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Departmental Wellness Challenge Toolbox

We are the sum of our habits. The way to real change is to alter our habits. Well-U offers a variety of wellness challenges to help build the framework for healthy habit formation. The following wellness challenges, when organized, implemented, and celebrated by your team, can make the overwhelming subject of self-improvement into baby steps that anyone can do. Well-U provides the ideas, templates, and prizes, and your team delivers.

Directions for Use:

  1. Pick a Well-U challenge for your department.
  2. Customize the challenge length.
  3. Do it with the help of Well-U.
  4. Repeat every day - even after the challege is over!

It's that simple. Even if new habits do not stick, you'll be moving in the right direction.

Operation Hydration
When you are well hydrated, you feel hungry less often, you are in a better mood, and you are less tired. One way to stay hydrated is to take a water bottle with you everywhere you go and Well-U will provide everyone signed up on your team with one that will make record keeping a cinch. If you are a Well-U Champion or just someone who likes to have fun, get all the tools to create this challenge for your team! If you or your team would like more information about food and diet, check out other programs that Well-U offers!

Breathe Deep
Research has shown that slowing your breathing lowers levels of anxiety, calms your brain, and helps you deal with daily challenges more effectively. Taking slow, deep breathes can also help you notice and enjoy the moment you’re in and give you a nice mental break. If you enjoy bringing a sense of well-being to your department or you are a Well-U Champion, you can apply this Well-U Breathe Deep challenge for as little or as long as you like using Well-U’s handy tools. If you or your team would like more information about emotional and mental health, check out other resources that Well-U offers!

Move It
A lot or a little, the impact of movement has a profound effect on your health and wellness. Incorporating more activity into your normal day can help control weight, improve mood, combat health conditions, boost energy, and help you to sleep better. Your team can benefit by identifying times of day when to stand while working, walk during meetings, or climb a few flights of stairs instead of taking the elevator. Well-U’s Move It Challenge can help to build that habit every day and, as a team leader or Well-U Champion, you can drive the effort using Well-U’s tool kit and build a great experience for your whole team. If you or your team are interested in more information about physical activity, check out our other Well-U programs!

30 Days of Gratitude
In addition to the increase in work performance, gratitude also helps improve employee health and wellbeing. Feeling and expressing gratitude promotes a positive and happy mood. These brain boosts can have significant positive effects on employees’ physical and mental health. Well-U’s 30 Days of Gratitude can get you on the path to incorporating gratitude into your daily routine!

If you or your team would like more information about hydration and nutrition, check out other programs that Well-U offers!