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Well-U Champions

Champion health and wellness in your office or department.

What is a Well-U Champion?

Well-U Champions are the “Well-U Voice” of their department, advocating for all things health and wellness. They represent a wide spectrum of University of Rochester employees, and serve as liaisons between Well-U and University departments and offices.

Well-U Champion responsibilities include:

  • Participating in Well-U programs
  • Attend Champion meetings (twice per year and not mandatory)
  • Promoting wellness events to their coworkers
  • Scheduling Well-U programs for their departments
  • Sharing ideas, feedback, and needs with the Well-U staff
  • Staying up-to-date on all things Well-U, including signing up for the Well-U Weekly Wellness newsletter

How to become a Well-Champion

If you’re interested in serving as a Well-U Champion, here are the steps to take:

  • Check with your supervisor
  • Email Well-U to see if there is already a Champion in your department
  • Sign up to be a Well-U Champion by using the form below
  • Familiarize yourself with the Well-U website and its offerings

Email if you have questions or need help getting started.

Become a Well-U Champion Form

  • (as specific as possible)
  • (River Campus, Med Center, Corporate Woods, etc.)

Earn a champion zip-up!

Well-U champion zip up jacket

Champions have an exciting opportunity to earn a Well-U champion zip up jacket. Complete 4 activities from this checklist this year and receive the Well-U champion zip-up pictured above.

After completing the 4 activities, email Well-U your completed checklist (with pictures when applicable).

The four activities must all be done within the year to receive the jacket. If you have any questions on this, reach out to Well-U at any time.

Please note: If you are not yet a Well-U champion and wish to become one, first read below and sign-up using the form. You will then receive a welcome email and further information on this opportunity.


Ideas for Champions

Bringing wellness to your department is easy. Well-U offers programs backed by the latest research and best practice methods. Join our existing activities or start something new in your work area using our resources below.

Nutrition ideas
  • NEW! All champions receive a 60% discount off their first weekly meal subscription with Effortlessly Healthy. Get started here.
  • Instead of bringing in cookies, bring some fresh fruit into the office for coworkers to enjoy
  • Post nutrition tips on your Wellness Board
Physical activity ideas
Stress management ideas
Other ideas
Bringing these ideas to your department

To request any of these ideas for your department, complete a Department Request Form.

Request a program now

Still not sure where to start? You can schedule a 1:1 phone call with a member of Well-U to help jumpstart some ideas. If interested, please email with times and dates that you are available for a 15-minute phone consultation.

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