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Lifestyle and Condition Management

Become healthier and stay healthier by making small, meaningful lifestyle changes that you can maintain over time. We’ll help you get there.

Well-U offers a variety of group and individual programs, from personalized wellness coaching to educational events throughout the year.

Eligible individuals can receive $100 per calendar year upon completion of a lifestyle management program, and another $100 upon completion of a condition management coaching program.

You can learn more about these programs on this page. However, if you’re ready to get started with a program, you can sign up below.

Sign up for a lifestyle or condition management coaching program

Please note that some programs are offered virtually only, some in-person only, and some are offered with both options. You can reference our Programs and Resources page for more information.

Lifestyle management programs

When it comes to improving your health, even small changes have a lasting impact. Our no-cost lifestyle programs will equip you with tools to make healthy changes for life.

Sign up for a lifestyle management classes

  • Cholesterol Management
  • You Can Quit!
  • Nutrition and You
  • Fitness 201: Get Stronger

Keep your whole team on track with a one-time wellness session. Sessions are presented virtually by the Well-U lifestyle management team, and can be planned to fit in with your department’s schedule.

Choose from one of the four topics below. Download this flyer to share these class options with your department. If you’re ready to sign up, complete our Department Request Form to get started.

  1. Stress Management
    1. Job Stress Reduction – Discover effective ways to manage work-related stress.
    2. Pandemic Fatigue – Learn how to identify stress associated with a changing world, practice meditation, and gain an understanding of your physical and psychological needs.
    3. Address Your Stress – Learn 5 ways to cope with stress. Discover the adverse health effects that accompany added stress and explore symptom awareness and ways to reduce your overall stress level.
  2. Physical Activity
    1. Crush Your Fitness Goals – Uncover the secrets of setting fitness goals and finding lifelong success. Learn more about motivation and creating sustainable habits to clear your hurdles!
    2. Workout Workshop – Discover how to create your own high intensity interval training workout to burn calories, build muscle, and make it your own.
  3. Nutrition
    1. Nutrition: A Macro Perspective – What are macronutrients and why are they important? Learn how to make them work for you and your health.
    2. Meal Planning Made Easy – Build healthy, tasty meals in a flash. Discover budget friendly grocery staples and simple recipe ideas to make meal planning a breeze.
    3. What’s Trending Now in Nutrition – Take a deep dive into today’s hottest topics in nutrition.
    4. Mindfulness-Based Eating – Identify triggers, overcome barriers, and break automatic food habits. Learn to eat mindfully.
  4. General Health and Well-being
    1. Five to Thrive: Learn What Impacts Your Health the Most – Explore the 5 lifestyle factors that have been scientifically proven to have the greatest effect on overall health.

Complete a department request form to sign up

Condition management coaching programs

If you are living with a chronic health condition, you have access to a team of wellness coaches that can help you during your journey to effective health management. Each of these programs are personalized to meet your needs and schedule.

Enroll in a condition management coaching class

  • Asthma*
  • Atrial Fibrillation
  • Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)
  • Coronary Artery Disease*
  • Depression Coaching & Self-Management
  • Diabetes*
  • Healthy Weight
  • Heart Failure*
  • High Blood Pressure
  • High Cholesterol
  • Lower Back Pain
  • Stroke

* Individuals participating in a program to manage these conditions can receive a discount on qualifying prescription medications during the calendar year they completed their program.

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