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Fitness and Physical Health

Well-U supports employees interested in adding activity to their daily routines, reaching their fitness goals, and improving their overall physical health.

Well-U’s 15 class challenge

Join Well-U’s 15 class challenge during the month of March! It’s fun, free, and easy to join. Take 15 classes of any kind in Studio Sweat onDemand throughout the entire month and automatically be entered in a drawing to win a prize at the end. Prizes include Well-U apparel, Yeti drinkware, $100 gift code towards Effortlessly Healthy, and more. This challenge is free for all full and part-time faculty and staff. Learn more about the challenge here and get started Friday, March 1.

Join the 15 class challenge 

Access your FREE Studio Sweat onDemand fitness and wellness platform

Put your health and wellness first this year by joining Studio Sweat onDemand—your free virtual fitness platform with over 2,000 classes you can watch anytime or anywhere. There are class options available for all fitness levels and goals including: yoga, stretching, bootcamp, Pilates, HIIT, barre, sculpt, and more. Stream live classes or watch on your schedule with on-demand options. In addition to virtual workouts, you will also have access to bonus content like RIP Barbell, Piloxing, mindful meditations, and scenic virtual experiences.

*Eligibility for Studio Sweat on Demand includes all full and part-time employees.

Join Studio Sweat OnDemand


Virtual Fitness

Access your free virtual fitness and wellness platform

The Best Streaming Workouts

Put your health and wellness first this year by joining Studio Sweat onDemand—your free virtual fitness platform with over 1,800 classes that you can watch anytime or anywhere. Sign up during the month of January to be entered to win a Well-U prize pack.

Join Studio Sweat onDemand

More Fitness Opportunities

Whether you’re motivated by working out in a group setting or would prefer to get fit on your own, we have programs and resources in addition to our Studio Sweat on Demand library that will suit your needs, including:

Explore these options below, and learn how to stay active at work and beyond.

More resources, programs, and ideas

Whether you’re looking to round-up co-workers for walking meetings, find workout programs you can do on your own, or get in extra steps throughout the day, Well-U can support you in your goals.

Offered virtually for your convenience!

Fitness 101 and 201: Lifestyle management programs

Eligible employees have the opportunity to participate in these lifestyle management programs at no cost.

Fitness 101: Get started (5 group sessions)

Learn the benefits and basic components of physical activity, discover how to prevent injury and manage recovery, and explore personal challenges to staying motivated. Program includes modified in-session workout. Find a class.

Fitness 201: Get stronger (6 individual sessions)

Develop a strength training program with expert supervision of goal-setting and form from a certified personal trainer. Sessions include assessments and guided personalized workouts. Email to request information and enroll.

Park & Stride: Get your steps in

A little extra walking each day can provide extraordinary health benefits. This includes the walk from a parking lot to your workspace!

Look for signs

Look for signs around University parking lots displaying calories burned walking between designated parking lots and entrances.

Get the most steps in by parking in the designated Park & Stride spaces in Lot 1 and Lot 9.

Park & Stride Map: Burning Calories

Click on the colored paths below to see how far you walk and calories burned walking from your lot to designated entrances in the Medical Center. Calories burned are calculated for a 150-lb person walking 3 mph.

Walking meetings

Not only do walking meetings help you build team spirit and improve your health, they also inspire creativity and can help you solve problems faster.

Tips for organizing a successful walking meeting

  • Organize everything you’ll need for the meeting ahead of time
  • Make sure everyone knows to wear comfortable shoes
  • Consider having the meeting early in the workday to set the tone for the day, or later in the afternoon to give everyone an energy boost
  • Figure out how long your meeting should be and plan your route
  • Check the weather beforehand

Walking paths

Explore walking path maps in the PDFs below.

Ergonomics screening: Arranging your workspace for wellness

Ergonomics ensures that your workspace physically fits you. Are you sitting at your desk correctly? Is your chair at the right height? Is your screen an appropriate distance from your face? This helps keep you physically healthy and safe.

Request an ergonomic screening from the Environmental Health & Safety department.

Did you know?

Walking 3 or more hours per week can reduce the risk of a heart attack by 35% when compared to not walking at all.

20 minutes of walking per day can burn 7 pounds of body fat every year for the average 155-pound person.

Less than 50% of American adults exercise enough to gain any health benefits.

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