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Stress Management

Our Purpose. Your Journey.

Well-U offers a variety of programs and activities to U of R employees to assist in reducing your day-to-day stress, whether it be work-related or not. If there is a program that you would like to attend that is not on the upcoming calendar of events, we encourage you to contact us or your department’s Well-U Champion to find out if it is possible to bring the program to your department. Below are some of the stress-reducing programs that we offer to employees:

Guided Relaxation

Press pause in the middle of a busy workday to take a mental break. For 30 minutes you will be guided through a mindful relaxation exercise full of deep breathing and tension relief.

Stress Reduction Program

Well-U provides no-cost stress-reduction lifestyle management programs to eligible individuals, helping to handle stressful events in ways that result in more balance, stability, and personal satisfaction. Learn to understand what causes your stress, make a plan to reduce these stressors, and identify different pathways to change those things that are more difficult to control.


Therapy Dogs

Animals can provide a strong connection with humans that positively influences the health and wellness of both beings, often relieving the common stressors and pains of life. Therapy dogs can lower blood pressure, release calming endorphins, and provide an automatic relaxation response while petting them.

Stress-Free Zones

Stress-free zones provide therapy dogs, stress ball making, adult coloring, and relaxing music to create an environment where you can leave your worries behind, be it for 5 minutes or a half hour, during your workday.

Stress Reduction Presentations

Well-U hosts a variety of interactive, stress reduction presentations for the University of Rochester community. Check the calendar of events to find upcoming programs near you, or contact Well-U to request a presentation for your department.

  • Example presentation topics
    • Reduce Stress with Self-Care - Get tips to care for yourself using stress reduction techniques and simple modifications to your sleep and eating habits.
    • Stress & Diet – Learn how to avoid endless stressing and emotional overeating.
    • Work and Family Stress – Receive information to help identify and balance sources of stress.
    • Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction - Practice meditative techniques and learn how to better manage stress to achieve more balance and stability at work, home, and in your everyday life.
    • What is Mindfulness- Practice mindfulness to manage stress using methods such as body scan and meditation.
    • Yoga Nidra - Learn basic chair-based exercises in mindful awareness to better manage stress.