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Well-U Department Requests

Our Well-U team is excited to help your department on the road to wellness.

A great place to start is by requesting a Well-U Overview: A Well-U representative can present to your group about all of the Well-U programs that employees can participate in. This overview is typically 15-20 minutes long. Submit a request for a Well-U Overview using our Department Request Form.

There are many other department programs available, as well. Learn more about these options below, or request a class for your department with our Department Request Form.

Department resources

A member of the Well-U team can give a presentation or organize a program for your department on a variety of topics, including:

  • UR Medicine EAP presentations: Talks are available on a variety of topics, and usually run for one hour. View the list of topics and submit a request for your department here.
  • Lifestyle Management programs: Programs are available on a variety of health and wellness topics, including Fitness 101, Nutrition Basics, Stress Reduction, Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, and Weight Loss. To request a Lifestyle Management presentation for your department, email
  • Lifestyle Management presentations: A one-hour presentation brought to you by the lifestyle management team, dealing with topics such as plant-based eating, fad diets, and stretching to de-stress. Choose from a variety of topics that best fit your department’s needs, and submit a request using our Department Request Form.
  • Biometric screenings: We know it can be challenging to find time to schedule your biometric screening. Our team can set up a clinic in your department, office, or building (depending on local health guidelines). Learn more, or request a clinic.

Department-run activities

You can request a Stress Free Zone for your department, which includes adult coloring and stations for making your own stress ball.

Learn more about Stress Free Zones on our Stress Management page or with this flyer. If you’d like to request a Stress Free Zone for your department, use our Department Request Form.

Department workshops

Workshops are available for your department on a variety of stress reduction, mindfulness, and wellness topics. These classes typically last one hour, but they can be customized for the needs of your department.

Explore the drop-downs to learn about the different options. If you’re ready to request a workshop, use our Department Request Form.

Mindfulness is an approach to life that may decrease inner resistance to the life’s ups and downs. In our workshop, we define stress as simply a moment that requires a shift or change. Take home specific & short exercises that you may do on your own to enhance well being through strengthening your muscle of mindfulness! Our practices are based on the study of yoga, which uses body-based techniques to bring mental calm.

Taking an hour for self-care can seem like an impossible task. Learn some simple 5-minute exercises that can strengthen the muscle of mindfulness no matter where you are! This workshop includes awareness exercises & chair-based movement. No experience or special clothes required. Informal mindfulness practice can bring about great changes in your self-awareness, energy levels, and moment-to-moment enjoyment of life.

When our stress level changes, breathing is one of the few autonomic processes of the body whose changes we can directly observe. Unlike our blood pressure or heart rate, we can easily alter our breathing pattern. Learn about the “right” and “wrong” ways to breathe when you are looking to enhance the relaxation response during this workshop.

  1. Learn stretches and isometric exercises you can do at your desk throughout your work week. No experience required.
  2. Self-massage improves range of motion and flexibility through compression and release techniques that re-hydrate the connective tissue. Participates often remark that this class relieves symptomatic pain in the area massaged. This class is an all-around feel-good class with specific methods you can use at your desk or at home.

All supplies provided. No experience necessary. Come in work clothes.

Yoga has been narrowly defined as acrobatics, meditation, exercise, or something only flexible people do. In truth, yoga is a system of philosophy far deeper and wider-reaching than merely bodily movement. Learn the true purpose of yoga and where it comes from. This workshop is an educational experience which will include a body & breath based exercise you can take home with you to decrease stress.

Yoga Nidra, or wakeful sleep, is a style of guided meditation that releases deeply held mental and physical stress. It is great for departments where employees are going through changes, work overnight shifts, or have insomnia. Yoga Nidra has been shown to decrease stress. It is a recommended complementary and alternative treatment method for PTSD by the Department of Defense.

Department wellness challenges

Well-U offers a variety of unique wellness challenges. These can help your department learn new wellness skills and form healthy habits. And, these programs offer fun prizes for winners, and incentives for all participants!

Explore the drop-downs to see the different options. If you’d like to learn more about these programs, you can submit a request through our Department Request Form.

Staying hydrated has many health benefits. This challenge will provide participates with a Well-U water bottle and record keeping materials to encourage drinking more water throughout the day.

Learn more about the challenge.

Slow, deep breathing is shown to lower levels of anxiety, and can help improve focus throughout your day. This challenge will provide participants in your department with earplugs and record keeping cards to keep track of time spent deep breathing.

Learn more about the challenge.

Adding movement and physical activity to your day is known to improve your mood, boost energy, help you control your weight, and more. Participants in this challenge will get Well-U headphones and a record keeping card to keep track of their physical activity.

Learn more about the challenge.

Feeling and expressing gratitude can improve your mental and physical health. This challenge will help participants incorporate expressing gratitude into their daily routines.

Learn more about the challenge.

Department request form

Fill out the form below to request a presentation from Well-U.

  • What type of sessions are you interested in? Check all that apply. * Required
    Reference the Department Resources section above on this page for other program options that do not require you to submit this form.

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