 18, 2000)
Chemical 'Crumbs' from Microbes' Snacks Provide a Trail to Ancient, Remote Life
(April 13, 2000)
Top Integrated Circuit Designer Receives Fulbright, Ieee Honors
(March 31, 2000)
New Department of Biomedical Engineering Created
(March 27, 2000)
Five Scientists' Work Named Best of Year by Optical Society
(March 23, 2000)
Laser Laboratory Offers High School Summer Research Program
(February 25, 2000)
Gravity Research Smooths Car Rides, Creates Jobs
(February 22, 2000)
EVENT: Engineering Week Pits Students Against Laws of Physics
(February 22, 2000)
'Smart' Fiber Optics Usher in the Next Generation of Communication by Looking out for Themselves
(February 16, 2000)
EVENT: Clark Series Brings Three Major Poets to Campus
(February 14, 2000)
Lung Ailments Come with the Paycheck for Wide Swath of Workers
(February 10, 2000)
Teen Makes Semi-finals in National Competition for His Research on World's Most Powerful Laser
(January 19, 2000)
From the Iceman to the Shroud: How a Physicist's Work is Providing Answers to a Range of Mysteries
(January 19, 2000)
Center for Future Health Receives $1 Million
(January 7, 2000)
Researcher Heads for Antarctica to Chase Down Climate Data
(December 22, 1999)
Hewlett-Packard Licenses University's 'Blue Noise Mask'
(December 10, 1999)
Teen Honored for Laser Research at University
(October 28, 1999)
Material that Made Car Bumpers Shine Finds a New Role in Rapid Manufacture of Drugs, Dyes
(October 26, 1999)
Physics Student Named One of Nation's Top Researchers
(September 27, 1999)
Physicist Named Outstanding Young Investigator
(September 14, 1999)
Rescuing Brain Cells in Stroke Patients from the Brink of Suicide
(August 23, 1999)
Neuroscientist Receives $1.1 Million to Study Brain Circuitry, Motivation
(August 16, 1999)
Super Slurry From Belarus Polishes U.S. Optics
(July 30, 1999)
University Vision Team Part of $20 Million Research Center
(July 30, 1999)
University Dean Recognized for Ultrasound Research
(July 27, 1999)
Fauchet Elected Fellow of Two Scientific Societies
(July 16, 1999)
Scientists Target Microbe with Sleeker Antisense Agent
(June 25, 1999)
Lead Exposure Increases Risk of Cavities in Children, Adults
(June 23, 1999)
University Launches a Center for Future Health to Bring High-tech, Low-cost Health Care to the Home
(May 18, 1999)
Engineering Students Learn From Real-Life Team Project
(May 17, 1999)
$5 Million Funds University Project in Futuristic Plastics
(April 23, 1999)
Laser Pointer Helps Parkinson's Patients Take Next Step
(April 22, 1999)
Searching for Life in Ancient, Remote, and Even Extra-Terrestrial Locales
(April 9, 1999)
'Motion Blindness,' Not Just Poor Memory, Causes Alzheimer's Patients to Lose Their Way
(March 22, 1999)
"Star Wars" Technology Finds A Surprise in Our Eyes
Clearest Images of Retina Reveal Remarkable Randomness
(February 10, 1999)
Novel Material for Displays Eats Less Energy
(February 10, 1999)
A Real Smart ASP: Snakes Show Surprising Ability to Learn
(February 4, 1999)
Professor Who Helped Build Engineering Department Dies
(February 1, 1999)
Superconductors See the Light at Shorter Wavelengths
(January 28, 1999)
Pittsford Teens Honored for Laser Research at University
(January 26, 1999)
Growing Up on Their Own: Smart Plastics Organize Themselves into Useful Optical Devices
(January 15, 1999)
Work at 'B Factory' Earns University Physicist a Top Prize
(January 13, 1999)
Bones of Crocodile-Like Beasts Tell Tale of Arctic Warming
(December 18, 1998)
Newly Approved Treatment Available for Hepatitis C Patients
(December 11, 1998)
Scientists Finger a Molecular Kingpin in Body's Response to Cigarettes
(November 23, 1998)
$500,000 Grant Helps Spawn New Imaging Curriculum
(November 9, 1998)
Engineering Department Name Change Reflects Emphasis on Computers
(September 29, 1998)
Geophysicist Named Fellow of Geological Society
(September 15, 1998)
Adaptation's Basis May be a Mix of Genetic Tweaks, Whoppers
(September 9, 1998)
Donald Kane Among 20 U.S. Scientists to Win 1998 Pew Awards
(July 27, 1998)
Magma's Makeup Yields New Clues to Catastrophic Eruptions
(July 22, 1998)
Epilepsy Drugs Useful to Treat Alzheimer's, Studies Find
(July 21, 1998)
No S'mores Here: Two Day Camps Boost Girls' Science Savvy
(July 15, 1998)
$2 Million Parkinson's Study to Look for Environmental Role
(July 1, 1998)
A Hint Why Hormone Therapy for Prostate Cancer Ultimately Fails
(June 23, 1998)
Center for Visual Science Receives $1.5 Million
(June 18, 1998)
David Williams Wins Optical Society's Tillyer Award
(June 17, 1998)
Physicists Flock to Caribbean Island in Biennial Rite
(June 15, 1998)
New Airway's 'Smarts' Ensure that Patients Get Plenty of Oxygen
(May 8, 1998)
Image-Compression Method Tames Flood of Ultrasound Data
(April 29, 1998)
Math Awareness Week 1998 Aims to Heighten Math's Image
(April 28, 1998)
As Elders Rock, Emotional Burden of Dementia Eases
(April 27, 1998)
Wee Objects Dwarf All Previous Self-Assembled Molecules
(March 19, 1998)
Laboratory for Laser Energetics High School Summer Research Program
(March 4, 1998)
Visiting Scientists to Use Laser Facility
(January 19, 1998)
Innovative Computer Lab to Boost Students' Science Know-how
(January 13, 1998)
Organic Chemistry Made Easy -- by Students' Own Peers
(December 18, 1997)
Astrophysicists Solve Mystery of Gas Flow From Sunspots
(December 4, 1997)
New Study Abroad Program in Israel Caters to Engineers
(December 2, 1997)
David Williams Named Allyn Professor of Medical Optics
(November 19, 1997)
Engineer on NASA's Pathfinder Mission to Speak at University
(October 17, 1997)
Research Earns Humboldt Award for Shaul Mukamel
(October 3, 1997)
Out of Pure Light, Physicists Create Particles of Matter
(September 17, 1997)
Smolin to Present Controversial Views on Origin of Universe
(September 11, 1997)
Forget Hingis, Rafter: U.S. Open Victory "Goes" to Hsiang
(September 9, 1997)
Local Astronomer Takes Aim at Hyades with Orbiting Telescope
(September 5, 1997)
Engineering Dean to be Nominated to White House Post
(September 2, 1997)
Researchers Search for Abandoned Gas Wells for Use in Study
(August 21, 1997)
Rochester Undergraduates Enjoy a Renaissance in Math Teaching
(August 18, 1997)
University Joins 'Internet2' Effort
(July 28, 1997)
Microlithography Yields Polymers that Emit Patterns of Light
(July 16, 1997)
Seka to Lead Division at Rochester's Laser Energetics Lab
(June 17, 1997)
Four Young Scientists Win Grants to Foster Teaching, Research
(June 5, 1997)
Mark Coburn Named Director of Research Projects Office
(May 23, 1997)
State Approves Undergraduate Program in Biomedical Engineering
(May 6, 1997)
University Takes Action to Reduce Mercury Use
(April 24, 1997)
Noted Scientist to Discuss Physics of Rainbows, Twinkling Stars
(April 17, 1997)
Yo-Yos Help Young Engineers Gain a Can-Do Attitude
(April 17, 1997)
All Space is Not Equal: Physicists Find Axis that Gives the Universe Orientation
(April 17, 1997)
Science Camp for Girls Accepting Applications
(April 17, 1997)
New Polymer Diode is the First to Emit Light of Many Colors
(April 16, 1997)
Rochester Physicist to be Awarded two Honorary Degrees
(April 7, 1997)
Chemical Engineer Wins Two Patents for Optoelectronic Materials
(March 19, 1997)
Augmented Reality Goggles May Offer Mere Mortals "X-Ray Vision"
(March 6, 1997)
Molecular Imposter Rebuts Long-held Tenet of DNA Copying
(February 26, 1997)
New Book Reveals Scientific Controversy Surrounding Turin Shroud
(January 31, 1997)
$400,000 Grant Helps Engineers Assess Materials' Surfaces
(January 28, 1997)
Rochester Researchers Win Funding for Work on Quantum Computers
(January 8, 1997)
$1 Million Grant Helps Establish Biomedical Engineering Program
(December 6, 1996)
Train Wreck Creates Wonderful Learning Opportunity for Students
(December 5, 1996)
Scientists go Back to School to Change Attitudes About Science
(December 3, 1996)
Light-Emitting Silicon Coupled with Conventional Circuitry
(November 28, 1996)
A Surgical Semiconductor Laser with More Precision and Power
(October 29, 1996)
A New "Phantom" for Testing the Vision of Ultrasound Scanners
(October 18, 1996)
Feinberg Wins Aiche's Prestigious Richard H. Wilhelm Award
(September 19, 1996)
New Study Clarifies Link Between Meteorites and Mass Extinctions
(September 12, 1996)
$12.3 Million Contract to Fund Research into New Optical Elements
(September 9, 1996)
New Equipment Helps Scientists Detect Trace Amounts of Metals
(August 28, 1996)
Ten Science Teachers Forego Summer Relaxation for Research
(August 19, 1996)
New Formula Brings Dream of Ultrapowerful DNA Computers Closer
(August 5, 1996)
NSF Grant Goes Toward More Computers for Student Use
(July 17, 1996)
The Sky's the Limit for Girls in Science
(July 5, 1996)
Student's Paper Wins Top Prize From Cognitive Science Society
(July 1, 1996)
A Mind Reader? This Computer Understands What You Really Want
(June 21, 1996)
Leonard Mandel Honored by American Academy of Arts and Sciences
(May 22, 1996)
University of Rochester Chemist Receives Sloan Fellowship
(April 19, 1996)
Meteorites Made Early Earth Life Possible, Science Paper Hints
(April 12, 1996)
Byproduct of Nuclear Reprocessing Still Present in Western New York
(April 9, 1996)
Relax: Now You Can Find Out on the Web if Your College Application is Complete
(March 27, 1996)
Dennis G. Hall Named William F. May Professor
(March 19, 1996)
Joseph H. Eberly Named Andrew Carnegie Professor of Physics
(March 18, 1996)
Laboratory for Laser Energetics High School Summer Research Program
(March 14, 1996)
Two Chemists Honored for Research, Teaching, and Service
(March 12, 1996)
Prof. Richard S. Eisenberg Named to Tracy Hyde Harris Chair
(March 1, 1996)
Outreach to Area High School Students Highlights Engineers Week
(February 20, 1996)
Optics, Physics Research Among Best of '95
(January 26, 1996)
Optics, Physics Research Among Best of '95
(January 26, 1996)
Car Phone Ringing? Maybe it's Emmitt Heading for the End Zone
(January 23, 1996)
Paper in Nature Sheds Light on How Mammals See Motion
(January 17, 1996)
$6.8 Million Optics Project Funded by Department of Defense
(January 15, 1996)
Fifth-Grade Girls to Explore Science Careers, College Life
(January 9, 1996)
Black Engineering Students with A Dream Reach Out to Their Younger Colleagues
(November 2, 1995)
NSF Grant to Support Six Graduate Students in Area of Optics
(November 1, 1995)
Moore to Begin Term as President of Optical Society of America
(October 18, 1995)
The Exam's Not Over 'Til the Modem Says So
(October 9, 1995)
University Wins $1.8 Million Grant for Optical Theory Center
(September 29, 1995)
Optics Manufacturing Leaps Forward with New Grinding Formula
(September 26, 1995)
Do Animals "Lie"? Yes, Even to Their Own Kind, Biologist Says
(September 25, 1995)
A Cloaking Device for Top-Secret Faxes
(September 22, 1995)
University Scientists Produce 'Schizophrenic' Electron
(August 29, 1995)
Laser Lab's High School Summer Research Program Launches Scientific Careers for the Class of 2000 and Beyond
(August 22, 1995)
Ancient Catastrophic Volcanic Eruptions Began Near Earth's Core, Paper in Science Shows
(August 10, 1995)
World's Most Powerful Ultraviolet Laser Comes On-line
(June 6, 1995)
Center for Optics Manufacturing to Receive $3 Million Grant
(June 2, 1995)
500 Scientists to Share Findings on Nature of Light
(May 25, 1995)
Research Center to Receive $10.3 Million
(May 22, 1995)
Halftone Technology Makes its Way to the Marketplace
(April 27, 1995)
Imaging Newsletter Wins Rochester Award
(April 24, 1995)
Two Scholars Win Sloan Fellowships
(April 18, 1995)
Volcanoes to Mushroom Clouds: sixth graders to see that science in the lab can be a real blast
(April 18, 1995)
Taking the Fuzz Out of Freeze-Frame Images From Video
(April 3, 1995)
LLE High School Summer Research Program
(March 23, 1995)
Scientist Receives Optics Prize
(March 14, 1995)
Ultrasound Expert Robert Waag Named Yates Professor
(March 7, 1995)
Rochester Physicists Play Key Role in Top Quark Discovery
(March 3, 1995)
Students Invent 'Smart' Bike with Automatic Shifting
(February 24, 1995)
Outreach to Area Women Students Highlights Engineers Week
(February 16, 1995)
Treating Teeth with Laser Light Prevents Cavities
(February 3, 1995)
Optics Professor Named Engineering Dean
(January 24, 1995)
Gift-Wrapping Tips for Those Last-Minute Shoppers
(December 15, 1994)
Hand Signals From Humans Boost Robot Savvy
(November 28, 1994)
Optical Fiber Keeps Ultrafast Light Pulses Intact
(November 17, 1994)
Engineer Wins Prize for Work on Porous Silicon
(November 4, 1994)
Course on Engineering and Science of Musical Sound
(November 3, 1994)
Engineers Observe "Heartbeat" of Superconductors
(October 18, 1994)
Books Touch on Digital Video, "Smart" Fluids
(October 12, 1994)
Eric Kool Wins Research Award
(October 7, 1994)
Information Hidden in Light Could Aid Astronomers
(October 4, 1994)
Laser Spotlight Interrogates Individual Molecules
(October 4, 1994)
Awards Bring Physicist $1 Million
(October 3, 1994)
Physics and Astronomy Receives $1 Million
(September 30, 1994)
Sharpest Pictures of Human Retina
(September 30, 1994)
"Star Wars" Technology Finds a Peacetime Niche
(August 19, 1994)
Engineers Make Most Efficient Shining Polymers Yet
(August 5, 1994)
Artificial Intelligence Society Honors Schubert
(July 21, 1994)
University Receives $100,000 to Strengthen Environmental Programs
(June 2, 1994)
Mechanical Engineer Named Top Teacher
(June 1, 1994)
Board-Game Rivals Lock Horns -- on the Internet
(May 19, 1994)
Engineering Student Wins AT&T Fellowship
(May 17, 1994)
University of Rochester Hosting Conference
(May 5, 1994)
High School Teachers Learn in the Laboratory
(May 4, 1994)
Alumnus Creates Engineering Internship Program
(April 1, 1994)
Laboratory for Laser Energetics High School Summer Research Program
(March 15, 1994)
Rochester Optics Research Among Best of '93
(March 5, 1994)
Rochester Mouse Heading for Olympics
(February 15, 1994)
Egg Race, Smash Contests Among Engineering Week Activities
(February 15, 1994)
Leonard Mandel Named to New Professorship Honoring Lee Dubridge
(February 9, 1994)
Stalking the Paper Jam, the Curse of Modern Office Life
(January 25, 1994)
Nicholas George Named to Endowed Chair
(January 19, 1994)
Whether High Tea or Takeout, This Robot's Always Socially Correct
(November 18, 1993)
Rochester Scientists Receive Award for Laser Beam Work
(November 9, 1993)
Checking Out the Recipe for a Future Fossil
(November 4, 1993)
Rochester Professor Serving as Adviser to Rockefeller
(November 1, 1993)
Rochester Chemists are First to Synthesize Anti-Cancer Drug
(October 20, 1993)
The Eyes Have it -- for Humans and Robots Alike
(August 11, 1993)
(November 30, -1)