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Park & Stride

A collaboration between University of Rochester Transportation and Parking Management and Well-U!


The goal is to highlight the benefits of walking, specifically, when going to and from your car and your office.

Click on your lot to view the Park & Stride spaces:

Why Park & Stride?

86 percent of University employees drive to work. Commuting typically requires some sitting, but don't discount the steps you take from your car to the office.

What to look for?

Look for signs around University parking lots displaying calories burned walking between designated parking lots and entrances

Did you know?

less then 50% 20 minutes 3 hours per week

of American adults do enough exercise to gain any health or fitness benefits from physical activity.

per day of walking can burn 7 pounds of body fat every year for an average 155 pound person.

or more of walking can reduce the risk of a heart attack or other coronary event by 35% when compared to not walking at all.

Burn Calories

Click the colored paths below to see how far you walk and calories burned walking from your lot to designated entrances of the Medical Center.

Note: Calories burned are calculated for a 150-lb person walking 3 mph.

Take home message...

Next time you drive into work, think about parking in a farther spot, you'll rest easy knowing that you are taking strides to better your health!